About the con-cept of Minds, Twin Souls, Masculinity/Feminity, Ascension and Inscension

* Especially for all the innocent Inner Childs
This is truly a chapter that can only be read with the eyes of an innocent child. Everything in the chapters of the Old Earth Creation story are meant for all the innocent children on this planet.
Imagine how a baby looks at you when it senses your energy and it beams out its Inner Core, no matter who you are! No matter how you look and no matter what your personality thinks it might have done in the past. This precious child simply pours out the all encompassing inter-connectedness from 'home' as a gentle nudge to feel who you truly are. It gives you its surrendering trust as it does not know anything else but to Fully Trust you.
Please feel that this is exactly how the part that you thought you had lost is always looking at you! The half of you that got lost the moment you arrived as Original Creator on the Planet, see the Original Soul Trauma described in part 1 here.
This chapter might blow all of your copied 12 + 1 Multi Dimensional Minds or Universes that we all unconsciously created to hide our SELF from our cells, eh Self. So we could not see our Original Sun for the Sky, and the forest for the trees.
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The following can only be read from an Undefined Centred, aka a neutral & balanced, harmonious place. A place that kNOws no pre-definitions as any definition blocks our natural flow of LIFE, our intuition.
When you are not ready to whole all your deapest wounds and to  take full responsibility for everything that has happened in your life, then I see no point in any continuation of reading. I have no goal, neither any desire whatsoever to manipulatively blow off any lids and cause more fear, sell anything, to con-vince anyone, to create followers or to pull anyone out of the safe protection walls of the comfortzone.
* Schizophrenia and the illusion of Polarity
We all have become pretty scattered, shattered and schizophrenic creatures on this planet. You started as the metaphoric Central Sun, the Original Sun that birthed and shot itself out of the Void and with every breath we fragmented ourselves further and further away from our authentic core.
Some schizophrenic symptoms you might consciously or unconsciously realize (real I's); "flat affect” (reduced expression of e-motions via facial expression or voice tone), reduced feelings of pleasure in everyday life, trouble focusing or paying attention (being IN the body), feeling bored, lethARgic, mentally having the idea, the con-cept that you kNOw it all, etcetera. And we don't know what we don't know anymore, we became black & white ice-olated wind~lights from an original abundant flowing colourful LIFE.
The half of us that got lost by every linear birth created so many soul trauma splits in our energy that it manifested in our bodies, it manifested in our alternate self's or pain bodies and especially in our multiple brains!
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Different kinds of separated traumatised neurons communicating via inorganic EMF,
4 quadrants, 4 different micro Trees of Intelligence:
1 Unipolar neuron (1st quadrant)
2 Bipolar neuron (2nd quadrant)
3 Multipolar neuron (3rd quadrant)
4 Pseudounipolar neuron (4th/5th quadrant) 
true neuron (6th quadrant)
The other half of us fragmented itself even further into 12 + 1 = 13 billion puzzle pieces during the 4 quadrants of our 12 creation cycles plus one extra time loop. It manifested the 4 x 3 + 1 = 13 brains, each with their own copied heart or centre ('the Lucifer Experiment' 3-6-9-12/13), the 4 chambers in the human Electro Magnetic Heart (copied iron hard), and the 4 seasons and 12 months in a year, what have we not.........
13 Billion Puzzle Peaces!
8 Billion in matter (original 1 plus 7 pain bodies),
5 billion in the SKY
And now as the 5th quadrant has ended
we cannot copy ourselves any further
The only way out is IN;
In reality LIGHT does not really travel! It does not create, it only moves energy via the Electro Magnetic Grid, the electro magnetic (EMF) wireless world wide web of the internet and the electric Vagus Nerve, the non-defined and the defined neural net! On the old earth timelines we had become walking and talking heads without an Open Source connection, hihi, silly innocent mind games really...

