Our Unfinished Emotions from the Past reflect how we See our Self, and therefore the World

* Questions to Self
1) What is causing so many people to be in dis-ease and pain right now?
2) What does the 4th Dimensional/Vibrational Realm look like?
Short answers
1) All the things that we have been so afraid to look at, so therefore parts of ourself we have not integrated and wholed yet! These unintegrated frequencies that we have separated from our Self are the root cause of all of our emotions of suffering. Representing our unfinished emotions from the past that long to return to their original core, the Heart of the Undefined. At the core of every emotion from our inner child lies fear, always and in all ways, as a clever 'mask of disguise' of the innocent love that we truly are!
2) It looks and feels like Hell! Sometimes dressed up as Heaven. See more about e-motions here.
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1+2 Long answers in the rest of this chapter:
These extensive separations were caused by our own fear and mind programming tremendously playing into that! These very noisy frequential and subfrequential heart~less EMF 'realities' formed the prison bars of the matrix ~ that we allowed to keep ourselves behind ~ for eons of linear time. Our innocent open portals became blinding mirrors, walls that are not able to see 'life'  in our own original transparent way. 
Every being that is currently living on earth, each single one, is playing a crucial part in the current Earth Transitioning. Many have been individually clearing out the debris and shattering that happened over eons of non~cosmic time in this universe.
* Top Life
Every single precious human being who is present right now has made the agreement to show up in this pivotal Top LIFE time. It is in this Now that everyone has the opportunity to embrace all frequencies as one and put our segmented Self back together again. 
When we integratre all of the frequencies they can expand and be still again. AND this can happen in the NOW, in any given moment that we fully allow it to be! The moment that we are fully Present in the Now, we simply FEEL the Stillness in ALL the cells of our body! From this Silent place we are able to grow and expand!
We are individually, and collectively, as we share One DNA and One Heart, weaving back together all of our lives, past, future and the current one's from all of the 12 Universes (see here). One humane human race. ONE humanity with an infinity of different faces, senses, perceptions and expressions. Every one singing one's own special symphony of light, color and sound!
* E-motions coming full sphere into undefined feelings

Emotions are unfinished feelings from the past that are now more than ever before, able to come full circle to become feelings. Our feelings however have been segmented into all these different linear time frames and can now become undefined to be spheric and un-conditional again. Full circle in the sense that they end up in a different place as where they started, so they become eternal.
The moment that our personalities, the stories of us, are suffering from emotions and dis-ease, the paradoxical situation is that they are simply doing an excellent job in cleansing and transforming the 4th Dimensional Realm of our past and that is directly healing/wholing our future. The clearer the personal 4D realms, the more allowance for the Truth of Us to shine through!
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What we resist, persists,
energy flows through the path of least resistance
By the way, this does not mean we need to suffer ourselves all the way into complete Stillness!!
It simply means that if we choose to fully stop living according to the predefined and preprogrammes thoughts from the matrix in our head, we need to BE Real and allow our Self to BE the Truth of Us;
Pristine Energy Signatures, Extensions or Expressions of Undefined Eternal Living Light and Life,
currently embodied in Human Form; the Presence in the Heart of it All!
In this state ALL emotions naturally transform and whole in the NOW as they come full circle, or full sphere! No need to process, 'heal', analyse or any other form of 'mental busy-doing'.
Only if personalities keep re-thinking the predefinitions and preprogramming,
and are therefore repeting and amplifying memories and emotions
it goes hand in hand with suffering!
No matter what we choose, the path of suffering or the celebration dance of truth, if we truly wish to stop powering the matrix in our head we need to allow our lifes to fully unfold without manipulating it in any way, shape or form. Total self honesty is crucial!
* The so called 'dark' side of ourselves, or our 'shadow' self that masked our 'light' self
Life keeps offering us opportunities to See the Truth of Us in the form of all kinds of daily situations to bring out our 'shadows' ~ our unacknowledged selves that we have been hiding, hence not seeing in equality!
These shadows are the arche typyes from our subconsciousness!
The Truth of Us is the Presence that patiently holds the space for all emotions to come full circle! Without any attachments, past, stories, judgements, conditions and any other preprogrammes, (pre)definitions, and Belief Systems (BS) whatsoever.
These left over distorting frequencies represent our current 'skeletons' in the closet that we stuffed in the 4th Dimension of the Old Carbon Based DNA so to speak. The ice-olated mind in our head became the copied gravitational well for our thoughts, memories, emotions and other illusions. It became the substitute for our original gravity well, the Heart of All Things, our Inner Core.
It resulted in stressful emotions in our belly and in our gut that blocked our natural flow of Life. 
You can see the gut as the ground, the soil, in which our Tree of Life is rooted!

