Embracing your Arch-ontic Shadow Selfs/cells

* The Shadow Aspects of Self
This article has been written by me as a graceful reminder and gentle nudge for myself to always stay as vulnerable and as selfhonest as possible!
Humanity has a tendency to become addicted to copied creation stories of the old earth that put their own archontic and original creator aspects outside of themselves! When we seem to know a lot about the MAtrix, but still lack the multi-dimensional perspective as we don't know what we don't know.
Copying consciousness via self heroic stories that put our own subconscious ego 'in the know'. Our personalities like to create followers via 'alternative' media in the name of 'exposing and seeing the external dark, so it can dissolve'.
Or we love to collect a group consciousness in which we often operate as humanity's leader or saviour. Teaching the ways of 'self empowerment' and 'equality' but often accompanied by a 'hidden secret ingredient' that only 'we' can offer the crowd and that mostly costs money & needs people!
Using stories of truth, but a truth that cannot truly be felt or experienced, as it is an intelligent, 'masculine' truth under the influence of external, unintegrated arch-ontic shadow aspects of the Self. This so called 'open mindedness' goes as far as the degree to which the mind is open for opposing truths!
The arch-ontic shadow aspects of the Self that have not been embodied yet, greatly influenced societies since the beginning of linear times!
The more you wake up, the more you see that the same marketing techniques and skills are being applied everywhere! It is using a lot of all the 'proper' intelligent words to keep the heart-mind consciousness occupied, forever bypassing the feminine divine belly!
Those archontic shadow aspects that have not been integrated yet by the speaker, unconsciously spread like a parasitic wild fire or an unknowing flood through the troops they have gathered. In every nano-second where these shadows of Self find the least resistant openings through fear & trauma based consciousness, they keep feeding ~ instead of transforming ~ themselves.
Due to the fact that the majority of humanity still has a trauma based consciousness, it is so incredibly credibly easy to keep giving your own power away to these external programs!
No matter if the 'saviour' role is being denied or not, simply FEEL and watch the non-verbal behaviour. Like the positions of the hands during conversations and expressions and perceive it all playing out from a compassionate place of neutrality!
And know that all is well in all of creation! It is all part of our divine experience in human form!
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* Groups Consciousness and Cults
The point is, when you start to think that you can do your inner work by focussing on external dark you are totally being played by your own unintegrated archontic shadow aspects!
It might temporary give you a 'masculine' boost of power to 'be in the know', only because your knowledge seems to be a bit ahead of the collective consciousness. And please, I am not only talking about the masculine earth bodies here, although most of these speakers happen to inhibit a masculine form as well.
It might boost your ego to suddenly speak in front of groups and not feeling the ridicule of the past, but being admired instead. The kick that you get out of this might give you a false sense of self and often keep your personality stuck in just another reincarnation timeloop.
You start to think that it is your job to wake people up ~ as the saviour that you are ~ hence bringing in the illusionary hierarchy that an 'awakened' being is more 'special' or important than an 'unawakened' being. Playing god, instead of simply being one.
Of course I exaggerate to make my point! Of course I am grateful for all these beings as all is revealing itself and is coming to the light right now! And in the bigger picture I am only talking to my Self, smiles!
My point is, you can never, ever, ever transform your inner demons by gathering (in) groups! Most groups often play out and work exactly in opposite ways as you think that they are operating! There is so much more than meets the eye/I.......
Most groups want to hear the same affirmations and truths coming from their particular Group Leader and discriminate many other perspectives.
Very often old religious and spiritual belief systems are simply being duplicated into more intelligent beliefs, while the unconscious aspects still keep feeding of the host! Bon appetit!
Some say that they are 'open minded', but by telling it to the mind, the mind actually THINKS that it IS open minded and therefore does not feel the need to actually BE open minded any longer. The spoken words have replaced the true action. Truly, how intelligent is that!
Do you recognise the situation that you say you are going do do 'something' and then forget to do it? It is because of this form of artificial intelligent thinking that the virtual reality becomes a substitute for the real life action!
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* The Compass of the Human Heart and the return of the Divine Feminine
Before I continue, first of all; it is YOU that created this aspect of yourself that is reading this in your current now. What you are reading and the energies & geometries underneath them are pouring OUT of you!
Please do realise that no one needs to 'wake up'! It is simply YOU that need to wake up all of your SELF/cells....... In your universe, the only thing that is real are your genuine feelings!
There is only one person responsible for Truth in your life and that is you! Other beings can point to the way and share their way, but only you ARE the way!
Now let me share the following!
The Human Heart can never become a reliable compass in your life when it has not yet integrated its own suppressed archontic shadow cells!
When you have read the first 2 parts of the Old Earth Creation Stories here and here, you know that these aspects are all about our unacknowledged divine creator aspects, defined on this planet as 'feminine'.
In other words, only when you have become fully responsible for your own life, your human heart can purely and efficiently lead and show you the way.
The majority of the human hearts on earth is mostly feeling limiting unfinished e-motions from the past through their thoughts, instead of sensing infinite, divine feelings and silent intuitions. Please check out the information underneath the hyperlinks to learn about the vital differences, as one is original and the other one is copying consciousness.
The feminine divine way to find out if you are in the head or in the heart, 
whether you live in a male or a female body, is via the belly!
However, the majority of the beings on earth have suppressed their feminine divine connection via their belly!
The belly is the place of the inner child!
The belly is the place of pure innocence and softness, the place of raw and self honest vulnerability!
The belly is the original place of our divine womb, instead of the current copied human version of the womb of reincarnation.
Most truth seekers totally ignore the belly and keep focussing on the iceolated, masculine EMF mind-heart consciousness and therefore keep unconsciously playing into the archontic agenda's they are trying to defeat via the external realms.
Do you see the silly human mind games that we keep playing!?
The way out is never 'out' there as I already describe in spiritual schizophrenia.
You are the way, and the efficiency of your way is the degree to which you have counter balanced or transformed all of your 'masculine' divided fear back into feminine divinity.
Only you can allow the Full Neutral Truth of you in the Present of the Now!
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