Warning, NOT for adults, high trigger alert!

* 4 Your I's only!
It is so much fun to write for youngsters, AND All of the innocent inner childs of the adults! 
It’s like a breath of fresh air, a blossoming flower in the middle of the road, or the breathless stillness in between the waves. 
Adults take themselves and their stories so seriously!  
‘Grown-ups’ seem to totally have lost their simplicity and trust in their own Self!  
Most of them are entirely lost in emotions, memories, patterns, rules, memories, and thoughts as they only use a separated and very limiting part of their brain.  
Autistic children call their behaviours neurotypical, which pretty much sums it up!  
The younger you are, chances are that the simpler your life often is!  
Youngest one's don’t have all these current ‘have to’s’, 'don't do's', 'needs', 'wants', 'past regrets' and 'future worries' stuck in one place yet.  
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 Picture Credit; Florian Schmucker & Paul Ripke
The younger you are, the more you are still living partially IN the body, instead of totally hovering above it!
* The Voices in your Head
Or do you already hear these noisy voices in your head?
Those voices that keep you stuck in the little box of a cartoonish character that has your name? 
Most toddlers just stumble, fall and laugh about themselves.
They are like the water; flowing, fluid and constantly renewing! 
However, the more you buy into and believe the stories and the complexity of your surroundings, the more you will loose your natural innocence. 
When you are capable to read this, you might probably already have lost a great deal.  
You watched and followed too many programs…….. and you seem to got stuck in them.
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 it does not matter via which screen the programs run; iPhone, iPod, laptop, PC, TV or....
BeLIEving what the eyes  ~ connected to the Separate Mind  ~ have educated and programmed you to 'see'..........
However, it’s never to late to realise (real eyes / 'I's) this and to claim back your natural trust in your own authentic abilities! 
* Your Inner Knowledge
Always take a conscious breath first and listen to your own inner voice that speaks in feelings from the One Heart that we all share. 
Instead of giving your power to family, teachers, (alternative) media; religious & spiritual institutions and so many other’s.   
Perhaps they even told you they are smarter than you, which they like to think.
In order for you to shrink…… 
To further sink away
                                into black holes that are never able to fill themselves from the outside in…….. 
Silly, silly humans.......
They simply forgot the Truth of themselves and got lost in the world of definitions.
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 Time to Turn the Tides and See 
your Life from a Higher (read; more healthy & complete) Perspective
Adults are on 'automatic pilot'; if they feel lost and lonely in a world of BeLIEf Systems that turned their lives upside down and outside in.
Well, any ONE reading this;
you did not come to this planet to fit in anyone else’s box,
you are here to stand out and truly live!  
To get rid of old patterns!
To end the stories! 
To embody life and make it REAL!
You are so much more than the human story that society likes you to believe in.
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Educate yourself about 'Education'!
Read about this bold US student drop out; "You are all being scammed" here.
You are so much more than the finite stories that begin with your 'birth', your 'gender', your given 'name', and seemingly end with your 'dead'. All illusionary linear time as it is all happening now!
As if you could even have a beginning, a middle and an end as the infinite being that you are! 
* Trigger Alert Area
Really, most (read; all) Belief Systems are often a huge pile of shit really (yassssss, you read that right). And you most probably love to perceive them totally different in the moment you choose ~ and especially allow yourself ~ to Be Free. 
All Belief Systems are thoughts that got lost in the illusionary world of the separate mind.
The brain that lost its connection to the Innocent Solar, Chayan Core and to the rest of the original first brain in the belly.
When you simply dive within, you find all of the answers to your questions there! 
The questions might probably just dissolve all together.......
Take a leap into the Infinite Field where every flower has been united back to their True Self!
Please feel, that you do not have to obey anyone, if it means that you are (severely) compromising your own divine truth! 
Fear is only born in a place of Separation!
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 The voices in your head are ra-cists!
They stop (= cist, hence the dis-ease; cyst) the life force (ra), as they feed on fear!  
* Stop living from Fear
In Truth you are a complete Sovereign Being, no matter your age and no matter human law!
It means that you do not have to allow
any kind of emotional, mental, physical and astral abuse 
in any way shape or form! 
Just to be crystal clear; 
no one has the right to touch your body without your permission!
Not in the name of (family) love, religion, education or you name it! 
See this very telling video to learn more!

There is NEVER an excuse to be found for any self-proclaimed ‘authority’ or ‘guru’ to step over the lines you draw for yourself to create a space where you feel safe and relaxed. 
You are here to shine the light that you create from your Inner Core. It let all the darkness melt as snow in the sun.
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You need to take care of yourself! You are responsible for that! Not your family, neither anyone else! They might be able to assist you, but you are the ultimate one to FEEL what your body is telling you! No one can do this for you, but you!
You are Present right now to take true actions from a playful place of passion for the life that you live! 
To truly live your dreams, instead of only thinking about them…….
That is not living at all, that is surviving!
 See this Kid expressing Pure Ways of thinking here in this 3 minutes movie. 
You deserve all the best and you are here to be the abundant JOY that you truly are!
And so do the one’s surrounding you! 
We can only create a harmonious world together when we allow ourselves and one another to be who we choose to be! 
To stop judging each other, and to joyfully celebrate our differences instead! 
To stop fixing yourself, but to fully allow and BE your Self! 
You are so beautiful, 
just the way you are now! 
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First Love Yourself!  
To be continued.........
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Greetings from the Heart,
Chaya Sophia
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