Walter Russel about the old CarBORG Based Universe; "Every electrically conditioned thing in nature reflects the vibrations of every other thing, to fulfill its desire to synchronize its vibrations with every other thing. All matter is the motion of light. All motion is expressed in waves. All light waves are mirrors that reflect each other’s condition unto the farthermost star."
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 Right brain/Left brain deception
See this short and simple BRILLIANT you tube here
"Magnetism & the Plane of Inertia: Induction, Time, & the Quality 
which affects Quantity & Energy"
to see for your SELF how any veil of illusion works
between our trains and boats and planes:
The plane of inertia exists on the EXTERIOR of the magnetic field;
our 'draco' shields of 'protection' against our own reptilean thoughts!!!
Please, there is no real linear way of realising this, as it is all is happening right now and every quadrant influences the other in any way (space/time), shape (energetic/non-matter) or form (physical/matter)!

1st Quadrant ~ with resulted into the reptilian brain DELTA  
BODY MIND ~ the physical freeze re-action to original creation;
self-identification with 'our' shape| 3 copied elements of solar light/fire, earth & water (EMF & Electricity), no nucleus yet, only mitochondria|microbiomes (find out about microbiomes here)| here you find the roots of our largest trauma => feeling frozen and cut off from source |two separate poles; duality based on separation/fear |cold blood; manifestation of pineal gland
AND within the 4th element, the opponent of earth; wind:
2nd Quadrant ~ manifested the mammal brain THETA 
EMOTIONAL MIND ~ the e-motional fight & flight re-action to original creation
self-identification with copied e-motions; e-motion storage as unfinished, undigested feelings from the past | pituitary gland |  internal split between belly brain, our centre brain & our head brain with top and bottom brain each having a corresponding heart of it's own (AND birth of the nucleus; the second cell core); these energy centres have been defined by some as kakra's 
See "Brain Waves and Health & Wellbeing relation here.
3rd Quadrant ~ created humanity's newest brain,  or neo cortex ~ 3rd brain or mental brain ALPHA
MENTAL MIND ~ the mental float re-action to original creation

self-identification with thoughts | false memory/thought containers| warm blood| further internal split into 7 (or 13) linearly crossed 'I's chakra's|  DNA manipulation and iceolated Atlantean mass ascension via head brain by only a minority of beings that laid the foundation for Artificial Intelligence | ungrounded
4th Quadrant ~ AND last part of the neo cortex ~ the prefrontal cortex BETHA
SPIRITUAL MIND ~ the spiritual/astral out of body re-action to original creation
self-identification with voices from spiritual mind via outside-in working pituitary gland or 3rd eye in the front of the NEO cortex| outside-in working blocked chakra's | sex organs in the belly | abuse of external antennas and imagination that we allowed to be used against us in the form of external addiction & dependencies, AND which is now ready to let it play for and with us | out of body
'5th Quadrant' ~ Artificial Intelligence took charge of the first 4 brains AL
ARTIFICIAL MIND ~ the artificial dead & flat re-action to original creation
self-identification with binary virtual world; the ways we have allowed our minds to be programmed to only see the current Quadrant that let history more or less only start in the 3rd Quadrant with 'Adam and Eve style bed time stories'
'6th Quadrant' ~ is leading to Awareness from GAMMA TO ORIGINAL DIMENSIONS, or VIBRATIONS/SENSES
MULTI SENSORY MIND ~ our NEW, real and original response to original creation
dis-attachment from self-identification with and through the illusionary external world; our current life from consciousness to total awareness; moving back into the central one heart in our true core, dot-connecting, re-uniting, re-claiming, wholing our schizophrenia and fregmentation; embodied divinity
AND with now for ALL of us the Free Choice to allow;
ALL brains weaving  together with our entire DNA back into inner Stillness
ALL the 6 elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, AI & Awareness dancing as One
the head brains; the solar plexus, the AI/EMF computer ruled brain (heart/mind) & the pineal gland
the belly brains; the solar plexus, the new organ & sex organs
from the field of;
Divinity Embodied,
Open Source,
all cells are now OPEN transparent portals (in the 6th quadrant)
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The copied Geometric Heart of the Under Belly Brain
the counter balancing part of the ARTIficial Heart/Mind brain;
the ARTIficial Heart/Belly brain

