Un-Define Yourself ~ are we imagining our desired reality or following anyone else's game?

 To entirely de-tach from the 'outer'
is BEing fully FREE on the INner
~ your Intuition 
Let's move straight to the Heart of the Matter together ~ and move out from there ~ if you allow me, hence yourself, to be bold & upfront about this;
Hardly any being on Earth right now is fully able yet to imagine, feel or sense how GRAND & Magnificent we truly are.....
What is blocking our natural flow is a lot of noise in the Stillness  that we truly are. Noise, constantly adding even more noise, it are unnatural EMF waves  that our personalities keep broadcasting, albeit mostly unconsciously.
It is clouding our innate inner vision to clearly see. 'The black & white outside world' merely became a playful reminder to realise what we are not.
Until we are ready to non-define all things defined, 
to enter the REAL Heart of All Things;
~ Defined, Non-Defined and Undefined ~
and birth our inner sun IN a body.
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 Ah, yes, and let's even move beyond 'some' times
Please ask yourself, if you so will!
What thoughts are we consciously and unconsciously choosing? Which labels are we allowing to define and re-define our personalities, our physical forms, our Belief Systems (BS) and our attachments, hence our perceived 'day-to-day-reality'?
How aware are we of these predictable ~ are they not? ~ binary building blocks, the preprogrammed light that most of the people keep perceiving and pulling into the copied gravitational source in their heads. Unconsciously using their imagination; only to let their 'reality' 'happen' to them....... 
Or let me rephrase that all together;
To what degree do we allow ourselves being used, blocked and controlled by heartless technologies that are only feeding our pain bodies to let us ~ ourselves ~ keep broadcasting Electro Magnetic Frequencies that fuels all these technological batteries and keep that same system in the air?
Artificial Intelligence took over on the old earth timelines, and is making up this kind of 'victimised reality' in order to keep blocking our True Inner Divine Core, the One Heart that we all share  and our so called junk DNA................!
Let's get real, shall we, our brain is NOT a computer and we are no victims......
There is another way to play with our imagination. All of us, ALL, are fully able to let it work for us, instead of against!
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We all share One REAL UnDefined Heart, what about un-leashing your Divine Senses
and to re-connect them with this One Heart in the True Centre of our Being
* What is the meaning of Life?

Are we really choosing and imagining the purest potentials in our Life for the benefit of our Self, hence for the benefit of All Beings? And if so, do they end up in the perceived world of the ice-olated mind, or do we see them reflecting back in our daily life?
Are we truly creating and manifesting, or are we only perceiving our lives from the mental realms?
Not truly experiencing life......, but watching it on a movie screen that has been defined as 'life on earth'.........
Trying to think our way out........ Only manifesting thoughts to be later 'experienced' in the mental, airy realms......

Are we following and copying the pre-programmed light and agenda’s of anyone else’s game? Sucking in the the light from external screens that our 5 limited & limiting, modified and dis-connected senses are watching, but not really SEEing?
Are we unconsciously allowing that we are being used in a transhuman, virtual game that our unaware identities are innocently playing? Like a silly and sense-less backdrop actor in Groundhog Day that has let itself being side kicked?
Are we hiding our True Self behind the misleading masks & veils by playing the 'victim', instead of fully BEing the original creators that we truly are? Are we unconsciously protecting the Imprisoning Comfort Zones of our '3D' lives, that are designed to keep us stuck in segmented & separated e-motions that let us feel small, non-sovereign, unworthy and so, so afraid of the un-known.
AND what is meaning of life?
Ah, that's a simple one really!

 Life in itself has NO meaning!
It is us YOU, as an Inter-Creator
that gives meaning to your Life
in the way that you sense and perceive it
Is is up to you to totally Non-Define the old Defined Undefined Space Time that started our old timelines explorations in the matrix version of 3D. 
To then break through the ceiling of your own imagination, to express, expand & explore from within the UnDefined Playing Fields beyond time and space, energy and matter... ~ forever defining the undefined ~;
BEcoming 'the first' childs of a Real Undefined Race 
in this cosmos from within Gaya Sophia

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Life is always BIGGER from the INside!
So You are the One that is able to make your Life into a Joyful & Harmonious Dance; no matter the 'external' circumstances!
It is YOU to SEE for yourself what works for you and what not without any judgements!    
The Real You ~ Your Original Self ~ is so ready to fully unleash the Truth of You
or else you would not be reading this, would you?
YOU ARE the Way!
It is all pouring OUT of You!
"What is this 'Un-Defining yourself' all about?"
Well, this website is about being fully anchored in your own awareness. To allow your awareness, to be fully present IN the body. Allowing a (more) balanced, harmonious and joyful LIFE for yourself.
Step by step, one at the time. The first step is the biggest one!
This site is about YOU, BE('com')ing the True Heart of your own Organic Omniverse on the Real Earth Timeline  in your Top Life!
It is about your True AND Infinite Gift of your Presence that expresses OneSelf via raw, authentic feelings from the Geometric Symphony of You!
These pure, innocent, silent, hence UnDefined feelings
can NOT be measured, NEITHER be used or captured in ANY form of brain waves!!!
You become totally invisible for the Artificial realms of mind control
for you create ART out of the ARTI!

These enthusiastic, spontaneous, passionate feelings of inner celebration bring back the building blocks of LIFE, being light, sound & color and overwrite the basic mentalism of an artificial universe with its hollow and defined words.
The Truth of You makes these Pre-Coded Words and mental illusions come ALIVE!
The undefined feelings need no layer, no 'make up' whatsoever, for that would be a pre-definition that can only exist by the loss of One's intuitive spontaneity, neutrality and awareness.
They truly are magical, miraculous & mysterious expressions of our "I AM Presence" in their own innocent, playful way! 
And yes, the words you are reading only point to what I am truly expressing here…………. 
So, when you made it all the way to this sentence, please smile at yourself and take a deep body breath from the belly to feel your way into it.  
Experience, express, explore AND expand your Self to SEE the limitless potentials of YOU!
Instead of letting reality 'happen' to you, Conscious Choices are becoming your new reality!
Trust the Intuitions from your own Heart!
Dare to dance, flower and blossom,
even beyond your wildest Imagination.
Use your Inner Centre as the compass to guide you around here in the Heart of the Undefined……
Deep respect for who you are & tender embrace from within, my infinite signature is

Chaya Sophia
from the Heart of the Undefined
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what you have been looking for!!!
You will never ever find yourself in thoughts
The Truth is in the Undefined Senses & Feelings,
simple as that