Who are you really?

* Breaking out of the Shell
It are the questions that we ask ourselves that are steering us into new directions beyond all the current horizons and brain waves! Our Alpha State personalities kept on 'learning' external Belief Systems in a Groundhog~style Linear Time Loop that we call life on earth.
The moment that we slow down and take a deep breath from the belly, breathing life into all of our cells, is the divine time to undo all the 'learning' and clear & cleanse our space.
"Undo all the learning?", a personality might ask itself. "Why on earth would I even think about a crazy idea like that?
I invested my entire life around all the things and persons that I attracted for myself to live a better life!!"
The e-motions, images and symbols that have spoon fed our separate mind and human heart all showed us what a so called 'happy life' should look like on the surface.
But still, sometimes deep down inside we ask ourselves;
Why do I not feel happy the moment things don't go 'my way'?
Why do I feel so much stress?
Why do I see and feel so much pain in myself and in the world?
Why do I keep longing to go 'home'?
Times like that are ultimate portals that are able to lead us to NEW perspectives and insights. It are the perfect moments to seize the opportunity to break out of our shell.
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Deep down inside humanity feels hurt and deceived
by the empty shell of the preprogrammed light,
because it was not the real one, it was not the complete one.
It was but superficial reflection of what it originally is.
Break Free!
* It takes abundant courage and total honesty to break through our illusions of 'self'
A Truth Hero dares to look straight into the mirror and See beyond the shells, or the veils, the masks and the illusions of the Artificial World that the ice-olated has created for itself.
Please ask yourself the following and feel all the answers from the inside!
Do you think that you are your thoughts or your e-motions?
~ Or are you the Presence behind them. 
Are you the roles that you play?
Like the family role, the gender role, the professional role; the role you play in all these different groups, albeit work, pleasure, school, family or sports?
~ Or are you the Presence that is observing how you play these games. 
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 Picture Credit; Lia Olly
Are you that which you see in the mirror?
Are you your looks, your form, the color of your skin?
~ Or are you the consciousness underneath it all. 
Are you the outcome of your possessions? Or are you the outcome of the lack of any?
Are you that which is on your bank account or the lack of it?
The beautiful house you live in or the burning desire to have one?
The burdening mortgage or the absence of one?
The newest car you drive, the loan of a too expensive car or the old bike that you ride?
~ Or are you the neutrality that is watching it all from the heart, without any judgements whatsoever. 
Are you your dis-ease or your radiant health?
~ Or are you the flow that allows the experience of both.
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"What we perceive as *motion is really due to the fact that reality
is flashing in and out of existence at a high frequency,
and that creation is actually disappearing and reappearing,
oscillating between form and formlessness
at the quantum level innumerable times
every second giving the appearance of motion."
~ Nassim Haramein  
Are you the teacher, the victim, the abuser, the savior, the healer or the broken one?
Are you your success, your failure? 
Are you your stories ~ your name, your personalities, your definitions, your belief systems ~ or the conditional truth of you? 
The image you have and hold of yourself, that which is written on your business card, your profile in Social Media?
 ~ Or are you the one that is holding the space for all these characters to play out to reveal the "All INclusive" Truth?  
What definitions do we keep re-defining and what programmes do we allow running us every day that keep our limiting identities looping in the same hypnotic mind patterns and chatters? 
For the basics of an Artificial Universe without the True Earth Heart 
is always the mental thought,
that stems from *e-motions, to keep on feeding that reality.
AND we have been living in heartless 'realities' for quite some time! 
Our personalties are being indoctrinated with all sorts of pre-programming and pre-definitions to keep us out of the Truth of Us. 
When you are open to lose / loosen it all,
you set it all FREE to gain it all!
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If there is one thing obsolete
it is the thought
that we are incomplete
~ Chaya Sophia
Picture Credit ; Adrian Chesterman


* Un-cover who you ARE!
It is for us to feed our Self, to uncover who and what we truly are and also allow otherís to play any of their chosen games until 'they' are done with it as well. 
It is for us to SEE that we ARE the Heart of All Things, Non Things and UnDefined Things, 
and that we are always whole in the now! 
YOU matter!
You matter soooo much!
It is all happening now!
This is your Top Life!
AND You are the One that gives meaning to a life that matters, no matter what!
You are being so dearly honored and respected!
Be who you are, what you are and why your are!
*** When you are ready to rock your boat and ruffle your feathers continue watching this short half an hour vid ***;
See "UnDefine YourSelf -
SubConscious Delta Waves influence our physical health & vitality" in full here.
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Choose LIFE playing with light, 
instead of being played by the preprogrammed light!