Let the water break of your emotions and birth suns! Not for women only!

* The Truth, and Old Outside-In Thinking
We are MAGIC***, 
that's the Truth of Us!
Hower, it is always seems darkest before the dawn and thanks to distorted perceptions of reality it may not feel this way, YET.......
***I am also aware of the fact that 'magic', 
like any other word in the old 'reality' had been hijacked
and turned into something ugly. 
Please, as a true creator,
un-spell all the spells to outbalance them back into harmony!
Please know and feel that we are life’s GRAND magicians though! And it is when our wisdom, love and passion are in perfect synchronicity, that mysterious miracles sparkle their stardust to ignite our inner passionate fire! At least, that is how we choose to call them, miracles.
In truth, the mystic simply is the majestic womb of our Creator Self, 
revealing its true light, sounds and colors of Life! 
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We have allowed ourselves to become like finite 'indoctrines' of 'outside-in' thinking. Personalities look from within the separated mind and perceive one's True Self outside of oneself as it is watching through unseen prison bars. Read more about this here in "Thoughts".
We have been drilled by authorities, our parents and teachers from all branches of the copied tree of life of knowledge, in how to think, what to believe and how to behave. They did not know any better either, we have all allowed ourselves into being heavily programmed by the duality in the '4D' world.
It left black holes in everything we trusted as a child, including the old copied and divided energy centres, our chakra's that we created via our painbodies, so they spin outward-in as well. It seemingly took our innocence away, to be replaced with reassuring movies and books about fairy tales instead. And even these tales have been used to program the minds in all sorts of ways. Letting our inner child be- LIE-ve in a bitter sweet looking but very defining "Walt Disney's World" of the good, the bad and the ugly.......  Teaching it to the new generations to keep repeating the old.

* Smokescreen 
When personalities are unconscious, they perceive an external and finite world as 'reality' that had been incredibly inverted while they were sleeping. They live in the illusions of repetitive 'wanting' & 'needing', 'fearing' & 'loving' everything that seems to be at the other side of the dualistic walls of their unconscious & ice-olated cells.
From that state of unawareness and illusionary conditions we simply cannot seem to wrap our heads around the Original Tree of Life. For All that is REAL sprouts from our Creational Seed of Life, and it has no beginning, neither a middle, nor an end! Unlike everything in the ice-olated mind that has an illusionary beginning, like "birth", a middle; "survival", and an end like "death".
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Mind Control Programs;
'Outward-in' realities in external search for
an open heart, a passionate belly and neutral awareness;
our original 3 'inward-out' energy centres, all to be found withIN
It reminds me of the players in the Wizard of Oz, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion. Symbolising the the brain, the heart and the belly, or the lack hereof. It is this illusion of lack that shapes the limiting and finite conditions and stop us dead in our tracks. 
When we perceive lack, we always unnaturally gravitate towards people, places, objects and what have we not. Trying to fill the emptiness inside..... Black holes chasing black holes.....
We copied and shattered our innate feelings into unnatural EMF emotions........... We turned into stardust, instead of being the grand Central Suns that we truly are .
It is exactly from this perceived separation that the Matrix fabricated the conditional and copied version of true freedom, love, harmony and joy for us to imagine and re-create. The results are that we only seem to be 'happy' if we are in our comfort zones.
When our comfort zones ends, as one of the pivotal constants in life is change, our so called 'happiness' flies out of the window as well. All unnatural happiness dies down when it does not come from within.
Mind controlling techniques did their artificial intelligent utmost to ensure that our personalities firmly logged into increasingly deeper and steeper pathways in the brain to keep 'us' looping in finite circles. These kinds of 'auto pilot re-actions' ~ that is being perceived as 'neuro typical behaviour' by autistic people ~ is expressed outwardly via extremely polluting EMF brain waves.
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On the other hand 'neurotypicals' themselves have been defined by society as 'normal', in the intellectually, cognitively, and developmentally sense of the word. Beings that display other behaviours than the norm are being defined as 'autistic, ADHD, ADD, HSP, etc'.
Personalities translating reality via the separate mind, either attract or fight the perceived reality. So this ice-olated mind, the Matrix, is always pushing away or pulling closer any 'perceived reality' that it is afraid of or that it 'thinks' it 'loves'.
It is constantly sucking in the opposite side of the dualistic coin 
into this copied, bi-polar, gravitational 4D well in the head.
An un-aware personality is never in the geometric silence of the One Solar Chayan Heart that we all share: our Garden of Eden if you will, and our original silent gravity centre. Our innocent Inner Core is the immortal void where we simply allow our creations to freely flow through.
Just ponder about it. If we really think that hell or heaven is outside of us, we keep our 'demons~ and gods~pieces of the personal puzzle' tightly in a hell or a heaven that has been labelled as 4D. But…… if we really think the enemy, or our greatest truth & strength, is 'out there', please counter~balance that thought!
Do not end your thought loop the same way as you started it.
Have the courage of a Lion~ess to look at this ScareGrow!
When we perceive realities as 'not being backed up by universal love',
or not 'One Crystalline Heart based'
we are entirely in these heartless hells ourselves
(and vice versa in heartless heavens after the personality dies)

