There are NO poles! Polarity is an Illusion from the Old EArth!

* Feeling lost and lonely and it hurts sooooo bad!
One moment you think that you feel harmonious, joyous and balanced and then the next one you think that you have fallen back into the deepest traps of the labyrinth minds.
You are able to reach moments of inner stillness, but then ugly noises and messages from somewhere or someone take you right back into the mental non-sense of the mind and the darkest e-motions of the underbelly.
Perhaps you may have seemed to have 'made' it in the world, but deep down inside you sometimes feel like a loser or depressed, and your inner child has become so incredibly and unknowingly afraid to show this hidden ugly fear into the world.
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 Let alone definition by yourself
When you have all the money and status, you may lack time or real friends, and when you think you have all the friends and followers, you may lack money and time. Or even when you think you have it all, none of it can really make your heart sing.....
The pains that hurt us the most have fragmented ourselves (read; our cells) into billions of puzzle pieces and we kept running away from them.
There is only one true compass in life that never, ever LIEs to you! And that is the connection you have with the totality, the non-totality and the undefined field from within your physical body.
Your body is the Metaphoric Fruit that crystal clearly shows you from which Tree you mostly have been eating your Soul Food! Your seeds of light and your seeds of life need to be in equal balance!
* The trinity of thoughts, e-motions and the power of our Imagination
The Truth of You is so simple that minds do not like it! For it cannot be "goo-gled"! So if you like things predefined, parroted (in Dutch; papa-gaia-d) and one-dimensional, this is NOT for you! I have no interest whatsoever in blowing your fuses!
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I am simply sharing this for all the lost inner childs that love to connect the dots and see the bigger perspective & picture!
You might want to bookmark this page for you can read this 144 times to fully grasp it via the totality of your minds. Your true inner core, or your Complete & Authentic SELF feels it right away though......
Many people nowadays wonder/wander how magnetism on the old earth works, and I love to share here in your precious now-moment that this form of copied Electro Magnetics, or EMF, is the most simple thing there actually is!
The greatest loss that we have ever suffered, is the loss of the Undefined Field or the Ether, or the Void! It is loss of our conscious connection with our innate flow of our True Divinity that manifested all of our soul trauma, fears, in other words our e-motions.
We split ourselves into TOTALLY OUT of BODY quadrants of manifestation! The grassroots can be traced back to the first copied dimensions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, which later in linear time, from the times of Atlantis, manifested the GRANDest ILLUSIONS of the 'positive' & energetic HIGH FIVE!
It materialised the 4 chambered SKY heart and the oldest ~ reptilian ~ brain which equals FIVE (see the vid below)! More about this in later parts of these series of Old Earth Creation!
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Great New cAge Example of ungrounded Energy Floating
These extremely coherent Electro Magnetic Frequencies have manifested as the BLUE southpole in our physical bodies. Our legs have become the most compressed and aLIEnated mental parts in ourselves.
Side note and cosmic comical nudge;
Our body's magnetic north pole is located in our body's physical south; 
it is where the body's magnetic north pole is; in the feet!
And in our the physical head is the body's magnetic south pole
The earth magnetic northpole is located in the earth geographic physical south; 
it is where the earth's magnetic north pole is; in Antartica!
And at the geographic physical northpole is the earth's magnetic south pole
See these 16 minutes INSIGHTFUL movie with PROOF how birds fly using Electro Magnetism here!
As to a bird the geographic north looks blue and the geographic south looks red.
It is due to this field compression and coherency that these mental HIGH FIVE are so exponentionally powerful!
"Field Coherency; The Total is more than the Sum of the Parts!
Field Coherence has a locus of emanation" ~ Theoria Apophasis
It creates a copied physical core, a nuclear electro magnetic A-tom, or a copied Saturnial virtual earth centre!
It has been defined as our Saturnial root chakra!
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Thoughts have generally replaced Intuitions! And mammal E-motions, or E-lectrons have been pushed out to infinitely finite circle around our copied core, the A-toml Read more about this here.
InCoherent Illusionary "Eve's chasing Coherent Illusionary Adam's";
symbolising the oldest pain on the old EArth and in the cosmos! 
EA means copied earth and copied water without our original creation FIRE!
The Power of our Imagination had been used to unconsciously and unknowingly preprogram and predefine limiting EMF Belief Systems and Thoughts into our Brains and Bodies!
It is through the collective manifested painbody of Saturn that our physical EArth had 'manifested'! Saturn represents the element of SKY! And as 'EA' is the element of EArth and water, without the first copied dimension, every current old Saturnial manifestation lacks the necessary basics of creation!
Read more here. And to be crystal clear, ALL manifestations on the Old Earth are Saturnial manifestations......
The rest of the copied dimensions and (sub)frequencies have completely shattered and scattered themselves into mental e-motions and painbodies.
Due to this extreme fragmentation, aka lack of coherency, 
all these copied dimensions together equal the force of an electrical 'negative' ONE 
in comparison with the 'positive' electro magnetic HIGH FIVE.
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INCOHERENT E-lectronic Forces in Motion around COHERENT COPIED CORE'S!
Picture found here via 'Universe Today' about the "Electron Cloud Model".

* The Truth behind copied Electro Magnetism and Electric Gravity on the Old EArth
If the physical south is the positive Electro Magnetic BLUE southpole, it means that our physical head is the negative Electric RED northpole in our physical bodies.
In the energetic shape of these 'negative' red light districts (read; e-motional and astral painbodies) they literally move energetically towards to or away from the HIGH FIVE which is the magnetic gravitational well of the Collective Consciousness.
The Collective Consciousness is not only our physical materialised ice-olated southpole, but it are the magnetic Electro Magnetic Frequencies coming from the copied energetic Sun and all of the WiFi devices and all other Electro Magnetic Fields etcetera, as well.
The only reason that Electro Magnetism exists on the blue planet is
because of the loss of the void, or the Undefined Field! Our True Divinity!
What we have defined as 'gravity' (or e-lectricity) on our blue star 
simply is the materialised form of the same energetic Electro Magnetisme! 
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An apple falling from the tree on the ground of the Old EArth is not a "force in motion"! A force in motion, energy moving or light working, would be you throwing the apple in the air.
The illusion of the apple simply falls back on the illusion of the ground that it came from. As it had been an intelligent copy from the real thing, the Tree of Life.
And as 'likes attracts likes' the apple returns to the copied source that it came from, the Tree of Light, to then have the potential to return to its innate connection with the void in the energetic shape of a hyperboloid.
More about the infinitely counter spheric hyperboloid in my next part, number 6 here!
Please take 15 minutes of your time to SEE a short and simple video below about the copied Electricity and copied Electro Magnetism (EMF) and to find out that there are NO poles!
See "There are NO poles" here.....