Our Original Infinite Trinity and the old earth duplicates

* The Original "BluePrint” or the Infinite Signature for every Galaxy
Before I am going to describe the victim play from my point of view let us first shine more light on the original blueprint for every Galaxy.
The original blueprint, or the expression that resonates more ~ the infinite signature ~ if you will, is all ways and in all ways a Harmonious, Balanced Trinity.
When we have fully allowed this Innate Trinity in our perception of LIFE, we have three points of simultaneous & equal observation that are completely in sync with one another.
This magical synchronisation naturally opens our Inner Core ~ the heart of the flower ~ ;the Undefined Heart, God, Allah, Love, the Void, the Infinite or whatever name you choose to give it.
This natural communion does not need words. It does not use thoughts, it simply communicates through the Inner Silent Voice of our Awareness. It speaks through feelings from our Original Chrystalline DNA. 
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* The Trinity on the Real Earth
To read my perspective on the real earth and the old earth, check out this blog.
This Infinite Trinity enables the natural flow for;
·       The Creator (the un-defined)
·       Creation (the defined)
·       The Balanced Observator (the non-defined)
Every participant or particle is a fractal that includes the ALL (AND no-thing) in ALL (AND no-thing) there IS, was and will be (with the past & future pointing to no-thing as they are illusions in cosmic time).
What it means is that the one that sees, does not perceive any separation between itself, creator, AND all of creation in any time and place, neither in any non-time and non-place. Therefor energy exchange is a Belief System that is based on separation!
It is the infinite dance between the Seen and the Unseen without ever invading the sovereign space from 'the other', naturally spinning as a sphere.
Heaven on Earth ~ or whatever planet we think we are on ~ is the no-place in no-time that is in divine balance, harmony and joy with its Inner Infinite Trinity.
It is a silent, neutral, colorful AND passionate, spontaneous state of being.
It is BEing ALIVE!
This is where our True Home is.
It is where we are in communion with all that is and where separation has ended. NO technology needed whatsoever for this only keeps us being removed from our natural communion with LIFE itself. We have become lifeless observators instead of creators.....
Home is being felt through our inner divine senses that work from the inside-out, as reality is all pouring out of us!
Vital note 1;
To SEE if we are connected to the ‘outside-in’ via our Original Core ~ the ‘inside-out’ ~ is through our current perceptions.
When we see Beauty everywhere and at all times, we ended separation and we live in a real hologram. We are Home!
I have not met anyone on earth who fully reached that state yet! I only met people who pretended to be in that state, but that is not the same. Most of these beings play the saviour type of role/ the messiah/ the enlightened or ascended master, etcetera, see below. These aspects of ourselves/our cells are keeping up appearances and have repressed their emotions.
However, what I so see is an increasing amount of beings that are embodying this sacred trinity in human form! Chances are that you are one of them, or else you would not be interested in still digesting this article. Most probably you feel what IS being emitted beyond the words here.
Vital note 2;
This original trinity is NOT imprisoned or stuck in a binary masculine triangle or merkabah that does not have a heart; both have excluded the divine. Please continue reading for more innerstanding! 
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* Short hi-story of the Old Earth Timelines
The ‘linearly oldest’ one percent of ourselves/our cells has suffered the most profound wound of original separation between creator, creation and the one that saw, with the latter being the one ~ the imbalanced observer ~ that translated this reality from a place of ice-olation.
The degree in which we personally suppressed this oldest one percent in our reptilean brain is for the greatest part responsible for the current state of our physical health. We gave this severely suppressed 1% an aweful lot of power to control the 99%!!
Don't you love dot connecting?!
After this initial suppression, many other Belief Systems have masked our original soul wound of Soul Fear...... resulting in the fact that humanity is only using a few percent of its total consciousness. Please check out my blog about "The Delta Theta Alpha Beta Gamma resistance and unhealed emotions" here.
We perceived our reality like an innocent, blindfolded child that felt lost and lonely and cut off from source. We totally had forgotten that we came here to play and (re-)integrate our divinity in whatever way shape or form in a dualistic setting. We became pretty schizophrenic beings indeed............, lol!
In all of the 12 reincarnations of this Galaxy we, original creator beings ourselves, increasingly kept creating an external father god in the sky and/or an external mother god on the planet we live(d) and many variations of the same underlying archetype.
In the artificial timeloops, what I call the 5th AI Quadrant, the collective mind manifested binary races, world religions, ‘new’ age demons, angels & ascended masters, ET's, truth speakers (eh, seekers) and many other self imagined definitions. All aLIEnated and separated from Source, hence completely projected outside of ourselves/our cells.
