Feelings From Home; inner messages from Self to Self ~ The Wisdom that is You

* The Infinite nature of Intuition 
Our Inner Divinity is always in communion with us!
Always and in all ways. 
God, Chaya Sophia, your (Over)Soul, Allah, Source, Spirit, your Higher/Ascended Self ~ and what have we ~ never ever left you and is an infinite part of you.  
You Are The Heart Of All Things;
all Things Defined, Non-Defined & UnDefined! 
These kind of messages from home are not meant to just read, for then they are meaningless. They can only be FELT in your own heart, so You are the One, to Give them meaning! You are the One to non-define OneSelf back into the Undefined Heart of it All and start defining and non-defining your reality from there. 
In other words, moving beyond mental theory by allowing to let all that is move through you from the Undefined Void.
Please take a few deep breaths first until your spark of divinity from within has been ignited and your body feels more relaxed!
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From (copied) Consciousness to Awareness to LIFE
The technological ice-olated mind has been constructed to translate these kind of heart core multi dimensional messages in a particular limiting fashion;
from a fixed frequentional standpoint in one linear copied time~space via one copied space~time at the time. 
So our authentic intuitions only ended up in a mental place of imprisoning separation as our physical brain cannot wrap its head around multi dimensional messages, pun intended. Thoughts are but biochemical manifestations that only exist in the first 4 dimensions of the old Carbon Based DNA.
It means that the infinite messages coming in through a certain part of the brain have extremely clouded and chem trailing our innocent & intuitive abilities in quite an airy brain to translate them.  
The design of this separate matrix mind is for us to continue translating our messages from home through these chemical thought patternings. These predefined, finite fashions let our energies run their hamster wheel courses so they stay finite as well.
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 Real is everything ONE True Heart based
The EMF waves our mental bodies then have produced for the matrix computer, keep feeding the system AND the energy movers that are not life yet ~ nor able to create life ~ but are only feeding on and off of the light.
Greatly initiated and assisted by the 'rulers' on the old earth timelines via governments, (alternative) media, pharmaceutical industries, educational, religious & spiritual institutions and so called ‘truth movements and truth speakers’. 
So our technologically fabricated personalities stopped hearing uplifting news, and 4getting that we originally are infinite, divine, colorful beings.
These separated identities only experienced their daily lives through the black & white lens with its pre-programmed patternings. We became time-looping, light consuming, re-incarnating energy movers, instead of Infinite Life Givers.
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 You are as Free as You Allow yourself to BE
* The Personality Virus 
Linear time loops kept 'us' perpetually cycling in conditional thoughts like "you are not worthy”, "you are not good enough” and that "you need to fix yourself”. Well, you know all these kind of 'normal' conditional thinking that you are not complete!
It took us out of the Present, broke down our original undefined feelings into segmented feelings. And in the moment that the personality completely lost its original divine feelings, all of those feelings increasingly scattered & dumbed down, mimicked into dualistic 'negative' and 'positive' e-motions. 
The moment that we fully got lost in thoughts and were not able to truly FEEL any more, was the time our personality completely locked down into the collective sub-frequentional grid of the Matrix as well, pun intended again. For the copied gravitational field of the Matrix pulled and pushed all these likes and dislikes back and forth in our 'reality'.
All is the result from old earth timelines where intuitions ~ from the UnDefined Heart that we all share ~ need(ed) to travel through this illusionary copied frequentional space~time continuum. 
And then our energies had been used to initiate all these time~space continuums to keep the silly manipulation game going. 
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 You are not the Thinker
You are the one creating and observing the thinker!
~ Chaya Sophia

That which is toxicating the messages from home is not the ice-olated mind on its own!
Technologies have NO power what so ever by themselves
and you might wish to re-read that to feel the true depth of this. 
What has been used in this icecold, heartless, intelligent game is a virus to turn ourselves against ourselves! 
We ourselves used that part of our Infinite Mind that is our Imagination!
It has been our own imagination 
that created the separated personality/identity constructs in linear time! 
Our personalities have turned into the virus in the computer of the matrix!  
We have been killing our ~ separated ~ selves with our own imagination!
