The elephant in the room question; to Be or not to be?

* What kind of flowers are you watering? Wild one's or the one's captured in a vase?
Warning ;)! High trigger alert!
The awakening being who chooses to move forward might want to ask oneself the following questions;
"What do I fear or trust the most?
The thoughts, hence my Belief Systems (BS); through my mental, emotional and astral bodies,
or in other words, the pre-programmed light from the seemingly 'powers' of the one’s that rule the planet?
Or it is so, that deep down inside, I am afraid to truly Live and Be the magnificent Truth that I AM?” 
See the Power of our Imagination here.
To put it differently; 
"Do I keep buying into, and beLIEving the images of me that these 'rulers' greatly assisted me with to imagine myself?
Am I watering the definitions and stories of me, and do I keep imprinting them in the separate mind? Getting more and more into the groove?"
"Do I keep repeating and amplifying the same old, same old memories and e-motions? Being backed up by these rules who help to trigger these emotions within me, via outside-in programming in any possible way, to keep my constructed personality on auto pilot and in the fight and flight modus of the oldest part of the brain?"
"Do I dare to truly feel the Truth of me over the stories of me, aka my BS”? 
"Do I trust the Grandness of who I truly am over the dumbed down version that I allowed my'self' (read; my 'identity') to beLIEve? Because I bought into any limitation, due to my lack of self worth that my surroundings reflected back to me"?
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 Do you acknowledge your Self?
The Truth is extremely simple:
Every division and every definition (mis)leads
to limitation and separation
and keeps us in the ice-olated mind,
‘the mental box’ or the Matrix in our head.
Check out my chapter about "Thoughts" for more background!
* The Truth is right here, right now
It means that the Truth of us can only live in one point of ‘time’ and ‘space’ that has integrated all other time~space  and space~time continuums, to be able to move beyond time & space. Please check out some background about your Top Life here.
A total integration or wholing of all original frequencies of the Self is needed for the divine Truth to live in a human body. This enlightening embodiment can only come in through the cracks and openings in our walls of resistance.
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A crack mostly happens at the end of times where we suffered the most and almost gave up, or simply when we fall in love with life....... It is our choice!
These walls of resistance, or the veil, we created with our own imagination every time the oldest part of the brain got triggered.
The other side of the coin 
of this reptilian brain
is that its original design 
is for healing/wholing!!
The moment we are able to transform 'fight and flight-reactions' into allowance & gratitude, we let the reptillian brain work for us, instead of against us!
Sounds so simple, but takes some serious practice and F O C U S! Aka, spiritual discipline!

Leaving only the tiniest aspect behind the walls of our Belief Systems ~ or Bull Shit ~ in the matrix means that we still live in fear. 
Defining, segmenting, judging, suffering or simply put; time looping and surviving. Check out the New Year Predictions here.

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Every judgement, every definition, every rule and so forth leads to separation & hierarchy and does not stem from the Love from the One Heart that does not know any conditions.
Infinite love is a state of being that sees and acknowledges
everything and everyone in equality. 
There is a total absence of any hierarchy! 
No one is 'higher' and no one is 'lower' than you!
The Infinite You is joyous and FREE! 
This is impossible to grasp by the separate mind! It can only be felt from the True Core of You!
* You are it All! Fight & flight has never proved to work for any one
Fearing the elephant in the room means that we have forgotten that we are the elephant, and its creator, and the one observing it! 
Come on, seriously; we are metaphorically only looking at a mosquito really. Our eyes cannot be trusted when not connected to our True Inner Core but to the ice-olated mind......
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This artificial elephant only has power over you the moment you beLIEve it has!
Do you really buy from every salesman at your door, or via your phone?
I don't buy it!
The thicker our wall of BS, the more power this virtual elephant seems to have. 
'Escaping' back into one's cave or deep into the woods does not help! For one will not see the forest for the trees.
No matter where you try to hide your personality in Chaya's nature......., it will always find you and come back to bite you.
Fighting it by judging it never helped either, did it?
Eating all the pre-defined proper foods only gives some temporary b(r)elief.
Until these ‘proper’ foods will be poisoned with the newest buz BS of the day! We have all seen that before......
Our greatest strength is to be found when we simply reclaim all copied and stolen frequencies in the moment that our personalities are being triggered!
instead of running away from them and always being on the lookout for the newest 'danger'! Playing the whistle-blower for your community....... These kind of flowers have been programmed to die and reincarnate.......
Also, separating our true Self from the elephant that we see outside of ourselves, judging it’s lack of morality and lack of heart is only keeping one Self out of the One Heart space. Energy exchange is simply an illusion.....
And it keeps feeding all the situations we mentally say that we do not want.
Only when we Trust our Truth, we are able to trust the truth of the external as well!

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It is when we do not trust who we truly are what continues giving the hallucinative elephant increasingly more power, to keep playing its ice cold game, the Experiment of Free Intelligence
* Trust in your Truth
The Truth of Us is of course INFINITELY STRONGER (sorry if I seem to yell at you) than all these BS images of us. 
However, we will never able to truly FEEL, EMBODY and LIVE this, when we keep parts of ourSELF outside of the SELF. 
Be not mistaken. 
The love on this earth until thus far has been based on copied e-motions.
It always needs and wants more, it has been designed that way. To keep these personality parasites hiding behind the victim mask of blaming and shaming the 'external'. For ever exposing & judging the 'outer world' as it is terrified to look within and break down its inner 4D wall.
It is never complete and depends on the conditions that our fake personalities created in our fake minds. 
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 Allow what IS
However, Focus on that which lives in your HEART
It takes courages to truly BE & LIVE the Truth that you are, but when you do you see all these digital elephants dissolve as snow in the sun.
Do not believe me, just SEE for yourSelf!
With one simple breath from your inner radiant core
you blow every perceived elephant back into thin air!
Check out this link "Takeaway worker ignores armed robber pointing a gun, to serve another customer instead" with short video for some inspiration!
I am sure you might know these kind of experiences from your own life! Use them as trust anchors to anchor them deeply in your awareness as the captain of your life boat!
Come Home to Your Self!

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Stop looking for Truth, Yo Are the Truth, 
continue reading an 'inconvenient truth' here.
The more we are moving to translate reality from the separate mind (aka the matrix)
to the aware mind (the mystery aka the truth of you),
the more responsibility we take for our own life!
We get increasingly more AHA moments & insights
that literally everything that is 'happening' in our life
is simply occuring due to the design that we created our Self.
AND then we infinitely and increasingly expand
beyond the old imprisoning horizon of our former Belief Systems (BS)!
You SEE that life is becoming as fluid
like the most crystal clear river you have ever swum in!
The Matrix is not about living off the grid,
but translating reality in NEW ways
that go far beyond the mental Belief Systems.........
To truly BE Free, is to truly BE without BS.........
~ Chaya Sophia
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