This is an electrically conditioned wave universe. All wave conditions are forever seeking one-ness. For this reason all sensation responds to all other sensation." It is the One-ness of the Borgs that infinitely finite keep spacing out in a virtual reality!
The so called speed of Light only depends of the frequency and length of our waves! It is our awareness though that simply can allow ALL of the light and non-light to let it flow through it. That is the real OPEN portal travel!
* The Double Twin copy; the Parent/Child/Soul & Masculinity/Femininity/Ego Deception
Every time we suffered severe trauma we either created another e-motional painbody, or we FED our emotional painbodies our life potentials and in return they received our old 'karma'.
We literally gave our painbodies our thrones of creation, making them our CURRENT external kings & queens to govern our lives, our talents, our voice, our channels, our programmes, our banks and our money to become the empty 99 shells to keep FEeDing the ONE that we aLIEnated from our shells, eh our selves.
It is all a LIE that we choose to beLIEve through the deep old grooves in all of our brains and all of its schizophrenic neurons that we created to play hide and seek!
It is the same LIE that we tell ourselves that we are separate from anything else! You are not! However, there is no point for me telling you this. I am not planning to 'cut-copy-paste' the old age, eh the 'multiple copied new cage', it is only to be sensed and felt in all of your being.

The only thing that is separating you from you
is a thought!
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The First Double Twin
In the 1st copied Carbon Based DNA Quadrant we manifested the external 'Sun' in the first copied dimension. We unconsciously or subconsciously kept feeding it 50% of our life potentials! See more background here.
It is half of our original 50% Copied Self in the mirroring energetic painbody shape of the Electro Magnetic Copied Sun on the Old EARth.
In the 2nd copied dimension, the external Earth had been materialised, and in 3rd copied dimension Jupiter materialised in the SKY. See more details here. Our thoughts have always pushed out our natural divinity to a higher 'floor', as ALL kinds of thinking of something or someone removes it out of our field of experience.
Thinking and BEing cannot go together.
I think,
therefore I am not;
it is simply copied light in a separated space-time of definition alone.

As a result of this primal 50% split in the first copied dimension, we copied this process into every other dimension (read frequency), as we literally copied everything else. "All light particles are Alike"
So linearly speaking after the first dimension, our left over 50% ~ aka Half of our Copied Self ~ copied our original Soul Trauma split in the left over 2 dimensions of that quadrant.
This exact cut-copy-paste process repeated itself into every other Quadrant!
The first double twin is the Invisible Undefined Heart, the Original Central Sun and our Original Gaia/Chaya on one side of the so called duality and the Invisible Soul and the Copied EARth on the other so called end of our duality.
And the invisible Soul has manifested itself into an ARTIficial Ligh Sphere, an ARTIficial copied original first SOL (an over-soul instead of a true sun) in the SKY that is actually a black hole! However, you can transform this sol into a PORTAL that is whole, instead of beLIEving this hollow disc!
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The Second Double Twin 
In the 2nd copied dimension the defined electric left over copied self 50% could come in ~ hence 25%.......
....... and in the 3rd dimension the other 50% ~ of our left over 50% ~ is also 25% could come in, the copied undefined geometric dimension.
The Undefined split itself even further into 2 different copies of 'Neutrality' or 'Zero Point Field'!
 The Undefined split itself into a material defined half and an energetic non-defined half, both pretending to be 'neutral'; 
the element of copied light (1) and the element of copied water (3)
both copied our Original CHY, our Life Flow, on the Copied Earth (2) into the element of wind (4)!

