From Segmented Feelings to Un-Defined Feelings

* The three true healing/wholing steps
True healing is not fixing anything! Healing is allowing the fact that you are already whole; the healing is in the FEELING of all old e-motions so you can release them and set your SELF free!
Please read the chapter about e-motions first, as emotions are feelings from the past that completely seem to got lost in the binary realms and first need to be transformed to be able to come full circle.
So we have three steps;
1) transforming/blending back stuck e-motions into feelings (inscending from head to heart)
2) wholing segmented feelings into undefined feelings (inscending from heart to belly)
3) allowing undefined feelings to freely flow throughout the human body (ascending from belly to body)
The biggest difference between an emotion and a feeling is 
that an emotion stems from a place of separation and is not able to flow. 
A feeling stems from the Unity Field of Consciousness and can freely flow any where, any time. 
A feeling is constantly changing, it carries no patterning! 
It is a silent flow-er.
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* Holding the space
The two limiting words that provoke gigantic triggers in our predefined personalities are "God" (or any other preferred definiton) & "Love". They have been abused since the beginning of linear time.
Read "Undefined" or "Allowance" though, if these words are still triggering you when reading the following........... For it is not about the words here, but about the feelings behind them.
All is Undefined Love. It is the Love that knows no conditions that holds the Space to allow all the stuck, separate & segmented experiences of all beings on this planet of Free Choice.
So All beings can freely keep choosing for the e-motional and mental brain waves from the illusionary binary electric & EMF fields due to the absence of pure love. Without the existing unconditional love that is carrying the torch, this would not even be possible.
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TiaMO & Chaya Sophia
* Life truly is paradoxical in nature
So behind the finite and unreal smoke & mirrors, all is love. There is always balance in imbalance to be found. Truths from our One Heart can never be analysed, for all analysing is mental. It can only be felt in the all en-compassing Now, in our One Heart that we all share.
Most humans only know the mental understanding of the copy of love. The e-motions, the unfinished feelings from the past. The copied emotion of love that is attached to outcomes, conditions, predefinitions, possessions and law. More often than not in an emotional hamster wheel of looping trauma.
Not the free and pure state of being. The love that sees and acknowledges everything and everyone in Equality. The love that totally lets FREE and does not know a 'we' and a 'they'. It does not feel a one of 'us' and a 'them', the dual e-motions that keep us fighting and flighting..........
True Allowance or Love is whole and does not limit, define, judge or divide; it is the unseen and undefined, divine 13th element that is the Heart of the Flow-er, the Unseen Heart of All Things.
Our neutral Awareness in every Now that is able to create Life
This undefined love is the portal to the Real Earth where the 12 Cosmic Races sing and dance as One.
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"In the modern world where there are so many problems,
one is apt to lose great feeling.
I mean by that word feeling, not sentiment, not emotionalism,
not mere excitement, but that quality of perception,
the quality of hearing, listening,
the quality of feeling 
a bird singing on a tree,
the movement of a leaf in the sun.
To feel things greatly, deeply, penetratingly,
is very difficult for most of us
because we have so many problems.
Whatever we seem to touch turns into a problem.
And, apparently, there is no end to man's problems,
and he seems utterly incapable of resolving them
because the more the problems exist, the less the feelings become.
I mean by "feeling" the appreciation of the curve of a branch,
the squalor, the dirt on the road,
to be sensitive to the sorrow of another,
to be in a state of ecstasy when we see a sunset.
These are not sentiments, these are not mere emotions.
Emotion and sentiment or sentimentality turn to cruelty,
they can be used by society;
and when there is sentiment, sensation,
then one becomes a slave to society.
But one must have great feelings.
The feeling for beauty,
the feeling for a word,
the silence between two words,
and the hearing of a sound clearly;
all that generates feeling.
And one must have strong feelings,
because it is only the feelings
that make the mind highly sensitive."
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti