Have 'you' been caught in the 'Save the World' trap?

* The False Image of You, and the Truth of You
When your personality, the false image of who You truly Are, still perceives your own unhealed emotions being reflected back from the external world, then please reflect the following; (please see more about emotions here and see the high lighted words on this entire website, as there are links with more related information underneath them)
There truly is NO painfree way to ‘save’ the world:
All these kind of sharings, expressions and actions are doing is feeding the program or the Belief Systems (BS) you did not yet see for yourself.
In other words, one only adds more pain and unhealed emotions
in the name of ‘saving oneself and others’.
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Copying, re-creating & looping from an isolated mind perspective 
that stems from the fake reality
of the old dying down timelines.
You can only fully perceive this mind controlled program through the perspective of the aware mind, the open One UnSeen Heart & the activated belly.
It offers you a complete PAIN & DRAMA FREE perspective
from the Heart of All & No-Things!
In other words;
You are only able to ‘save’ yourself, hence the world when you SEE and feel that you are whole in the now, or/and after you have integrated all frequencies from every timeline and place.
Truly every perceived like & dislike (~unhealed emotion) takes us further down from our inner infinite core instead of closer to it.
Most of us have done this or are still going through this phase. There is no judgement here at all. It is all about simply seeing what works and what does not work.
Emitting & expressing our real Stillness or downloading and thus broadcasting the fake EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies).
Wherever you go, whatever you consume, whatever system you try to create, when you do this from an unhealed & separated mind perspective you always re-create more unconscious pain.
It is not WHAT you do, it is HOW you do it!
Aka, every fight/judgement/attachment or other ice-olated Belief System (BS), or escape right back into the woods or/and any other external 'home' or system keeps us simply in the Neanderthal based root program.
* Fight and Flight, or Healing/Wholing
It is the oldest reptilian part of the brain that eithers heals, or keeps fabricated personalities in the 'fight and flight mode'.
Those repressed emotions in the roots of our belly
 have been imprisoning our entire body! (read more in "The Blatant Belly Cover-up")
We need to work with our ENTIRE brain
and our entire brain all stems from the belly 
and the energies move through the Vagus Nerve ~ via the human heart ~ bottom up!!
I mean really, what is the point of ice-olated thinking that you think that you 'do no harm' while still judging and excluding parts of the oneness that one persists to perceive IN, hence around and outside oneself?
Do you really still think that so called harm (or pain) only manifests in 'actions'??!!
It is always real awareness or lifeless energy (copied consciousness, or unconsciousness) that shapes and forms our reality!
All dis-eases stem from pain or a lifeless flow, or in other words; stress!
A Flower without a True Heart.
Whom and what external con-cept have you been following if you still think in 'right' and 'wrongs' in any way shape or form?
Infinity simply IS.
It is undefined and knows no definitions.
It is our Stillness.
It cannot be destroyed, it is impossible! For IM possible, I AM Possible......
Isn't it kind of silly and clownesk to take and follow orders from the ice-olated mind, the part of the brain that has been programmed to bypass our FREE will?! It is stuck in the robotic modus and neuro typical behaviours in a black and white world.
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"order followers"
We call this 'normal'. When I spoke with someone who has been diagnosed with 'autism', this person called these neuro typical 'normal' beings 'stones'...... I would love to call someone with 'autism' very sensitive instead of treating it as a 'dis-ease' in the old ways by numbing and dumbing these Real Earth pioneers down even further.
Being an order follower of the separate mind (read; being and operating from a personality level), one fully denies one's creator abilities and one is playing the victim game.
* The only 'fate' is one's lack of Faith, our Full Trust in Self!
Unleash (read; FREE) your own Inner Divine Beauty & Innate Creator abilities from within and you naturally unleash (read; FREE) all that surrounds you!
Please stop unconsciously using EMF brain waves*
and begin consciously using your etheric DNA
*You are not your thoughts & neurotypical behaviours, neither your memories & e-motions!*
Then, from that place of wholeness, SEE the Beauty of it all unfold, blossom and reflect back all around you!
Enveloping you with ALL the real & graceful Sweetness, Grandness and Majesty that you truly Are!
Reality pouring OUT of you, instead of programmed into you....
Feeling completely at home and at ease IN your body, right here and right now!
And then, just SEE the effects on Chaya's body, as everything is inter-connected from the INside-out!
Now simply breathe that all in and FEEL the Beauty that is You, no matter what you might think...!
You are so worth it!
Huge Heart Hug,
Chaya Sophia
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All Belief Systems
are able to be unbelieved
~ your Intuition