Predictions about the Year 2017 and beyond........

* Some hindsights; "OutWit"

ALL of the old earth timelines are playing the ultimate "Survivor Game" on "Groundhog Day" right now!

"OutWit, OutPlay OutLast

Did you ever watch the TV series "Survivor”? I didn't watch TV for years now. I do not even have one, but for a while, I truly enjoyed the US Survivor game episodes via the world wide web.

(NB According to the dictionary, web as a noun is "a network of fine threads constructed by a spider 
from fluid secreted by its spinnerets, used to catch its prey” and as a verb; "cover with or as though with a web"!)
The winner of the game is the one that outwits, outplays and outlasts all the other players. He/she becomes the 'sole survivor' of the year and takes home a million dollars. All the other players need to bring their game torch, and time after time, one by one, their flames are being put out.
See the picture underneath. Of course, in Real Life, no One can truly dim your light, let alone terminate it! You are the only One, who can do this to Oneself.....
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 Stephen Fishback's torch being snuffed by Jeff Probst in "Survivor" USA
To outwit someone is; "to defeat or trick someone by being more intelligent(pre)dictates the dictionary! After all, the topic of this chapter is 'predictions'.........

On the Real Earth though, the Experiment of Free Intelligence has already ended, due to the Presence of the thriving Experiment of Free Consciousness.  (Read more about these 2 Experiments here in "It is all happening NOW").

"Duh", the awakened one's might utter, yassss, of course One United Field is always stronger than all these Babylonic shattered and scattered black and white versions of our old selves (read; shells, or cells).

Seen from a limiting, linear perspective on the old earth timelines, the game of ARTIficial Intelligence seems indeed to be the 'sole survivor', still filling the pockets of the 1% that metaphorically traded their 'sole' (aka, soul) for money. Literally playing the Soul Survivor in the Separation Game of Life itself.
However, the real one’s on the crumbling old earth timelines will simply increasingly move on, transforming from an ignited torch light  ~ via original sun light ~ to LIFE ~.  Time, after time and one by one. Thriving instead of surviving beyond time and space. Or in other words, beyond all the space-time and time-space continuums to undefined places and times of non-time and non-place.

And of course in the boundless eternal Field of Unity Consciousness there is no real separation!
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To be more clear; there is not even a word that says "no”, beyond the world of the binary codes!

"No” only seems to "survive" and to "outwit" in virtual realities.

So we are all in this together, creating it, and then observing our creations of the games or experiments all together.

* Did you notice that we ran out of Time?! ;  "OutLast"

To "outlast" means "to live or last longer than" which is all about the linear time deception
All pre-dictions & pre-definitions on the crumbling old earth timelines are like buying a ticket in the lottery, and then hope you do not lose / 'loosen up' your money. You always seem to lose…..

Pre-dictions, or pre-dictating (read pre-programming) are mostly FEAR~based!

It is another game of outwitting from the ice-olated mind, as it repetitively wants and needs to be in control of the EXternal worlds through our emotions and our thoughts.

Almost everything that has to do with linear time is a finite time consuming distraction from the Truth that we are, until we are getting able to neutrally observe all the pre-programmed light of the stories and bend it back it to LIFE.
Finite 'creations' (mental stories) always have a beginning, a middle and an end.
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So ‘outlast’ is a con-cept in and from the collective consciousness in virtual reality as well, pun intended!

You cannot ‘outlast’ yourself, or any one else beyond the game of ice-olation. 

There is ‘no’ ‘future’ and there is ‘no’ ‘past’ 'separate' from you, it is all happening Now!

This is your Top Life and you are weaving all parts of your Self back together, in the all encompassing Now! (read more about your Top Life here)

The old game had been one of separation, a perpetual search for breadcrumbs that leads to an EXternal home. And after one has found one, albeit religion, spirituality, truth movements and what have we not, one identified oneself with the breadcrumb in one frequentional, fixed groove, in one specific time-space and space-time. Until we are ready to face the unconvenient truth.

The spiritual searcher got lost in its finite search for an EXternal home, as it had forgotten that it IS the crumb it was looking for and that ‘home’ was IN the crumb that is containing the entire bread! Sorry that was quite a mouth full!

* A gentle Re-minder;  "OutPlay”

Have you ever seen the following picture? I bet you did, or else you might love to have a closer look right now!
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What it truly means is that we literally ran out of time 
a little while ago! ;) "The End"!

So all the linear time we are basically experiencing on the old earth timelines is 'stolen', copied or looping linear time!