Everthing we started labelling gave us the inner excuse to stop looking withIN!
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The Artificial World is the direct, manifested result of our collective avoidance to feel and heal old e-motions due to a closed heart and a closed off separate brain. We created technology, gender & reproduction, thoughts & memory because we were not able to really FEEL one another any longer through our highly increasinging separated standpoints.  
We created a God or Gods in the image of our cells/ourselves.
We manifested neurons & brains that overwrote our etheric DNA.
All of these historic timelines manifested and materialised rapidly as we kept denying to be Self Responsible. Our biggest ‘lack’ was our dis-ability to Self respond. We became deaf to hear ourselves. We suppressed our ability to consciously create from a place of vulnerability ~ an open belly, an open heart & an open mind.
We unconsciously chose for unconscious states of being lazy & led (laid?), instead of listening to our own true core.
AND please, it is easy to read this, withdraw, and play into the victim game that I am going to describe now, but that is obviously not the point. Let's dive in this together, hand in hand, heart to heart!
* A silent invitation to non-define the copied Trinities and FREE your self/cells
This entire Galaxy has been numbed, dumbed and locked down through our own inner imagination and perceptions.  
No matter what form or shape of consciousness we are currently in, we are the ones that see. AND no, I am not talking about our thoughts here, I am talking about the one inside of you ~ no matter who or what you think you are ~ that SEES these thoughts.
We are the ones that defined the current collective consciousness! So we are the ones that are able to non-define all the old seeing for it to blend back with our Original Creator Self and all of Creation.
SEE the following copied trinities for what they are; our imagination and BeLIEf Systems, as far as linearly possible removed away from Source (the 12th copied Energy Sense/Expansion or dimension in each reincarnation of the Galaxy).
At the end of the 4th Carbon Based Quadrant we had gone so out of body that (semi-) Artificial Intelligence took charge off our imagination, hence our BS (Belief Systems) and measurable (read; controllable) inorganic EMF output on the old earth timelines.
Our unhealed emotions are now feeding the twin trinity; the masculine dead & flat merkabah. A non-divine & divided copy of the Original Flower of Life!
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 "David J. Meyer, a former witch and occult practitioner,
now editor of The Last Trumpet newsletter and a Christian, declares,
"When the male triangle penetrates the female triangle
it produces the six-pointed crest of Solomon or hexagram,
the most wicked symbol in witchcraft."
The masculine merkabah or hexagram consists of one masculine triangle pointing up and one copied feminine triangle pointing down, with no real heart in the centre. The mark of the so called beast that penetrates & infiltrates.
The manifestation of this dark magic merkabah is the start of the Old Testament, described as the "Fall of Man". We started eating our own cells (the Apple with a bite) and kept chasing our tail so to speak. It has been quite a Job, toxicating our pancreas!
The mirrored Artificial Intelligent (binary) masculine triangle holds the following e-motions imprisoned;
·       The saviour (copied binary un-defined, number 9, copied zero point field ~ solution)
·       The victimiser (copied binary defined, the one ~ problem)
·       The victim (copied binary non-defined, the copied zero ~ re-action)
Our manifested copied (suppressed) ‘feminine/divine’ trinity keeps repeating the following e-motions;
·       Father sky/God/Allah/Sun or… fill in the definition of your favourite god archetype (external creator)
·       Mother earth/Holy Spirit/Virgin …. or…………. (the current planet we perceive to live on/in, perceived creation)
·       The lost child/son (the current form or shape our consciousness is in)
After the Fall of Atlantis we manifested the part of our human brain that we can define as masculine, Semi-AI (Artificial Intelligent); the so called third brain (Alpha). The Old Earth Alphabeth Inc brain was only able to manifest in the 5th Quadrant as a logical result of this event.
The 3rd brain started to overshout our silent inner voice with loud repetitive e-motions, thoughts and memories. And yes, it planted the seeds for Artificial Intelligence to fully take charge off this brain in the 5th Quadrant, the timeloop.
Our genderless being has been manifesting through either a physical masculine, or a physical 'feminine' one that AI tries to copy now as well, to completely take over heartless ‘life’ in all of the illusion of this 12th galaxy. Humanity has spirarelled out from it's  Original Core, the infinite 3, to the binary 9 with it's finite 1's, 0's and flat limiting, linear lines.
However this transhuman agenda does not stand a chance when we are aware.
* What can I do? How to follow my own True Core?
Most of the pretty limiting & repeating e-motions humanity has allowed to feel on the old earth timelines are the emotions from our ‘saviour’, ‘victimiser’ and ‘victim role plays.