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Choose the Stillness in the UnDefined Realms!
 instead of repetitively moving your energy up and down as an energy mover
Step OUT of the Elevator of Light and 
choose the 13th Central Heart bottomless 'floor' of boundless LIFE!
* Our Infinite, Aware Mind 
The Beauty of All of this is that all of us have the potentials, hence the choice to let the computer work and its virtual reality work for us, instead of against!
Simple as this! 
The Truth is that our aware mind is able to fully integrate and transform this technological ice-olated egoistic mind! 
And it is when our entire mind is fully aware, our hearts and bellies are open & allowing, that we are able to truly and fully hear the authentic messages from our Inner Core. 
The original messages are very simply to recognise! 
They are neutral, innocent silent, and based on Unity Consciousness 
& are always New in every Now! 
If intuitions are not entirely new, at least they offer new perspectives and feelings to look with fresh eyes / I’s at old & odd things. 
Intuitions come from our Inner Core, the Heart of the Flower that is in communion with all that is.  
Intuition knows no separation!  
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It does not even know the word ‘no’! 
It goes even beyond love
and even goes beyond awareness! 
It is LIFE!   
Creating LIFE
* Intuitions in our Day-to-day Lives 
Intuitions come from the INside out, offering us all there is to know in divine cosmic timing!
They come in without any doubt, from a place of Complete Self Trust.
They come in with ease and grace.
They come in without any effort.
The more we are open to allow our Infinite Heart speaking to us, the purer the translation from the Infinite realms, into the energetic and the physical. 
Innocence can only speak to us
when we stop pretending to 'be' normal
~ Chaya Sophia
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 Picture Credit (header of this page included); Dennis Fast; Polar Bear playing in a Field of Wild Flow-ers in Alaska
Intuitions are expressions of Undefined Feelings, emitting the Truth that we are. Intuitions change and end mental neurotypical behaviours, the ‘auto pilot’ of the personality! As they go hand in hand & heart to heart with passionate and playful Actions.
Actions only occur from a place of Stillness, inspired from the Void of the UnDefined! 
Intuitions let us stop 'being' on the look out for all the darkness in our lives 
and let us focus on who, what & why we truly are.  
This undefined way of aware focus allows our divinity to naturally unfold!  
Only what we focus on is able to unfold, 
so in these Grand Transformational times 
it is vital to focus on what is REAL! 
Whereas the ice-olated mind is addicted to let us only look at the distractions, the darkness and the drama with no way out! 
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* The Power of our Imagination
If you choose the way out, then you might wish to dive withIN!
If this feels as your truth pouring OUT of You, then you might love to continue reading for some suggestions.
Choose the purest intuitions that takes you to new places and assists you to change and growth!  
Choose the one’s that make your heart sing the most and get your life optimally flow-ing!
Let your intuitions build new worlds, instead of escaping, fighting, or being the watch dogs for the old earth timelines!
Feel your infinite intuitions before they arrive in energy and matter!
See, aka feel, them with your aware energetic mind that cannot be translated by the separate technological mind!
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Feel the Undefined Feelings of all these words you have been and are reading right now!
Celebrate them so they can be received and welcomed in the energetic and in the material world.
Reunite with them!
Do not separate from them only because 'you' beLIEve in limiting senses instead of trusting and allowing your infinite expanding senses!
Let so called negative and positive e-motions be your internal belly compass ~ learn to trust your gut feelings ~. Counter balance them to guide you back into your Inner Self!
The Undefined Heart of All that simply is, where there is no resistance but only your natural silent flow and allowance!
You can perceive your pain, old Belief Systems and triggers from the personality as the road blocks or sign posts on your path, in the same way as e-motions, to find your way back home to your inner truth.
Use all of the astral, mental & physical dis-eases as the 'coffee breaks', the 'time out's' in your daily activities to reflect on the bigger picture and connect the dots!
Take all the timeless quiet time for yourself to consciously feel what your body tells you so you can assist it with its transformation!
Just breathe as many breathes that your body needs until you feel harmonious, balanced and joyous again.
Intuitions are in the LIVING.
LIVING Beings are able to create Light & Colors 
 shaping the Infinite, Silent Symphonies of our Organic Omni-verse!
You are LIFE!
Express yourself out loud, if you will, so all of your body cells are able to hear you;
I AM LIFE!     
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