The Breath of Life, the ultimate geometric dance of the Flower of Life

* From the Complex Personality Construct to a Simple Breath
This chapter is one of the most profound gifts I can offer you from my point of awareness.

After my 'red pill' and my dive deep down into the rabbit hole, basically I un-covered that there are only a few true things left.
When everything else had literally crumbled away, the breath has now become one of my biggest teachers.
For the longest of times I have been giving my power away. My personality did not feel worthy and it was not able to love oneself. So the ingredients were there, to trust other people and situations more than my True Self.
Well, do you want the short list or the long ;)?
The old personality gave power to:
Friends, partners, work situations, physical and soul family, authorities, money, things, an external God, spiritual teachers, the body (especially its form), doctors, diseases, healers, channels, ascended masters, spirit guides, the Earth, habits, roles, past lives, dreams, expectations and therefore outcomes, and countless other Beliefs Systems (BS) picked up everywhere in the matrix.
This resulted in:
Depression, weakened Life Force, not trusting my gut, not following my intuition, ignoring my body, always feeling tired, bulimia, Lyme disease, ego and body inflammation, teeth falling out for not speaking my truth, and most of all a very shallow breath, only from the chest.
Which all led in the end to the remnant of:
The Simplicity and Profundity of the  Breath!
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Your lungs are Trees of Intelligent Light that can be used as a portal to LIFE!
*  Watch the Breath
What I sense now is that it matters less what we think, it matters less what we believe, it matters less what we think we know, it matters less what we preach, it especially matters how aware we are, hence how aware we are of our fully body breathe in every NOW moment!
Wow, are you still reading this? OK, then let's bring it all on!
There is so much theo-ry in the Intelligent Universe without the Awareness! Limiting minds copying consciousness! Just look at the ways people are breathing and therefore talking.
The degree to which people are consciously breathing through all of their body via their True Core,
is the degree to which people are acting from love in action & awareness.
It is clearly an aware body breath of life, or a shallow breath of dis-ease. 
The moment I forget and hold my breath, is the moment stress creeps into my body, bringing it into a flight or fight mode. Things and energies are not in alignment any longer, I drop things or bump into them, my personality goes into e-motion, my natural touch is out of sync, and so forth.
And when I am well aware of my breath, taking it all in ~ via my belly into AL of my cells ~  it is when I feel balanced, grounded, harmonious and joyful. Yes it truly is that simple in-deed.
Does it matter what technique we use? Not if we get mental about it. We can set the intention for ourselves to breathe a certain way or/and let the body choose the purest form in every moment. What matters most is that we become aware of our breath and that we breathe DEEPLY into all the cells of our body from our True Core in the Belly.
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What humans have been un-learned to know!
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* The Free Gift of the Breath
Can we imagine the effects of humanity breathing consciously? How relaxed the world would be?
And the most beautiful thing, every single one of us can do this! No matter where we are, no matter in what state or condition we are in, we are all capable of breathing! It is FREE!
So long story short, one of the most precious gifts from all of my life experiences I can give to you, is the simplicity of breathing deeply. It might safe you quite a lot of money and time when you are able to find all of your answers inside of you, within the power of the full body breath from the belly.
It means we especially stop allowing our life force to be fed off of us, by giving our power and potentials away to to anyone or anything outside of ourselves.
Your breath will naturally reveal to you all that you need to know, sense and see in any moment of the now.
A serene surrender to All that You Are via the Breath of Life.
Our full body breath transforms fear, our breath heals, our breath wholes, our breath unleashes our DNA, unfolds all our Flower of Life petals, dissolves our thoughts into the Nothingness as it allows the Now, hence it stops the aging process, balances us, etcetera.
What more can we possibly want?
In other words: conscious B R E A T H I N G is a vital key to be in balance, harmony and joy!
The exhale of the universe is our inhale.
Breathing is the biggest gift now, we can give to ourself/cells and to others.
By breathing in the love from the Universe for us, and breathing out the love for All that we are, to All that lives!
From my breath from the Core of me to the Core of You,
I love You & The Breath of Life!
Chaya Sophia

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