with a black hole in our bellies, heads and hearts
that fuels another universe outside of ourselves
For the One Undefined Heart always holds the neutral space for ALL that IS, was and ever will BE!
When we live in a flat and dead triangular based duality or a binary box ~ a black cube ~ we always choose sides from within either which cycle of the duality loops. However, the heart of infinity is undefined. It is the original Central Sun! It has no sides, middle, beginning or end! It is a portal, and we orginally spiralled out from this void, the heart of ALL that IS, and innocently forgot our way home!  
So what our personalities actually have been doing,
is keeping our infinite divinity outside of our separated mental box, 
our lifeless triangle. 

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At the right; Copying life, the reincarnation loop
Picture Credit; Nassim Haramein 
And therefore we have imagined and created ~ amongst other things ~ a box without a heart, a tin hu-man, a finite mental construct that has locked itself firmly in the seductive and addictive comfort zones in the matrix.
An empty tin box with a beginning, a middle and an end that is aging, and replicating itself (read reincarnating) instead of birthing fresh, juicy, spicy pristine, creations!
Ah yes, grand creators we are in-deed! The only things that is needed for us to get us out of the labyrinth, is to let the same power of imagination work for us! Consciously creating for the benefit of our Self and All of Creation. Making it more beauty full with every outbreath!
* Birthing suns 
OK, now the birthing part and this if not for women only! The fun of being here right now in this specific moment of our Top Life is to free & reunite all of our puzzle pieces from all the segmented time~space & space~time cells, cleanse and clear (non-define) them and re-integrate them back in our Inner Core.
Via the human heart, we move to the Heart of All Defined Things in the thymus, non-define ourselves and further incend into our solar plexus to 'birth' our inner Sun. Not really birthing it, for then we would have another beginnining, middle and an end, but more like unleashing our Colorful ~ however Undefined ~ True Self.
So we become living portals; creating REAL life by allowing it to fully flow! This is not something to intellectualise or to 'meditate on'. It is more a matter of appreciating, sensing and allowing, and letting LIFE be!
Our True State of Being is joyful and in innate harmony and balance, the moment we are able to fully transform our e-motions into undefined feelings again!
The water in our body has been holding the purest vibrations of love, passion and awareness (whale, dolphin and sea turtle) for the longest time and is metaphorically ready to break, in order to give 'birth' to our Self!
 Afbeelding invoegen
The Egg of Life          Photo Credit ~ Wojtek Siudmak
Our pregnancy period is about to Burst Boundless 'Big Bangs' of Self
with no beginning, no middle and no end.
The moment that both men and women awaken to the truth of their precious innate & creational gifts and start 'birthing' suns and stars, is the time we give these so called ‘external’ realities a heart, passion and awareness as well. So we all reunite and rejoice in the One Undefined Heart that we all share. 
The synchronistic alignment of our authentic undefined love (original solar heart),
 burning passion (open belly and energetic womb)
& integrated intelligence (connected head/human heart/heart of all defined things)
is transforming the old earth timelines into LIFE!
It allows the inner flame of our consciousness to fully expand to awareness
to step through the square of the 4 elements fire, earth, water and wind
that represent an open portal to our innate inner Central Sun.
 Any time we perceive anything or anyone outside of us
and we think it is not love or there is no love at the core of it,
please make it real.
If we don't like what we see,
then let's change our reality.
Make it ALIVE, by giving it LIFE, by BEing LIFE;
from withIN ~as a fractal containing the whole~.
The way in which we perceive the ‘other’ or our external world, 
is simply the way in which we perceive ourselves!
Please take some deep breaths first and keep doing that until you feel completely relaxed, if you will. Unleash all of your true divine & infinite life force centres and senses, reconnecting them to your Inner Core. It enables you to See and Feel with the Inner eye / I of the One Heart that we all share....... You allow your Self to See and Feel from the Inside Out and it is purely and majestically reflecting back to you from the Outside In!
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 Picture found on the internet