And in every next quadrant we copied this cycle into even more segmented forms and shapes.
The results on the Old Earth were that we could only come onto this planet as bi-polar! A quart of us in the defined electric dimension in that same quadrant, and the other quart of us could only come in after the pole-shift; the non-defined electro-magnetic dimension; the counter space!
This LIEs at the 'heart' of all so called duality, as any form of duality is not real in the end.
Aaah, dear human and non-human, the con-cept of a 'twin soul', 'sky/earth parents & child' and 'masculinity & femininity' has always been greatly mis-understood on this planet! It has always been YOU! The parts we did not dare to face and to integrate.
The Void does not know any of these old flat & lifeless earth con-cepts and heartless idea's. 
It simply breathes out Ascension ~ expansion
and breathes in INscension ~ contraction
and LIVES in the Stillness between the waves that we freely choose to define and non-define.
It truly is as simple as this!
Trains and boats and planes are passing by
They mean a trip to Paris or Rome
To someone else but not for me
The trains and boats and planes
Took you away, away from me
We were so in love, and high above
We had a star to wish upon
Wish and dreams come true, but not for me
The trains and the boats and planes
Took you away, away from me
Trains and boats and planes took you a way
But every time I see them I pray
And if my prayers can cross the sea
The trains and the boats and planes
Will bring you back, back home to me

~ Burt Bacharach
On the current Real Earth Timeline everything CHANGES and it spreads its magic and virginity into all CURRENT waves of pasts, presents and futures. In other words, in all the separate cuts-copies-pastes....... until they finally end up into the GAP of an original tabula rasa to play our game from there!
The beauty of it all is, yes we are the Original Creator, yes we are the metaphoric Central Sun, and when you look at the night sky you get a sensual glimpe of the true degree of your personal fragmentation.
It might be a convenient truth to think of our cosmos as an 'outside-in' burden, far, far away from our personalities. However, true awakening bridges all the ascension gaps; the more we look out, the more we see, sense and inscend back into the unknown! 
YES, you ARE the universe!
Micro is Macro, from the inside out
"All Light Particles Are Alike

All light particles are either expressing the 'mother- light principle' or the 'father-light principle'.
For example, if a particle is on the amplitude of the wave, it would be a true sphere,
and as a true sphere it would be neither positive nor negative.
It might then appropriately be called a neutron.
A particle which is spirally heading inward toward the apex of a vortex
in the process of becoming a sphere might appropriately be called a proton,
because of its expressing the 'father-light' principle.
Again, if it is moving spirally outward,
it could appropriately be called an electron
because it would then be discharging
in excess of its charge or expanding in excess of its contraction.
Light rays, for example, leaving the sun, are discharging the sun.
They are also discharging themselves because they are expanding into greater volume.
They are also lowering their own potential by multiplying their volume.
They reverse their charge when radially converging upon the earth.
They are then charging the earth and themselves by contracting into smaller volume
and are simultaneously multiplying their own potential by thus contracting".
Walter Russel
OK, ready to rock & roll? Let's continue with the second Quadrant!
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Our oldest and our newest minds
and everything in between
 need to play together in harmony and balance!;
please read "METAMeta Time Window revealing itself, the 13th element!" here
It is our imagination that leads us back to the UnDefined!