Instead of a passionate cosmic womb, whether you live in a masculine or feminine form, 
our belly transformed into an unreal zone of biological and psychological warfare,
as our belly is clearly VITAL to BE in passionate and clear communion with our intuition, our inner Sun.
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The dark side of our Self is the part of our God/Spirit/Allah/Source Self
that we have always been too afraid to truly look at! 
These emotions, due to our eon old trauma's ~ our deepest reincarnation and creation pains ~ need to come full circle now. Those very old cellular memories love to be transformed and healed (wholed) into true feelings! Our Top Life has been designed in such a way that it all happens naturally, so there is no need to be afraid to miss the boat, so to speak!

These left over frequencies can also be seen as our inner child, our isolated personality ego that is often quite literally SCREAMING for attention! It is shouting from the 4th Dimensional Realm of our Unconscious Self/cells, wanting to be released, freed and integrated in order to be able to break through the veil. 
The veil is the metaphoric barrier, that is also showing up in our body. It is the division between our brain in the head and the belly: please do "Mind the Gap! The Gap is found in the geometric Heart of All Things, defined, non-defined and undefined. Humanity can close this gap by bridging matter and energy in the physical form by simply BEing in the Heart!
The Vagus Nerve assists to restore the innate communication in the body, please do your internet research, I will share more about this later under Health!
One vital thing to realise/real eyes ~ I's~ is that our Life Force is mainly flowing from the belly to the head, upwardly!
* The 4th Copied Dimension

Some have labelled the 4th Dimension, the realm of Lucifer, the Fallen Angels, the Archons or the dark side of the sun or God/Allah. It basically are all of the things that 'we' have created out of fear since eons of time. It is the tremendous and very intense personality fear to look at our authentic Self, or All of our cells that represent the universes within our organic omniverse.

It is the dark side of the divine that WE, our personalities, created and manifested, we gave the Living Light a shadow! We have been so afraid to come on down from our heads into the seemingly darkness of our self created emotions in the belly. Due to the fact that we so started to believe and buy into the stories of us, instead of simply BEing and FEEling the Truth of Us. We acted like innocent 'little' gods circling and spinning around our Self, instead of simply flowing right through the Heart of the Matter.
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And of course, there is no REAL dark side in the Infinite Realms. There is no pre-programmed light of the matrix in the REAL world. There is only a blank slate, a white canvas, in every precious Now-moment.
We have just been too scared to see and equally acknowledge our own Grandness! Not able to see yet our own LIFE & light directly reflected back from our inner sun.
We started perceiving Allah/Source/God or the Sun outside of our Self, in any possible way. Even '2000 years ago', when the out- dated translation went backwards and upside down, due to the fact that humanity was not ready to allow greater truths back then.

Therefore the moon has been created to spin between the earth and the sun. The direct light of the sun was too much for our senses. It marked the birth of the con-cept of day and night. Also the birth of only one sun, and only one moon. And that one left over moon has been completely hollowed out, because it lost its infinite feelings and it had been stuffed with heartless emotions and stories instead! Ponder about it, why during a Full Moon so many emotions are able to come to the surface!
When we look at the night sky we can only see but a tiny fraction of what truly can be seen in the cosmos. However this is changing rapidly. As we change, the cosmos changes. Micro = Macro.
* Our original eternal Life Force 'energy signature', the Flower of Life 
What we call 'love' on this planet is the limiting version of love that has been created by an intelligent Electro Magnetic Force that has literally copied consciousness. It created the constant division, hence the push and pull between the masculine and the feminine. According to the Law of Attraction; moving energy from one side of the coin to the other side. Locked up in an infinity sign, but never expanding, read here.
Aaaaah, yes, we so Are what we have been looking for!
Human 3D 'love' is a conditional copy that is not whole, not complete. It is unfinished, unfulfilled love that always keeps looking for the other, hence for the divine, outside of one self/cell. We have been searching for so long to fill our own gap. With every dimension and frequency we created more time and space to increasingly faster searching for our own Source.
Faster and faster, 'higher' and 'higher', 
until we bang our heads onto the Ceiling of the 12th Dimension. 
Until there is only one way left to move into, we need to come on down to the Heart of it All.
AND within the matrix that we created even more inorganic linear frequencies and sub-frequencies that brought us even further from the Truth. Now we need to do mind the gap in-deed and simply 'return' inwards back into our True Core!
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Our Natural State of Love & Allowance naturally transforms
everything back into Love 
in the Now
We pinned down our own Divine Self on the cross by copied gravitational forces from the ice-olated matrix mind. However we may conclude, may we not, that this way of limited life has never proven to really work. We kept dying on the cross of time and space due to the repetitive and addictive mind programmes from noisy (sub)frequencies.