Every day on the old earth timelines are like Groundhog days 
looping their time courses over and over again!
Perhaps you would love to see this "Groundhog Day" movie (of your life) again, and again......., until you are finally done with it!

Long (hi-)story extremely short and simple, including the future;
All of the things you wanted to experience on the Old Earth 
have already been experienced by every one!

Every heart beat, every breath, every lesson, every mental concept, every profession, experience and understanding, every relation, every kiss, every birth, every death, every past, every future, every pain, every hell, every heaven, every ascension, ah yes, especially every ascension (!), every everything.
Even every memory has been memorised more than once...........

All of your past and future selfs are all in the old Carbon Based DNA for every one to be loosened up, un-leashed, to integrate, to CLEANSE & to CLEAR! Collecting all the pieces of the puzzle game and move on throught the UnSeen Heart of it All!

Or, as we see on the old earth timelines, the free choice to repeat………
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The End of the Finite

The Free Choice on old earth timelines to 'cut copy past-e' 'linear hi-s~tory' in the sense of a ‘new’ ‘future’ Atlantis, a ‘new’ ‘future’ Lemuria and what had we not
I mean, let's go for REAL this time, click on 'new' for REAL, instead of 'copy~past-ing' the old!
The majority of the separated breadcrumbs got lost in thoughts, lost their way home in their EXternal search for EXternal futures due to unfinished feelings, aka emotions of homesickness and memories of external pasts. It are these old emotions that still need to transform into feelings! Read more about that here
Heal your Past, 
to whole your Future in this Now!

* Crystalline DNA

The 'external', infinite One Heart waves that are arriving in our organic omniverse right now are reflecting back the current cleansing FREE LIFE FORCE waves
Unleashed by humanity from withIN! 
That is not New Age Talk, that is Science!

These 144 new, infinite colors or senses are healing and wholing all that is, was and ever will be in the Carbon Based DNA! Read more about this here and here.

A lot of the conscious and unconscious carriers of these new crystal clear colors have gotten black & white limiting labels stuck on them as Autistic, ADD, ADHD, HSP, crystal children etcetera. So yes, there is some non-defining to do to counterbalance........

As FREE infinite life force means that it is completely UnDefined!
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It points to us, our Self, to define this precious, pristine undefined field in any sense or meaning we consciously choose to give it or not.

These waves create new and real Playing Fields 
that overwrite all that came before.

In the Heart of this Crystalline Flower is an inner portal that can take every one beyond time and space.

When one has moved beyond time and space, 
one has the choice to BE an open portal One Self 
that is able to Create LIFE.

New life that can create infinite colors, infinite flowers and infinite expansions for infinite REAL play!

In order to reclaim it all, one needs to let go of it all though.

The only way to be in control on the Real Earth Chaya Sophia  
is to fully let go of control!

That often triggers the ice-olated mind to move into an old fear based emotion!
For personalities it feels literally like dying!

The fear of death is one of the biggest triggers of all for the identity construct. It got so attached to the body, the physical family, the marriages, relations, you name it!

If you look at people what life choices they are making right now, in case of an emergency, the majority would still choose their comfortable groundhog day experience over the Trust & Courage to fully let go.

I mean fully letting go without holding on to anything, or any one.
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Not to hold on to the dog, not the child, not the parent, not the partner, not the lover, not the body, not the titles and the business cards, not the possessions, not the past lives, not the future lives, not the past, not the future and not the present life. 
And also not to hold onto the one's you hope to re-unite with in the after 'life'. As these thoughts (!) only remove these beings further away from you, and keep you stuck where you are!


And especially not hold on to the thoughts, the Belief Systems that 'your personality self' has attached to that which you are so afraid to lose and loosen up!
Holding on to anything or any one only keeps it separate from the Oneness that you are!
And there is no judgement what so ever for the one’s not able yet to fully let go. All paths are equally beautiful!

However, if I had to ‘pre-dict’ anything, it would be this;

‘Sooner’ or ‘later’, every being will become bored & tired and realise that they had suffered enough.

As all the breadcrumbs leading to Home 
are always and in all ways IN the bread itself,
dressed up as a crumb!

And everyone finds its way home to the Self, in the Heart of All Things Undefined, as the Heart of All Things Undefined.
To gain it all is to be ready to lose it all and let it all loose!
Why not go for the entire bread, instead of just for the crumbs!
Life is supposed to be Fun! 
And you are Pure Joy, Balance & Harmony One Self when you move into a Place of inner Stillness!
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