What does it actually mean, Old Earth & Real Earth? - Friday 20 October 2017

Thank you so much!

This chapter is not for the faint-hearted, so thank you so much for granting yourself the permission to shy away from it, or for allowing yourself to read it!

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Clearing out the Closets - Sunday 6 August 2017

What can I say?

I did not write a blog for half a year as I have been diving deeply into my/our subconsciousness!

Ah, bear with me, I won’t harass you with how I processed my unconsciously haunting arche types or how I analysed them for I did not. Although I will share more about it in personal vids via my You Tube river.

The key to efficiently clean out all the stuff that is blocking us for being true to our SELF is simply by having the guts to look at it!

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Seeing Colors of the Real Earth; Chaya Sophia - Friday 17 February 2017

Last weeks have been so exponentially powerful!

There are no words to truly convey this message, so please feel by using your original divine limitless senses!

There is almost NO-THING that I cannot perceive any longer without the radiant colors of the bigger picture shining through the old black and white wor(l)ds.

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Meta Time Window revealing itself, the 13th element! - Wednesday 11 January 2017

Today ~ 11-1-1 ~ is an old Earth Heart day and it opens a square window of light, earth, water and wind for our awareness to step through!

This window closes on 9-2-1 (9 February 2017 : 9-11-1) and is especially for the free floating choosers! These one’s have not yet consciously or unconsciously chosen whether to continue their lives on the crumbling old earth timelines, or to dive into mystery & magic of the the unknown!

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Chaya is moving! - Tuesday 8 November 2016

As humanity is moving from translating 'reality' from the separate mind to the aware & divine mind, our 'future' Central Sun Chaya is moving out of the box as well!

You will see cracks in and the dissolving of the Electro Magnetic Field, Gamma Ray and photon outbursts and much more during our EPIC 'journey' to the collective truth of who we truly are!

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