Immortal cancerous death cells and the opportUNITY to let them come ALIVE

* A BeLIEf system that is not TRUE for you can kill your physical body way faster than any germ
The moment that we hear that someone we hold dearly in our hearts, or that you yourself find out that you have cancer, our world is shaken to its very core!
Realise that - as this is our Top Life - we are creating a META opportUNITY for ourselves / our cells to allow all the unconsciousness that is still hidden, to transform back into our our original awake & aware core.
Dis-eases are no 'punishments', that is a BeLIEf System,
they simply offer potentials for profound change! 
It requires ALL of our Trust in the Truth of who we truly are & our limitless potentials to see beyond the current limits of the restrictive matrix in our mental minds.
Life is truly all about our choices and what we are ready for to experience, AND therefor what we choose to allow. 
Of course our body is NOT punishing us for 'misbehaving', our body is simply reflecting back our current relation or communion we have with the universe, as micro is macro.
The way we are experiencing our realities, are the ways we are unconsciouly believing and the thoughts we are consciously allowing  that either work for us, or work against us.
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Neither is the true totality of who we are, judging us for taking the 'wrong path'. It does not even know this earthly 3D-CONcept.
"Hereís the deal. 
The human soul doesnít want to be advised or fixed or saved. 
It simply wants to be witnessed ~ to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is. 
When we make that kind of deep bow to the soul of a suffering person, 
our respect reinforces the soulís healing resources, 
the only resources that can help the sufferer make it through."
~ Parker Palmer
In short; it is all about SEEing in neutrality what is still true for us and what not. What works for us to be balanced and what not.
* A Real Earth Inter~Creator is the captain of its own ship
On the old earth we might have fully trusted the pharmaceutical industries and their hidden, extremely dark agenda's. The majority of people did not think for themselves and gave their creation power away to external parties.
Greatly assisted by the comfort of insurance policies that always and in always supported the pharmaceutical money business and is way less rewarding the natural, innate ways of re-balancing our cells.
Every dis-ease is about one cell or more cells that are out of balance due to a lack of open source communication!
And you are the director of the movie that is your life, hence you are the director of all of your body cells!
On the old earth we thought that dis-eased persons were 'victims'. On the real earth we realise (real eyes) that we need to take full responsibility for our lives to feel healthy and well!
If you choose to be ready for this, our first priority is to observe all the Belief Systems (BS) we currently have! As the so called 'dark' can only work via our blind spots that are deeply hidden in our personal subconsciousness.
Please check out "Our Unfinished Emotions from the Past reflect how we See our Self, and therefore the World" here.
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* Stem Cells and their potentials
The quote below I picked up in the documentaries via The Truth about Cancer:
"Stemcells are cells that have not decided what they wanna be yet!!!!!!!!!!!
But if you damage the DNA of the stemcell enough, it will become immortal and it will keep on growing!!
And it just keeps producing more and more cells, billions of cells, and it becomes a cancer!!
Chemo kills the daughter cells, not the mother that is the stem cell.
So they might kill the tumor, but when the cancer comes back
it comes back stronger than ever before
because of greater DNA damage
due to the chemical influence to the mother stem cell."
Choose to make the finite infinite and start consciously playing with your stem cells!
Communicate with them!
Give the orders and directions!
Tell them at least first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to sleep to allow the purest potentials for your health and wellbeing to unfold.
Trust that any outcome is for your purest benefit and do not attach to any human limiting belief system how this should look like....... The current wholing/healing energies on earth right now can be used to fully clear out our subconscious closets!
We are magic! Limitless, divine beings with abilities beyond our wildest imagination. Trust the knowledge of our original human blueprint. Our true divinity that is more than ready to be entirely embodied in a human form that is alive and thriving. 
Continue watching here in this short vid with more additional information and trust your gut!
 "Dis-eases like Cancer: reveal all that has been feeding off through subconsciousness"
See full version here.
Wishing you bold and brave travels!
You have chosen this path as ~ seen through the eyes of the totality of you ~ you are strong enough to do this!
Trust the miracle that is YOU!
I love you so dearly,
 Imagine; You ~as an Aware Inter~Creator~ on the Real Earth
unprogamming the old and create the new!
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