Emotions & thoughts stem from the thinking mind, feelings & wisdom sprouts through DNA

* The linear start of thoughts; the tree of intelligence ~ GEN-ISIS

Thoughts only birthed their way into our so called existence after the fall of consciousness from the tree of inner knowledge to the tree of artificial intelligence. We lost our True Self during our many experiences and went from pure simplicity to fake complexities.
After we entered the old illusionary 'realities' as the pure awareness that we are, our deeply rooted (soul)fear came into existence and it manifested ancient old trauma's. Our True Authentic Self did not recognise itself in the so called realities any longer which caused our brain to fragment itself even further.

It left deeply rooted traces in our cells in the form of memories and e-motions. E-motions are unfinished feelings from the past, deeply hidden in our belly, that are manifesting thoughts in the collective (sub)consciousness.

In other words: thoughts are a direct result of those unfinished feelings!
Emotions and thoughts can only exist 
in a place of separation, 
and a lack of consciousness!

It are our collective emotions and thoughts that made everything very complicated!
* Thoughts and emotions can be measured in Electricity & Electro Magnetic Waves 
This unnaturally increasing amount of (pre)definitions is the result of the loss of our conscious contact with the True Heart. The neutral heart that equals out all definitions and non-definitions, outbalancing them to the All and N0-Thing. Masculine matter and feminine non-matter reunited in the original core.
True authentic and silent communion
from source expression to source expression stopped
the moment we worded our thoughts
and we took a bite from the apple of Belief Systems
words became swords ~
| ~ world is word + EL ~ Logos |
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Let me be crystal clear, the original LOGOS from the bibles did not refer to "word" at all! It is a 'relative' for ratio or proportion, referring to our divine senses, gravity and magnetism.
The biblical interpretations refer to definitions from the copied 3 and 4D realms of bio-chemical matter that do not even exist in original energy expansions or vibrations! The English interpretation from the word logo or logos is the source that controls the universe! Or it refers to a rational argument.........
Thoughts give the separate mind, the ego, the illusion to think that they belong to the ego. However, thoughts stem from, and therefore belong to the copied 4D memories from the old collective consciousness! The ego is addicted to identify with these thoughts though, as it has been programmed to keep the false, dumbed down image of the personality self seemingly alive!
Our thoughts constantly need other thoughts to feed our BeLIEf Systems. Thoughts are addicted to mutual competitions and comparisons, hence they stay looping.

Belief Systems ~ BS ~ keep our personalities imprisoned in a world wide web of (self) imposed limitations and restrictions. They form a disturbing and even numbing veil to get to and actually hear our crystal clear intuition.

Belief Systems about our lives are like sticky labels. They form blockages that force us into finite, rigid and linear patterns and disable us to move out the neuro synaptic grooves of the thinking mind.
Belief Systems are the dams of our Flow of Life, they suck us dry, luring us further and further into a heartless reality that is being led by an icecold intelligence instead of by our True Self, our inner knowledge.
As thoughts and emotions can be measured in Hz, a measuring unit of frequencies in cycles per second, they are prey for manipulation and mind control!
Both e-motions and thoughts are creating unreal Electricity & Electro Magnetic Waves (or EMF; Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that had increasingly repelled, hence polluted the collective consciousness on the old earth timelines! Iíll share more about this later. 
You can read more about e-motions here, see also the chapters underneath! Also check out the Blatant Belly Cover-up here!
Letís now continue with our thoughts! 