Until we say "enough is enough" and we allow our Real Self to let the original Flower of Life gently unfold and expand from within. Allowing it to fully re-blossom in all of its Innocent Stillness.
* Examples of 4D behaviour, that trick us out of our One Heart

I close this chapter with some examples to become conscious of deeply engraved neural synaptic pathways of the brain in the head. These copied gravitational finite loops are keeping our personalities and our bodies stuck in mostly unconscious thoughts, memories and e-motions, hence in stress, pain, trauma, suffering and dis-ease.

(Sub) frequential neurotypical matrix behaviours, the stories instead of the Truth of us:
- Not acknowledging the BREATH of Life in each moment, going too fast. One might want to pause on this one for a while, breathing it in! To continue reading when the attention is on the breath. Breathing as deeply as possible during every sentence.
- We think that we are operating as a sovereign being, however all the triggers that make our personality go into an e-motion are continously being ignored. In this way we are severely and constantly trying to lock out these particular events in our life. Therefore we keep creating an 'escape' hatch for these 3D stories & emotions to gravitate into another dimension; the fourth!
- Perceiving (a group of) certain other beings and circumstances as the cause of all drama and distraction. Repetitively giving new names to these external reflections of our emotions, to mask our own inner uncertainty. Defining and redefining ‘these’ beings and circumstances in many, albeit finite, fashions. Instead of taking full responsibility for our own perceivance of all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be, as the Sovereign Creator we innately are.
- Constantly repeating and elaborating on the same mental words, or parotting the same spiritual idea's. However not truly feeling them in/from the Undefined Heart. (In)Directly repressing emotions so they cannot resurface and come full circle.
-  When we demonstrate with our behaviour that the form of 'neutrality' we bought into, is just another "copied consciousness con- cept". We love to share that it is all about "neutrality" and "that we are so neutral and in the Zero Point Field", but our personalities still continue judging, labeling & manipulating everything and every one through the limiting filters of the personal and programmed Belief Systems of "right" & "wrong"'s or "positive" and "negative"'s. In other words; neutrality has become the new buzzword of the day and has become a "copied conditional neutrality". True neutrality, like true love is a State of Being, it is NOT an emotion, it has NO conditions and NO "right" & "wrong"'s. It is a blanc canvas in every Now.

- Knowing that life can be simple as the breath, however still tuning into complicated, repetitive and limited thought patterning (in some cases even justifying it all by calling it ‘simplicity’).

- When being offered ‘a way out of the cage’ it keeps being perceived as ‘too simple’ or 'New Age'. Addicted to the con-cept that this kind of simplicity - that has been the crystal core of every message - is just another trick from the matrix.

- Saying that dualistic life in the matrix is but a virtual reality, however still using these same 'illusions' or dreamworlds to justify the ways of living of the pre-programmed personality. Not truly walking the talk so life continues to feel unreal and unfullfilled.
- Despite the knowledge and theory of the placebo-effect, not being conscious that this placebo effect applies to really ALL of the Belief Systems (BS). Well here is something to ponder about if you will...
- Perceiving one closed circle or cycle of the duality at the time, and not being conscious of this, or observing it all. So one keeps jumping over the GAP from one closed loop to the other one.

- Talking about a desire, dream, oneness (or fill in the blanks) and let this precise idea ~ function as a veil, a condition ~ to stay in between the outcome and the personality. The condition has become the wall in between the 'want' & 'need' and the outcome, so One is never in the Now, hence in the Know. Overlooking and leaping over the infinite, Unconditional Zero Point Field in the middle. Metaphorically placing the heart of our true divinity too high, and on the left side of the body, and our grass roots too low.

- Operating from fear and therefore, the 'masculine & feminine' are not in balance, creating disharmony. It constantly creates a dis- abled perspective on life, seeing 'monsters' everywhere and in any one. Constantly projecting out one's own subconsciousness.
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- Having a BRILLIANT mental understanding of the theory while still copying consciousness. There is no open space, no depth, to embody, grow and to ground. Being afraid of the few people who actually are in the stillness of geometry. It is being perceived as an alien attack, as it would break down the outer walls of the comfort zone and thus dissolve the internal walls of seemingly protection.
- Thinking that energy can be truly destructed or stolen. By allowing the Flower of Life geometry back in our life, this becomes absolutely impossible! Setting ourselves free is about transforming and releasing our walls and be(come) open portals. Otherwise our identity would simply be 'just another brick in the wall'.

