Meta Time Window revealing itself, the 13th element! - Wednesday 11 January 2017

Hello Inter-Creators!
Here is some potential mind blowing information that you created to pour out of yourself right now, for YOU and only you are responsible for your reality.
So please take a couple of deep full body breaths until you feel at ease and relaxed.
The following nuggets can only be felt in your body as feelings! Our physical brain has great difficulties to wrap its head around Multi Dimensionality, pun intended, for it can only translate intuitions into a 3D or 4D 'reality' in an old bio chemical manifestatation of thoughts.
So connect from withIN your body by building a transparent golden bridge from your pineal gland to your human heart, to your thymus and your solar plexus. And allow all that is needed for wholing in this now to flow through you, by starting from the inside-out ~ instead of from the outside in ~ for the purest benefit of you and the purest benefit of all and nothing that is.
This is not something to meditate on or to visualize, for these are silly and innocent human games or mental con-cepts. It truly is something to SENSE & FEEL in your body through your divine senses.
Today ~ 11-1-1 ~ is an old Earth Heart day and it reveals a square window of light, earth, water and wind for our awareness to step through to the real Chaya Sophia! 
This special window 'closes' on 9-2-1 (9 February 2017 : 9-11-1) and is especially for the free floating choosers! 
The free floaters are the one's that have not yet consciously or unconsciously chosen whether to continue their lives on the crumbling old earth timelines, or to dive into the mystery & magic of the unknown! You might love to read "The one becomes one" about so called "One-ness" in the virtual reality.
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therefor = therefore, ;) English is not my 1st language
 About the 7 chakra's, the 7 external planets and 8 billion people on earth
After the coming 28 days (the metaphor is 1 : 1 : 8 = 1 + 1 = 2 + 8 = 28, or one moon, from full moon to full moon,  the Undefined Heart sees the totality of its creation and non creation) our mirroring pain bodies that have materialised in the sky are all in a ‘masculine’ straight & linear time line. 
These 28 days are the divine time, at least if we choose not to continue to feed our painbodies, to fully focus on what we DO love to create in a brand NEW reality, and to completely switch realities. It is all happening now!
This is not a message to convince any one, neither to broadcast old boring BeLIEf Systems, but merely an inner reminder, a gentle nudge to be felt in your True Crystalline Chayan Heart, the 13th element! For You Are all and No-thing that you have been looking for! You Are the Truth!
8 Planets and 5 'Dwarfs' may linearly add up to 13, but if you really do your Fruit of Life math, you SEE that there is NO external 13th floor, that is what mind control through Religion & New Age & other energy movements like so called 'Truth Movements' keep selling you to beLIEf.
However, the undefined heart moves by not moving at all
for time and space are all illusions.
Multi-dimensionality is greatly misunderstood on the black & white, old earth timelines! Especially the numbers 3, 8 and 13! More to be shared about that later!
We are not just beings of light in an ascended virtual 3D projection of time and space in the Matrix, we are the Original Creators creating that LIFE!
In a Carbon Based Copy of 1 Original Creator and 7 painbodies, or 'alternate selfs' or 'childs', it might add up to 8, but there is one double counting! Namely your True Self, bridging the Real Earth timeline, and your mental self in the Carbon Based Copy of itself.

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These days can be the ground shaking & light releasing BREAKTHROUGH
to the infinite window to Your Self!
To allow the ‘masculine’ to really start dancing with the ‘feminine’ and let them both harmoniously return to the Original Heart of the Undefined. 
This is a gigantic opportunity that you created for yourself to leave the time looping and light consuming linearity and to blend back the external ice poles into the true eternal and cosmic circularity of your own innate inner core.
It does not matter what you choose, 
it only matters that you choose what works for your purest benefit 
and what makes your heart sing. 
However, if you choose the new, you can read how to 'birth' your inner sun right here.
You also might wish to check out my New Year Predictions here, and inform yourself about the Gap you are diving into here and all the connecting links underneath.
Focus, focus, focus are key words to keep your vibrations juicy and clear, so that you become ~ are ! ~ a welcoming match for the Real Earth Chaya Sophia you love to embody!
Your body is a VITAL compass to reveal you the way!
And let the focus be your feelings IN your body!
Read more about copied feelings ~ e-motions ~, and feelings to click on the high lighted words themselves.
Celebrate life, for it truly is an eternal Dance of Stillness, Joy and Celebration!
From the Heart of the Undefined,
My signature is Chaya Sophia
PS1 The Electro Magnetic Grid of the Carbon Based Copy may go down as we are integrating our inner poles, hence the Schumann Resonance may go off the charts, it means that we are leaving the old construct and are preparing our new home IN the body!!
PS2 The coming two years more significant collective time windows will reveal itself to you, simply be still and listen
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