* How to recognise a thought?
- Thoughts are the consequences of copied e-motional frequencies, however thoughts are non-energy, as they are a biochemical manifestation.
A natural feeling just IS!
You can see these copied emotions and thoughts as weak, dumbed down copies from the original feelings.
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 Let the rules work for you, instead of against..... 
- Thoughts stem from a linear time line, hence always perceive lack, as the separate mind is not able to SEE Beauty.
- An ice-olated thought always needs or wants more thoughts to compare and to compete. It is like a parasite that is binging the garbage of dead light. It is therefore addicted to e-motions, worries and memories, etc. In short everything that triggers these emotions, hence thoughts.
Thoughts need separation to be able to survive! It feeds off of separation, hence divisions that can be manipulated and controlled.
- A thought leads to ~ what some 'autists' have defined as ~ 'neurotypical', and dualistic re-actions and behaviours, instead of conscious action from the One Heart. 
- A thought leads to mental change, it is a RE-action, instead of an action.
- Thoughts need ELECTRICITY in the brain! They constantly and repetitively fire up the neuro synaptic pathways, the synapses that let thoughts chasing themselves in the same hamster wheel grooves.    
- Thoughts only exist in the first 4 dimensions!! Hence, in matter.
Thoughts only express themselves in the realms of matter, via Hz waves, as they are being pulled back in through personal 4D memories from the old gravity well of the collective consciousness.
As the collective 4D consciousness has been cleared out in the last years, the matrix is now only present in our head.
It means that the separate mind creates a personal reality bubble in one's head, 
depending on the version of reality that the personality 
 inside the consciousness allows.
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The MA-trix is Not an Overlay any longer,
it is has become an INlay
The personal matrix is a copied, noisy and loud gravitational space. Our Inner Core is an original, silent geometric gravitational field.
- A Thought ~ or the Personal Matrix ~ is now being envelopped by the silent place of original geometry. It is NOW always a matter of personal Free Choice and an individual degree of allowance of all of our potentials and variables!
- Thoughts can be mind controlled via Hz frequencies. However; intuition is like the infinitely abundant flowing river that is naturally outbalancing, wholing and overwriting all that came before, that can never be dammed! We can only have the illusion that this might be the case......
There is a VITAL difference between an unreal, defined, heartless thought and an innocent intuition.
A thought created the copy of this old 3D-universe.
And only our own intuition from our original Chrystalline DNA
can lead us out of that copy!
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* The collectivity of our thoughts 
Thoughts are the old telepathic messages between the parts of ourselves that ascended in old timelines, thinking that they were to superior to the rest ~ creating a slave race over and over again ~ and the oneís that stayed. 
Together these messages, aka these thoughts, created the old 4D copied collective consciousness that had become our old collective gravitational well on the old earth timelines. In other words; the artificial and separate mind had been born! Hence, it is finite as it has a beginning, a middle and an end.
A split had been created between the Truth of us and the Stories of us.
The lather is pushing and pulling, fighting and flighting opposite realities, keeping them in finite dualistic loops. Dividing and ruling realities 'in the name of'.........
However, our One Heart, or our Original Inner Core, 
is our innate geometric gravity centre! 
It naturally weaves back dualistic realities 
into Oneness, the Field of United Consciousness.
Hence, our True Self is fully able to silence the ice-olated mind!
As the energetic realms of the 4D collective consciousness had already been cleared in the last years, what is still left is one's own personal copied gravity well in one's head. So the Matrix is all in our own head right now, as an in-lay more than an overlay!
Needing and wanting noise. 
Noise filling itself with more noise. 
Noise fighting noise.
Noise escaping noise.
In other words; silly human mind games.
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It is all about making a conscious choice to neutralise the external preprogrammed light!
Picture is showing polluting EMF waves, the clouded chemtrails in our own head;
the way in which you (are conscious of, hence) perceive chemtrails in the sky, 
is the same way in which you have allowed, cleansed, cleared and outbalanced 
all frequencies to move through your head
Thoughs are limiting and repetitive messages that always let us think of someone or something which removes it in time and space!
It keeps us in a finite loop of the comfort zones of the separated self, the ego, or the identity, with our True Self at the other side of the unseen prison bars.
As this is our Top Life we are able to fully allow 
all the parts of our personality puzzle 
from all the separate time~space cells
and space~time cells the matrix prison,
and non-define these puzzle pieces
back into one undefined peace.
All thoughts really do is keeping the separation alive! 
This can only end when we use our One Heart, 
our Innocent Inner Core, our feelings & our intuitions,
instead of the synapses in our brain!  
Let our True Self be the conductor, 
aka the music director of the symphonies of LIFE that you create!
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Let your Brain Be as fluid and flexible as Water
* How to deal with the left-over memories and thoughts in your head? 
First we need to become conscious of the fact 
that thoughts are not really who we are!
We kind of inherited them, although this is a linear concept at the same time; "I am not good enough", "I cannot do anything right", "I have always bad luck", "I am not worthy", "I am the better than others", "The end justifies the means".
There is no point in identifying ourselves any longer with thoughts! It had become our greatest addiction that can only stop serving us, when we are completely done with fear based, ice-olated, hierarchal realities that keep the ego imprisoned in emotions of suffering and pain.
We can balance the incoming thoughts with the oneís that we put out,
through the One Heart that we all share, our original gravity field!
When we have equalled our thoughts out by non-defining them all, they can be still again! Another way of putting this is to simply allow all that is, to be present in any way, shape or form it chooses to be. Without us feeding it any more thoughts or emotions!
The incoming and outcoming thoughts (and emotions) need to fully allow the complete spectrum of light, color and sound. The artificial building blocks of copied creation in the matrix will dissolve into the building blocks of your NEW creation of LIFE . 
Some have defined this compassionate action from the One Heart "forgiving". As stillness can only come from a neutral and innocent place of forgiving! In the 'end', we only forgive ourselves, as all of reality is pouring out of our senses.
What you can do is to let thoughts work for you shortly before you are going to sleep;
Tell yourself that in your dream state you entirely wish to consciously connect with the One Undefined Pure Heart that we all share. Then fully surrender to this and trust your inside-out connection! Let your unconscious self be totally open for intuitions and sharings coming through the One Heart for the purest benefit of you and the purest benefit of all beings.
In this way you are connected to the Truth of you, instead of to the stories of you! In your sleep and through your innate gravity field that you allow to fully flow through you! Instead of unconsciously being pulled back into the gravitational well of the personal left-over Matrix in your head via your dreams.
You can bookmark this site as this topic is going to be continued!
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Let's come on down and BE real!
Thank you so much for Balancing out every old Thought in your head
from the Collective
and Being here right now as this is your Top Life!
And it is ALL happening Now!