Water can be a portal to the Infinite! Or the building blocks of dis-ease.....

* It's all inside of You!
The video's and the information below are a 'must' watch and a LIFE Saver on the path of awakening to greater truths from the Self.
Even when you are not ready for this now, you will always remember it and use it in the time you need it the most!
Find out how we have allowed ourselves to be lied to in so many ways, while all the time, our true creatorship is always and in all ways within us!
"Your medicine is in you, and you do not observe it."
Your ailment is from yourself but you do not register it.
~ Hazrat Ali
" Drink water out of thane own cistern..."
~ Proverbs 5: 15 
The Water Cup, a bridge to the Holy Grail of Life!
Water is the only energy that continuously recycles itself!
Water is the copied Womb of our old EARth itself!!

* The perfect spheric shape of destilled water
The more energetic and material garbage and Belief Systems (BS) water the body contains, the slower it becomes. Such a simple truth!
Distilled water is water that has been separated bit by bit and then re-assembled bit by bit. In that transformation it let go of all of the garbage!!! (Now, do you see the extremely revealing connection with our TOP LIFE!!!!, please click here)
It then creates all these perfectly spheric water molecules!
Like an innocent playroom with balls children so love to dive into!
We added so much junk to our body water that our water molecules have become squares!
Afbeelding invoegen
no electrical charge = balance
AND then there is not so much ease and flow to dive into and play any more! It is not so much fun to swim around in. We created dis-ease due to this non-flow. Our Flow-er of Life became seemingly dead and flat.
Distilled water molecules have perfect spheres
with no objects attached to them!!
In this FREE way there is no friction at all! There is Harmony & Balance! It is the neutral Zero Point Undefined Void!
This undefined field may seem dead for the not knowing one's, due to the lack of electrical charge, however, anyone who has peed in a glass already found out that it looks like champagne. It is litterally bubbling with balanced LIFE FORCE! 
Urine is the most innocent form of destilled water and in its purest state it tastes like coconut water!
"Urine is considered to be an invaluable source of nourishment and healing that perhaps has been too controversial or not financially rewarding enough for it to be talked about and encouraged as a potent medicine. One's own urine, a living food, contains elements that are specific to one's body alone. The body is constantly producing a huge variety of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and other natural chemicals to regulate and control its functions and combat imbalances that one may not be aware of.
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Clinical studies have proved that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine reflect the individual body's functions. When re-utilised, these chemicals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti- carcinogenic agents as well as hormone balancers and allergy relievers. The information that urine contains therefore cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. Just as nature produces no two people who are exactly the same, there are no two urine samples in the world that contain exactly the same components." 
AND we all have bathed in it for averagely 9 months before our first physical breath here on the planet, we breathed it all in!
Also, sperm comes out of the same opening as pee!
See interview with Andrew Norton Webber "Cocreating God with Unlimited Power" about distilled water here.
The Urine-Toxicity Myth

It’s often thought that because urine is excreted from our bodies that it is therefore toxic. But the breakdown shows otherwise. It’s 95% water with the remaining percentages as urea.
AND urea is being used in conventional expensive medicine and creams (because it is living liquid tissue and it contains stem cells, so it is natural botox), minerals, vitamins, insulin, salts, enzymes and hormones.
It is such a waste to think of your own Life Force like that! It is a waste to waste it! So many ancient truths on Earth have been inverted and turned upside down!
* The Doctors perspectives

See this 12 ninutes movie "Urine Therapy with Dr David Jubb" here.
24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water and Urine Therapy (simply click on the link)
Dr. Allen E. Banik, M.D., author of "The Choice is Clear" says…
"Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth. (It is) the only water that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues. What we as scientists and the public have never realized is that minerals collected in the body from water are all inorganic minerals, which cannot be assimilated (digested) by the body. The only minerals that the body can utilize are the organic minerals (from fruits and vegetables). All other types of minerals are foreign substances to the body and must be disposed of or eliminated. Today, many progressive doctors prescribe distilled water to their patients. All kidney machines operate on distilled water.”
Here is what Dr. Paul Bragg N.D. Ph.T., from his book: "The Shocking Truth About Water” says…
"The greatest damage done by inorganic minerals (hard)—plus waxy cholesterol and salt—is to the small arteries and other blood vessels of the brain (75% water). Hardening of the arteries and calcification of blood vessels starts on the day you start taking inorganic chemicals (and minerals from tap water) into our bodies.”
"When distilled water enters the body, it leaves no residue of any kind. It is free of salts and sodium. It is the most perfect water for the healthy functioning of the kidneys (83% water). It is the perfect liquid for the blood (83% water), the ideal liquid for the efficient functioning of the lungs (86% water), stomach, liver (85% water) and other vital organs. Why? Because it is free of all inorganic minerals. It is so pure that all liquid drug prescriptions are formulated with distilled water."
Dr. James Balch M.D. from Dietary Wellness says…
"There is only one water, and that is clean, steam distilled water. No other substance on our planet does so much to keep us healthy and get us well as water does.”
From the Gary Ward Tapes, Dr. Beatrice Bartnett, author of The Miracles of Urine Therapy
* Free book offering you all that you need together with your body and innate wisdom
Download and/or read the FREE Book that inspired many 'heart followers' by John W. Armstrong (1971) about Urine Therapy here.
About the book; "Armstrong has written a remarkable treatise that all diseases (except those caused by traumatism or structural defects) can be cured by one means. Orthodox practioners are mainly concerned with identifying diseases and applying treatment which suppresses the symptoms without eradicating the underlying cause of the malady.
But, as the naturopath Louis Kuhne maintained, it is absurd to treat an organ separately ‐ as specialists often do. If an eye is dis- eased there is something in the body itself which is causing that 'dis-ease'. The therapy outlined in this book is an entirely drugless system of healing.
Moreover the only ingredient is a substance manufactured in the body, rich in mineral salts, hormones, and other vital substances, namely human urine. It has been argued that it cannot be right to take back into the body something which the body is apparently discarding. Yet this objection ignores the principle of composting as practised by organic gardeners.
Rotting dead leaves, when dug back into the soil, provide valuable mineral salts to nourish new plant life. The same two principle holds. The book includes details of successful treatment by urine‐therapy in cases of the common cold, rheumatism, arthritis, mucus colitis, obesity, prostate trouble, pyorrhoea, and many other disorders and diseases.
"A modest but wise doctor once said to the writer:
"If the truth be told, we know nothing."" 
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 Your early morning urine is a holographic representation of the current state of your body.
This customer made ultra filtered blood plasma offers you everything
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