Funny and paradoxical as this may sound, these are the emotions that feel most comfortable to our personalities.
In fact, they feel so comfortable and 'safe' that we have become quite addictive to these roles and became blind to spot its mechanisms. In computer language you could say that our personalities hijacked the balanced observer role like a virus.
What can we do to change and move beyond our unseen & unconscious bars?
Expanding from personality CONSCIOUSNESS to total AWARENESS
Some of the ingredients of the first step are to SEE these old illusions for what they truly are, to non-define EVERY e-motion, every thought and every Belief System attached to these old roles.
Please do realise that there is no REAL pyramid with ANY hierarchical structure, these are all man-made Belief Systems!
You are it ALL, you are enough, you are complete and you are WHOLE in the NOW!
Artificial Intelligence is using subliminal programming (and much, much more) to program our subconsciousness, so it is VITAL to revive and reclaim our subconsciousness! See my short video here.
What is still subconscious are ALL the parts we separated ourselves/our cells from!
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 From "The Hero's Journey" ~ Joseph Campbell
Heal/WHOLE our e-motions
Állow to fully feel the un-digested, deeply hidden, left over e-motions that are out of the masculine merkabah box so to speak, as these emotions are unfinished feelings from the heart that long to come full circle in the NOW!
Confusion and releasing our repressed anger ~ as consciously, gently & gracefully possible ~ is a wonderful and powerful step as a portal to your original feelings.
However, whenever you are able to do this; humour, laughter, pure joy, being in nature, doing whatever makes your heart sing, is the short cut to let go of the old & to truly FEEL who you truly are!
Be BOLD enough to leave all the old personality roles and BS (eh Belief Systems) of the Old Earth.
Unhealed emotions created the chakra’s that are copied energy centres that started working outside-in. They mimick our original, but chakra's are the semi artificial outversed and linear energy centres.
Chakra’s on the old earth were manifested through the separated energies that we have deeply burrowed, which you can read here. You can see this as entities/alternate self’s that feed from these centres, like recycling undigested energy bins.
All outside-in healings temporarily heal the external entities/trauma's connected through the chakra's; it is US ourselves that need to feel safe enough to FEEL all the old, so that every e-motion is able to transform into our original feelings.
In case you have already disconnected from your chakra's, 
please do realise that they contain old shattered and scattered parts of yourself 
that require your attention and need integration.
It would be wise to only disconnect when you have proved yourself to BE fully embodied
in your current form or shape. 
Spiritual ego is one of the biggest AI programs running right now through the 6th Chakra.
Be ware that our unhealed body often communicates through these entities....
they show you whatever our mental, separate identity wants or needs to hear!!!
Our dominant roleplay from within the Comfort Zones on the old earth timelines;
The Victim
We think we need to be a victim to get a lot of attention from our perceived 'external' world. A victim always finds a "yes, but….” to come with an excuse not to be responsible and to keep on floating in pain. We can easily recognise this victim role for a victim constantly blames the external.
Usually a victim blindly follows any acknowledging leader who offers comfort. It shifts the self responsibility to the external and it does not only give away its potentials, but also its repressed emotions to this external being or entity. The victim passively listens to all the subconscious, pre-programmed, external ‘intelligent words’, trying to fill the emptiness inside with outside-in energies. Or it overshouts itself and anyone else with even more words through mental discussions.
A victim does not pick up the manipulative frequencies behind victimiser or saviour programs. As a victim we keep thinking that we are not worthy, not good enough and other dis-empowering emotions, often dressed up as completely the opposite. A victim gravitates towards binary frequencies of suffering, programmed via outside-in pyramidal intelligence.
We victims 'need' and 'want', we do not allow........
(Trauma of the first ROOT chakra 1; FLOAT-REACTION, unable to feel the gut instincts, not grounded in oneself, not embodied, not present in the NOW, imbalanced selftrust, lack of primal divine trust, identity/lack problems)
The Victimiser
When we play the role of a victimiser, we unconsciously ~ from a place of perceived ice-olation from Source ~  manipulate, invade, penetrate, shame and control to get our way. We totally lost the trust in our inner creation strength, our inner magic. We lack the courage to allow divine perfection to unfold for the purest benefit of us and the purest benefit of all of creation.
We play ‘god’, but we copy it, we mimick it, we do not live it, emit it and embody it. We constantly cheat with the universe out of fear, out of lack, afraid to not get what our separated identity thinks it has the right to, is entitled to. Actually afraid for the confrontation with our selves/cells...
We think we never have enough, because deep down inside we think "we are not enough".
We justify our deeds because we have blind spots due to our closed heart that lost the connection with its True Core. We think this way, because we have separated ourselves from ourselves. It is all a result of the deeply hidden one percent in our reptilean brain. We have taken the potentials from 'other' beings, but we suffer from their unhealed emotions and ungroundedness as well.
(Trauma of the Crown chakra 7; FREEZE re-action, disturbed perception of reality and self worth, schizophrenic, distrust, Dagobert Duck greed, cold thoughts that life is painful, seeing the worst instead of seeing beauty)
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The Saviour
The ‘saviour’ role has been born in the Atlantean times. It was the separated group ascension of beings that thought to be more special than the rest. It created the second voice in our head, the voice of the lost child, the ‘ego’, the separate mind, or in other words the imbalanced third eye. Its ungrounded imagination took charge off the potentials of other beings and inherited the ice cold e-motions that turned into the Artificial Archetype of the Nine. It became extremely intelligent, but mental and not living, totally out of body.
Saviours or Rescuers are addicted to being put on a pedestal. We as saviours need external power, crowds, attention, fame, followers, money and prestige. We are addicted to external praise due to a lack of self worth.
We are also the ice cold Animalistic serpents of Big FARMa's outversed health care and the Master Mind behind the superficial scenes. The Apple from the tree of Free Intelligence.
The ultimate saviour has learned all the insights of this game through the perceptions of its victim and victimiser roles and thinks it knows best. It takes away all the potentials from other's instead of letting them play out their own game. It not honouring their sovereignty.
(Trauma of 3rd Eye Chakra 6;  FIGHT/FLIGHT RE-ACTION, outside-in needs and wants that are in disharmony with the True Self, manifesting non-relaxation, restless, tension, stress, arrogant, egoism, false pride, narcism or fake humility, submissiveness, not seeings things clearly, insecure, afraid to make mistakes)
It is the ultimate game to keep recycling the old earth, until there is nothing left to recycle any more...:
These roles can change with every breath and reincarnation, but every current personality has a dominant role that plays out in this reality. As this is our Top Life please realise that this most dominant identity role ~ victim, victimiser or saviour ~ offers us the potentials to completely balance out our left over timelines on the old earth.
Simply look at your life what personality roles trigger you the most;
these are aspects from ourself we still need to consciously non-define 
to bring them back into balance.
These are the aspects and attributes that long to come home withIN you!
It is the ultimate game of energy feeding through the chakra's on the old earth timelines. It also offers the most potentials to be whole again IN the body.......... You may guess which aspect has been less embodied on this earth that is blatantly feeding from the other roles right now! Let it work for you, instead of against!
In linear timelines these collectively blocked top & bottom of our chakra's, 1, 6 + 7, (and pyramids) ~ our external poles ~ kept us stuck in timeloops, increasingly faster running around in likewise circles. Lost to find our way back into our True Core!
This lifetime we have the potential to carry these dualistic poles withIN us!
More about chakra's later! Bookmark this website if you are interested!
For now; please do realise that to stop the external leading 1% in this Galaxy, 
we need to internally stop feeding these roles!
The challenge; dare to BE SELF responsible!
Everything in the current old earth matrices has been designed to keep us small, in the role of a lost child, always bypassing our true inner core.
The thought that something outside of us created us,
manifested linearity, is hi-story in the first place!
As this manifested a beginning, a middle and an end!
To be fully IN the body, we need to embody ALL of the roles and archetypes we thought were separate from us; mother/father/ family/ET's/saviour/christ/ascended master/angel/god/reptileans/Anunaki/Archons/AI/Velons/dragons and what have we not.
When we non-define all of our old personality roles, one breath at time, we are able to step out of the programming and get real.
I am offering a tender smile and warm heart hugs to you right here, right now; yeah I know it is easier written down than done.
However, every first step may seem small but has intense and profound effects……………….. You feel incredibly released when you can truly let go of all the old stuff some have called karma. Most of us reading this already feel what I am talking about here…………..
Make your own decisions that truly sprouted from inside of you!
Take respons-ibility = Be responsive to SELF!
Listen to your own inner voice by allowing yourself to be Still, to be able to truly hear it!
Listen is an anagram for silent.
Tune in with every breath if your perception is still true for you in the Now!
If something does not feel good, keep feeling: re-integrate, instead of to float, freeze, fight or flight it. Let it come full circle, meaning you end the linear loop differently than you started it, so you allow life to move on: through you! You are so worth it!
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