- Not being conscious of, and therefore not emanating, that everything we label as 'negative' that is seemingly being felt as coming from outside of us, is merely mirroring back our hidden internal emotions. Stillness only perceives and feels stillness, except when we are in the frequencies of the mind. It is all pouring out of us instead of the other way. Underneath every personality mask, a state of neutrality and love is hiding behind the fear. We ALL are the Central point of observation of our universe!
- Being afraid to be around not-like minded souls as one's own Belief Systems and Comfort Zones might be triggered.
- Being afraid of people gathering in crowds. Building even thicker inner cell walls.
- Being afraid to not conform to the written and unwritten Group Rules out of fear to not belong, to stick out or being excluded. Not trusting one's own authority, but trusting external sources to follow and to be led.

- Being afraid of our own deafening stillness, lost and addicted to the stories and the emotions in the belly, continuously filling the gap with repetitive chatter of the mind frequencies out of avoidance of the real Self. Not transforming, but staying stuck in emotions instead.

- Being afraid to let go of addictions and to be vulnerable, naked and blanc to SEE ALL these blind old spots of the personality that are still present. They so need our sweet allowance, innocence and our compassionate forgiveness to be fully embraced.
- Being afraid of abuse, rapes, manipulations and murders of the masculine. The emotions and screams of the inner child have been silenced, which is most definitely only the illusion of stillness. It's not the True Silence from Heart Centred Living. We did not take back the steering wheels of our life ourselves yet. No matter if we currently are in a male or female body.

- Being afraid of abuse, rapes, manipulations and murders of the feminine. The emotions and screams of the inner child have been silenced, which is most definitely only the illusion of stillness. It's not the True Silence from Heart Centred Living. We did not take back the steering wheels of our life ourselves yet. No matter if we currently are in a male or female body.
- Being afraid of the suppressed Passionate Energy Centre in the Belly; to create reality and new potentials. Addicted to competing with the universe instead ~ the need to be 'in control' and therefore manipulating realities. Attached to plans and outcomes, not trusting one's own divine Presence to unfold its purest potential. A lack of enthusiasm and intuitive spontaneity in the Now.

- Buying into the ultimately strong pull of the limiting mind, as it is all in our head. A lot of our mind frequencies follow the so called Atlantean Script, abusing emotions of power, uncertainty, and fear "in the name of" god, preachers, ascended masters and many other authorities. Selling church services, 'teachings', disempowering 'healings' and many different kinds of 'ascension trainings' to join the separate mind forces and make them even stronger. This is an airy concept, simply look around and see all the shattering, scattering and schizophrenia right now as a result of external projections. If it does not lead one within, one can stay without.

- Seeing the All Seeing Oneness outside of the Self, on top of the pyramid or cage, projected as the all seeing eye (or Alcyone). While our own inner Sun is the portal to our I AM Presence! It let us feel and translate reality from within, in complete neutrality. Our innate inner eye/I has a heart based, "all inclusive" view of the totality. From a blanc, silent, innocent perspective in the Now.

- Translating 'reality' from an 'outside-in' perspective, so backwards, with the 5 limiting senses that are not connected to the One Heart that we all share.

- Out of a state of fear, more thinking, talking and sharing about the stories than the Truth of Us. Separating ONE Self instead of slaying our own inner dragons. These kind of Belief Systems are being sold by many Alternative Media by saying that this is a way of 'helping other's' (while it is projecting fear based emotions and stories onto the external realms). Personalities that are buying into that are consciously or unconsciously following the mind programming patterns behind it all!

- Deep down inside being very afraid to be left out, feeling abandoned, not worthy, too small, not loved, outside looking in, not good enough and so on. We have felt threatened and severely traumatised as a result of primary life experiences when we came straight from source and our personalities have become so used to mask it all by playing a role of superiority or inferiority.

- Continuously (re)creating a problem-reaction-solution in the mind, and perceiving it repetitively outside of ourselves. Bombarding the collective with a constant flow of definitions: thoughts, words, concepts, belief systems, programming and other disheartening information coming from the old Atlantean script. Designed to keep the personalities looping in the hamster wheel mind.
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This is but a short list of what is going on right now! See also "Mind the GAP; Back to the Original Infinite Blueprint for this Organic Omniverse!" to read more about the collective 4D realms that have been cleared!

Hell and Heaven might be our last 'roadblocks' to See God/Source/Chaya/Allah, 
aka our original divinity, withIN our SELF.
"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
~ Lao Tzu