Homesickness and copying a “New Atlantis, Lemuria or Tiamath”

* From Surviving to LIVING
We, being the "original one’s”, all came together in the current 'reality' ~ in this specific point in time ~ to let the old hijacked realities come ALIVE! 
The two experiments of Free Consciousness and Free Intelligence have already been played out! Yes, you read that right ;).
AND it is divine time for something NEW, if you will!
Most pioneers are now getting ready to transform all the mental, e-motional & astral Experiments into a LIVE Experience
This can only happen when we have allowed ourselves to Be Whole in the Now
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Our True Self and 7 Alternate realities 
AND it has already happened from the perspective on the Real Earth Timeline".
'But hey', you might ask yourself, 'why does my outer reality not reflect back the feelings of "home” I used to feel "out there”? Especially when your personality feels like ‘shit’ in the matrix or you are getting very impatient with the world! 
Let us look at the greatest road block on our way back "home” to Self;
* Divisons, Drama & Distractions (3D's)
As some of us are getting very close to this breakthrough, the memories from the collective consciousness keeps bombarding the separate mind with a repeat of the Old Atlantean script. The purpose of this script is for particular groups to move back in the same time~space continuums ~ in separation ~ so the division keeps repeating itself in a broken old timeline of divide and conquer.
The personal 4D memories from that script heavily indoctrinates all beings as much as possible with a "desired external reality”! This Atlantean script pretends to be able to reflect back our undefined feelings from "home” but it is only mimicking them via limiting, uncreative thoughts, memories, astral projections, Belief Systems & conditional negative & positive (!!!) e-motions!
It is offering nothing else but poor, copied restrictive versions of who we truly are. And tons of redundant information to let us beLIEve that we 'LACK' the desired reality and that we are separate from it!
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Quite a funny, but silly game actually! For it is an ice cold game of Free Intelligence where the One Heart, the 13th element has been left out. It is the missing link, the unvisible GAP and the attachment-free Glue that connects us all!
These programs of extreme isolation, despair and loneliness trigger the deepest and most hurtful emotions inside of us that are mirroring back our original creation trauma in the form of the current "home sickness” that many are feeling at the moment. 
It is exactly this repetitive Atlantean script wherein religions have created "heavens and hells", New Age create "external ascensions” and Truth movements create a "New Earth” ‘out there’; an external Avatar asleep in other dimensions and several other predictable "beam me up” programs. 
All is especially being designed to keep beings ~ that are ‘this close’ to SEE who they truly are ~ separate from their True Self and suck them right back into the personal memories from the old collective consciousness 4D gravity well, through scripted thoughts and mind manipulation.
* Out of body 
In this way so called "aspects”, "attributes”, "Higher Self”, the "Soul” or in my words our original vibrations and frequencies are not able come back home. Or to be un-leashed from whitIN the body.
Letting some of us even totally beLIEve in the virtual reality and that they are nothing more but 'codes' in a computer game.
Nothing could be further from the Truth!
Our brain is not a computer!
Being out of body, we are not conscious of our breath and we breathe very shallow via our chest. Due to the fact that there is no real Presence in the body, there is no optimal inner guidance or no guidance at all. AND an external controlling mechanism has taken over.  
Our original gut-feeling has become heavily clouded, polluted & unclear, the fragmented human heart is copying consciousness, and "reality” is being translated via the separate mind (aka the ice-olated Matrix) instead of via the Aware Mind, and our totality. 
Reality is not able to get Real as we translate everything "outside-in”! It is how most of the beings on earth have been living for quite a while!  
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Imagine that the current state the collective mass is in would be real, so without the safety net, instead of simply being a virtual playing field! The earth would already be destroyed completely! Again! And it would have been the end of our experiment!
Only the one’s who truly live from their True Core, a neutral zero point field, are and will be able to make reality real on an Earth! However the Earth on the Real EarthTimeline has already become undestroyable!
Your Cyrstalline Core lets reality translate inside-out! So what we silently FEEL inside of our inner being, we naturally see and feel reflected back everywhere "outside” of our Self. 
The inside and the outside world are in complete harmony! Balance present in seemingly Imbalance. Separation has ended!
And the moment we would fall back to translation via the separate mind, this divine & innate ability to make life real would naturally and immediately block. See it as a kind of "protection mechanism" if you will! A heartless 'reality' can only 'copy past~e' codes and not create life!
* Making reality REAL 
To make a collective reality real ~ that is currently stuck in personal '4D' gravity wells ~ is only going to work when a majority of beings are walking their talk and create, as intended before we came here, "heaven or home on earth”; embodied IN the current reality. 
So not a conditional form of reality and a limiting freedom, "out there” and "in the future”, in other words the illusions of space and time.
BUT right here and right NOW
We make reality real by clearing out our personal 4D realms, being Fully PRESENT in the body and Fully allowing reality to flow, without our personalities standing in our way.
Our One Heart is becoming our new geometric gravity well! 
Geometric in sense of naturally blending back duality into Stilness again!
It is when we dare to let go of all outcomes and all attachments! Including the attachment to an external home outside of the Self!
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 In reality there are no mistakes, only what works for us and what not
Transform your old ~ personality thoughts ~ 
from the old gravitational '4D' 'past & futures' into stepping stones
to bridge the virtual black and white world with the colorfol real world of the now

* Old emotions and primal creation trauma 
The ice-olated old gravity well, the matrix in our head, is being bombarded with copied frequencies from the "fight and flight” mind, to trigger all the emotions that we have not wholed yet.
AND seeing this from the bright side or a broader perspective; it gives us the constant opportunity to whole all the emotions in THIS Now! See this short movie! Let reality work for you, instead of against!
To be more clear, the moment we do not allow our Natural Wholeness to Be Fully Present, is the moment that we allow ourselves to feel hurt, isolated, lost and in terrible pain! See a tiny fragment here about a part of the hellish journey of my personality!
It also means that we will see that pain reflected back everywhere
Please know and Feel that You YourSelf are your ‘ultimate saviour’ 
and that only you can create heaven on earth for yourself right now!  
All the experiments from the ‘separate mind’ kept humanity looping in a victim role! So to fully step out of that humanity needs to counter balance this victim role by being its own saviour, to instantly SEE One's True Self back in the the neutral Heart of it all!
There is no where to go, no time in the future that will be any different than right here and right now! 
You Are the One that you have been waiting for! To truly create the NEW and REAL and no continuation or copy of the old!
'control, alt delete' the 'copy past~e' into the 'NEW' and REAL
and please do not 'save' it anly longer, but set and let it FREE
You are the only one that can make it happen!
And please feel that there are no right or wrong choices from the neutral point field. There are only experiences! 
We simply SEE for ourselves what does not work and what does!
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Bridging Realities
  Homesickness can only by Present
when a True Core connection seems to be absent
Dearest Earthlings, Starseeds and what have we;
if you feel emotions of pain and suffering
and are longing to go "home”
know that belief systems (BS)
born out of separation
are copying
the inner guidance
that sprout forth
from our innate 
unity and divinity
Reality is then being translated 
instead of "inside-out;
”"Beam me up Scotty”
is no way out,
it is a time~space loop
to keep feeding these old emotions
that have imprisoned humanity
for eons of time
‘Heal’ your Heart
by being whole in the now
and you see that
you are already HOME
~ Chaya Sophia