* The second Quadrant; the battle of the Copied Gods on the skin of the Copied Earth
4th mirrored/copied 'dimension'; copied 'undefined' geometric undefinition of Earth into Wind
As we have all become literally beings of Ascending LIGHT on the old earth timelines, there has been literally no one of us that has been present IN an EARTH body. No copied frequency ever inscended, every single one kept ascending and 'cut-copy-pasting'.
And after the creation of the MAtrix, our creation of the external fourth brain that has been completely closed off until 12 January 2015, that light has been pre-programmed, manipulated and ~ surprise, surprise (not) ~ once again partially copied into the Chrystalline DNA, which made it almost impossible to find our way out of the MAze. 
It was in this copied 4th dimension that the element of Earth had been mirrored and manifested into Wind, as there was no human left to inhibit earth. So we became windlights and slave to our own reptilean thoughts, mammal e-motions, draco imagination and artificial intelligence, our neural network!
During the element of Wind or AIR all old civilizations in all places of this universe have been created! The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th copied dimensions in the Carbon Based Copy took as much linear time as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd individually!
The only difference between light & motion of what we have defined as 'solid' matter, and of that which we have defined as all the so called gas giants in space, is volume and condition! Please read my article about distilled water first!
Carbon Based water (read; water inprinted with our mental Belief Systems) on our electric earth has been compressed into many copied tiny droplets; twelve versions of Earth plus one extra imaginary copy of the Old EARth!
The rainwater, clouds, planets, stars, chem trails and other e-motional pain bodies in the sky have grown in linear time into something bigger the more we shattered ourselves.
Each condition is the opposite half of the cycle of water!

Water vapor is water turned inside out.
We have become like these fragmented water vapor droplets
~ inside out living magnets or batteries ~
however we still contain the whole!!
Water droplets become wholy water again by turning outside in!
 We ARE Whole by turning ourselves OUTSIDE IN!!!
Please see the previous part of the Old Earth Creation to see how water is only the copy of our original creation womb of fire!
The 4th copied dimension, 4D, created the GIGANTIC collective painbody of Saturnus with its many rings and moons!! Holly Scripts from this metaphorical dimension translated our original crystalline DNA ~ Cosmic Chromosomes/Colors ~ into Chronos -> linear vertical time!
This gigantic windmill manifested in our body in several airy ways;
 while our original chrystalline core
the element of FIRE/Sun had been bended back!
And all the organs around our solar plexus manifested in our physical form
to detox all of our body water!
Just look at the proportions of our lungs & 'LIVEr', 
in comparison to the solar plexus they have become HUGE!