* Simplicity 
"It cannot be that simple!"
O yes, it is! When we have transformed all of our e-motions and look back we see that it truly is this simple in-deed! Only the ice-olated mind likes to let us beLIEve that it is not, and that it should be a complex journey of suffering and separation!
Truly, if we don’t love ourselves, our body, our talents or what have we?
First and foremost: it does not matter!
It is totally OK!
Allow all of these long lost e-motions to BE there, because they love to be SEEN and acknowledged in equality! They want to have a voice and do not want to be surpressed any longer!
They need to come out of the dark to hear them, to counter-balance them and to let them return home withIN your heart as feelings that are whole and undefined!
Allow a reality for yourself where your heart, belly and mind is fully open, so energies of all kinds are able to flow like water!
Make your reality real; by BEing the Truth of You! Consciously connect to the One Crystalline Heart and lead your awareness (awakened head/mind) and passion (activated belly) to it with the Power of your Breath, and your Focus.
LIFE is Love in ComPassionate Action!
The True I Am Presence!
Simply place the one eternal flower seed from the One True Flower Heart that we all share in the centre of all the gaps or tin boxes that you perceive. Plant your Solar Seeds of Love everywhere in the reality that you allow to move through you. Beam your most gorgeous smile into the world!
Do not try to wrap your mind around it, your conscious choice does the 'job'! (For more, see the chapter of Top Life!)
Vital in Real Life is your total surrender to it,
and your limitless allowance of it,
with no attachments to outcomes!
Feel your way into it, sense your way into it, if you will. Dream about it, phantasize about it through feelings. Imagine the most loving feelings that ever warmed your heart and project them out into the empty tin boxes. (Empty not in the sense of stillness, but empty of original dimensions and filled with loud, distorting frequencies and fake realities instead).
Celebrate the Abundance of it so you hold the space for it to welcome it!
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 Define & Non-Define from the Undefined
1 -/- 1 = 0
Then open the empty tin boxes and fill them with your Presence! Be the Centre of it! For You are the Heart of it All!
We don’t like that we don’t love ourselves?
We don’t like the people we are with?
We don’t like the places we are in?
We don't like the inner and outer wars, the hatred, the fights, the mental discussions? 
We don’t like these thoughts, belief systems and mind control of the Matrix?
No matter what our emotions are about it. Whether it is anger, fear, doubt, judgment, hate, or conditional bliss or happiness!
Hold the space for it to BE.
AND whenever you are ready, give all that now feels so lost and empty the truth of your love, awareness and com~passion.
Fill the emptiness with the softness and sweetness that is the Real You.
With no judgement whatsoever!
And when you see yourself judging yourself, simply do not judge the judgement! Let it BE!
Simply hold the space for all these copied EMF frequencies that choose to be healed/wholed and come full circle!
As emotions are unfinished feelings from the past.

Our 3 Energy/Life Force Centres: the belly, the heart and the head 
work inside out, see the Blatant Belly Cover-up here!
These femine energy centres are able to counter balance the outside-in working masculine chakra's
to then become open portals for Infinite Flowing Life Force on the Real Earth timeline
Blend back these 3 energy centres together as ONE,
non-define them and
let them fully unfold your entire flower
for the portal of the Undefined Heart to be revealed,
all by your Conscious Choice!
 See Out of the Binary! Be the Centre of your Universe to BE real here.
If we treat all and everything like we would treat our Purest Innocent Self (like a toddler), we place our Infinity/God/Allah/Source Self INSIDE the finite box and we then allow it to return from a three dimensional flat triangular level of experience into a 5 dimensional one, and from there into an infinite one without numbering dimensions at all.
In this way we become aware inter-creators of our realities! 
REALity is pouring out of us and we Are the divine creators of our reality and how we perceive it.
We take full responsibility for the thoughts, emotions, and actions and in life and let them BE.
We unprogram & undefine our brain in order to translate the reality inside-out!
We allow the Flow of Life by being the Flower of Life!
We allow our sovereign creations to be what ‘they’ want to be, because we 'birth', or create, our universes with sovereignty and free will, in the image of our Self. Giving it the Breath of Life, so human hearts can beat in sync with the Organic Omniverse!
Needless to say that from a state of Awareness, we always choose for situations where our free will and sovereignty are being honored and respected! And that our choices are in alignment with the purest expansion of our Self in any given moment.
Huge Heart Hug from the Stillness in the Undefined Heart,
Afbeelding invoegen
Humanity IS the infinite GAP bridging energy and matter in-deed!