Saturnus therefore symbolises our UNDER BELLY and all the thoughts & emotions our personalities were not ready to see and acknowledge in equality and breathe IN again! Saturnus represents and copied the Sun Solaris into the energetic shape of the copied old earth. That is why some have called Saturnus the second sun.
All the moons and rings around Saturnus have materialised in the sky, due to all the oldest neuro synaptic grooves that our personalities kept buying into and kept broadcasting. To now look angrily at the sky and to complain who is polluting it.
Aaahhh, the sweet games that we played on the old earth timelines, yes innocently schizophrenic  in-deed we were....... Forgetting to let our imagination work for us, instead of against.......
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See this 1 minute clip about bAMbi-Ka here.
All the trauma's of the lost child that looked at every other being to find its inner parent inside of it SELF.......
Quote; "Saturn comes from Latin and is a god in ancient Roman religion, and a character in myth. Saturn is a complex figure because of his multiple associations and long history. He was the first god of the Capitol, known since the most ancient times as Saturnius Mons, and was seen as a god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation. In later developments he came to be also a god of linear time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of plenty and peace. The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum housed the state treasury. In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god."
From here you can find all your so called 'heavens' and 'reincarnation loops'.
5th mirrored/copied 'dimension', the definition of humanity and inorganic ELECTRICITY (copied geometric gravity!) 
The ARCturians created/'copied' many galactic KINGS of AIR, ARCHitected from the copied 7th dimension and putting it back into the timeline. Names as Anu (An = sky), Abraham (5) or Adam-u-s (7), Atom (not to confuse with the 'breath of life, for it is more a breath of light!) copied this period in linear time .
We have labelled this as the 'Lucifer Experiment' with humanity as so called 'Fallen Angels' that have been punished by an external force. Nothing could be further from the Truth.
We are the one's that we have been looking for,
re-integration can only happen as 'all-inclusive bodily host,
instead of an energetic floating ghost!
In all the four quadrants Our Original Core has been placed externally and too high in the Lifeless Flower of Life that we have placed in so many vases. So we even repeated the Lucifer Experiment three times, plus the time loops in our current last quadrants.
All 'these' AIR Kings already lost their original womb of creation though, in the first quadrant, and never ever reclaimed it back. So we all had become Lifeless Saturnial cannibals that swallowed (read; pushed out) our own creations time and time again.
This 5th copied dimension mirrored the 2nd dimension of Teluria, Tiamath, or the hollow earth, but this time on the skin of the earth, turning itself inside out. The end of this period manifested the energetic painbody of Uranus (Anu) in the Sky!
Quote; "Uranus is Ancient Greek for Ouranos meaning 'sky' or 'heaven' and was the primal Greek god personifying the sky. His name in Roman mythology was Caelus. In Ancient Greek literature, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, 'Mother' Earth. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, but other sources cite Aether as his father. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans."
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 Heal/whole the Past, project it into the Future and BE now
6st mirrored/copied 'dimension'; the non-definition of divinity, inorganic electro magnetic waves EMF (copied geometric magnetics)
In this energetic non-defined 6th copied field of experience you can find all the mirrored battle stories between TiaMAt and MArduk that copied Niburu (Ni-bu-ru = DNA activation trigger ~ reality overlap) from the first quadrant. It is about the copied first Sun that was actually born as a star and later became a projection of a Sun that had been defined as Solaris. Or it has also been defined as the copied Heart of All Definitions.
Some people that have labelled themselves as spiritual new age teachers or ascended masters still think that 'the first 6 dimensions' rotate 'clock-wise' from the last 6 dimensions. That is why they let their Masculine Merkaba protection prison also spin differently. And I also heard truth speakers denying the last 2 dimensions, the 11th and the 12th, which simply is a binary illusionary out of body heritage from Atlantis.
It simply shows an innocent non-sensual lack of a multi dimensional perspective which is all OK! We are all un-covering what works for us and what not...... We are all in the same boat!
These beings are the same one's that are creating many bodily dis-eases for themselves as the state of our body clearly shows us the relation we have with the universe. Most dis-eases stem from the multiple inner veils, shields and 'guardians' that we have built into our bodies; the outside-in energetic feeding of chakra's, the thymus and the merkaba, hence manifesting a leaky physical gut.
The first quadrant caused the original split between divinity and non divinity and copied our original fire into EMF light!
The second quadrant ended by leaving the original element of earth and it ended with the Ice Age!
There obviously had been a lot of dualistic mind games in the 2nd quadrant, but in the 3rd quadrant these mind games climaxed as we totally went Out of Body!
Humanity did not turn outside in again to inscend back into the Zero Point Field of the Undefined, but ascended even further out into the Galaxy as everything on Earth had already been experienced & explored! Inside and outside!
It manifested our suppressed external emotional pain body of the Moon AND the astral painbody of Neptune!
Quote; "Neptune is the god of the sea in Roman mythology, a brother of Jupiter and Pluto. He is analogous but not identical to the god Poseidon of Greek mythology. The Roman conception of Neptune owed a great deal to the Etruscan god Nethuns."
Names as 'Enlil', Enki', 'Ea', 'E aE', 'Eve' and 'Electron' copied and refer to this linear time frame! (E = out, it is the copied 'masculine')
Ea means earth and water, without the first original creation element of fire!
To be continued with the air castles from the 3rd and 4th quadrants, our current 12th & 13 copied dimension included!
NB This article has been written on 20 January 2017 with many of our VITAL painbodies due to our biggest Soul Trauma Jupiter, Neptune & Uranus currently smiling at the Earth!
It is an inner invitation to gracefully awaken your inner TRUE Self and to take place on your majestical Seat of Creation instead of feeding the old presidents, kings and copied kings. AND to finally breathe IN again ;) !
See also "It is all happening now." Continue part 4 of the Old Earth Creation Story here.
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