Mind the GAP; Back to the Original Infinite Blueprint for this Organic Omniverse!

The Twelve Old Carbon Based Copied Horizontal Frequencies,
                                                                                            or the 12 space-time continuums  
* The Limitations of numbering dimensions in the old Copy of our cells, eh our selves
True creation is so, so, so simple, however, we got incredibly and terribly LOST from scratch! For a REAL creation does not have a beginning, a middle and an end. But we created multiple beginnings, middle's and ends everywhere and got lost in a world full of deceptions and self betrayal. Killing ourselves softly with our own energetic selves as we were not able to recognise and SEE ourselves any longer!
True creation is never ever about penetrating, adding, ascending or counting dimensions, comparing and competing! These are just silly thoughts of what a Creator and its eternal creations would be like! Thoughts that are being broadcasted back to us in many digital ways.
It was never about getting 'HIGHer' or 'lower'. It was never about externally inscending or ascending, for that con-cept would allow us to move out of our True Self. For what would be a fictional Belief System of 'ascending' for one Creator, would mean 'inscending' for another Creator to keep the innate balance. Holding All the Space for the Ascended Creators to come on down INto the body. And completely non-define their ascended selfs/cells; to non-define the ascended defined Heart of all Things back into the Heart of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and UnDefined that is every where and no where.
Afbeelding invoegen
Seen from the Zero Point Field of Neutral Awareness only a minus One equals out a plus One 
to get back to the Undefined Void;
1 - 1 = 0 
Natural Balance, it is as simple as this!;
it is at the Heart of All Creation, non-Creation and Un-Creation!
True creation via the Flow-er of Life geometry was never about putting the flowers in a flat, triangular based, solid vase form, or a binary black battery cube, so they were not able to flow any longer! Then it only becomes a lifeless 3D flower of a black and white light projection via imaginary time-space loops and copied space-time continuums in the Matrix!
True creation is all about being the flower! Alive, sensing and thriving! Sensing your authentic natural fragrancy and emitting the real essence of it. Allowing and playing harmoniously with all other flowers, whether they smell real or not, no matter their form, shape, colors, or non-colors. It is about being in balance and planting Creator Seeds for new flowers to grow, blossom and expand into Innocent Playing Fields of Pure Colorful Life!
True creation is a Celebration of Life, a sensual experience in a joyful true geometric field of reflection. A flower reflecting back the beauty of itself via 'other' flowers of creation. Allowing all flowers to unfold and blossom in whatever way they choose from a place of Sovereign Divinity!
The Original Chayan, Chrystalline DNA offered 144 senses to experience reality in; 
12 spheric vibrations, energy expansions, or SENSES of space (geometric, balanced gravity) x
12 spheric frequencies or SENSES of time (geometric, balanced magnetics)
However from the start of Creation, our original 12 crystalline vibrations, aka our sensual spheric senses of Space ascended out of the original one's; due to our own Soul Fear!
And these original vibrations copied and divided themselves into 12 dumbed down versions or dimensions of our cosmos, with the current MAnifestation of the Old Earth as the last one; ~ the 12th! MAnifested via 144 copied Space-Time continuums x 144 copied Time-Space continuums!!
12 Universes x 12 x 12 for copied linear Space into Space-Time continuums and
12 x 12 x 12 for copied Time into Time-Space continuums!
This is only true though OUTSIDE of the Matrix........
Yeah, really, that's quite a lot of fragmentation of our True SELF, I totally get that you might not get it. When you go out at night and look at a clear night sky you might get a glimpse of the sense of the degree of fragmentation in-deed!
Our 12 original crystalline vibrations copied themselves into 12 linear, limiting, and horizontal Space-Time continuums. They formed the horizontal building blocks of our unseen, unconscious prison cells/selves on the old Earth timelines.
Also the 12 original crystalline frequencies of our authentic, spheric senses of Time ascended out of themselves as well. So they copied themselves into 12 linear, and vertical sub Frequencies, hence 12 limiting Time-Space continuums. They became the vertical building blocks of our cells on the Old Earth.
So Humanity lost its authentic senses and became literally lost in black & white words and old worlds of the non-sense(s) as it had pinned itself unconsciously on the Saturnian Cross.
Humanity became quite innocent (!) mental copied flowers of AIR, unkNOwingly imprisoned in increasingly smaller vases and tinier black & white boxes, unconsciously and later more consciously playing within the so called defined Law of Attraction.
As we always seem to be needing and wanting something and someone that was 'on the other side' of the building blocks of Belief Systems of our cells; the building blocks of our VEIL.
Afbeelding invoegen
Lost, but if one clearly sees the re-cycling and the meaning of the numbres
and the TRUTH of your SELF you are back HOME
Through the 8th copied dimension, it opened the door for the copied frequencies and subfrequencies to get 'hijacked' by Artificial Intelligence of the MAtrix and our True Creator Self got terribly lost in the labyrinth of world wide webs and beLIEfs in all that it is not.
See more about The Creation of the Old Earth and the Old Cosmos here. These series shine light on the old hi-story from the Undefined Chayan Perspective. Below you find the perspective through the Old Earth lens, especially written for the all the light workers and energy movers ~ aka the cosmic MAsters ~ that have ascended beyond the first 5 dimensions.
* The first 4 copied Carbon Based dimensions that copied gravity into electricity in realms of matter
Within the first 4 physical gravitational dimensions there were beings present that have been holding the space for the purest and most innocent vibrations, like the whale, dolphin and sea turtle consciousness. The organic vibrations of Love, Joy and Freedom of LIVING LIFE in the copied womb of water of humanity on Earth.
Water offers a vital key for all of us on our path to freedom from gravity! It is the only energy that continuously recycles itself! It is the natural 'opponent' of our original Fire of Creation on Chaya Sophia!
However, most of our earth bodies hosted some of the densest and heaviest copied frequencies and subfrequencies in our omniverse.
Now is the time to release the old earth and all other planets & old galaxies from all of our energies the planets and 'other' beings have been carrying and guarding for our personalities to return to Self! We do this by allowing our Self to BE whole and sovereign again! So the lymph water in our body can be crystal clear as well and is able to freely flow. And we Are already Whole in the Now!
 Terrence McKenna, Letting go of Gravity on the Real Earth,
See this 2 minutes video about "Birthing" our True Self here.
If  we would perceive the world through the filters of the diluting identity masks the Truth of Us habitually wear, one would 'think' that the world and the sky is quite a chaotic mess! For the shattered & scattered personality stories of us it is difficult to grasp that truly behind every deception and illusion there is an infinitely graceful and harmonious Presence that is literally holding the space for us to play out all these unreal characters in the copied matrix.
You ARE that Presence!
Without this infinite and undefined void of Unconditonal Freedom it would not even be possible for humanity to be able to experience free will by playing the non humane game of a victim!
Be Aware though that there is always Balance in Imbalance to be found!
You can make the choice right now to let your identity mask stop being 'in control' and allow & surrender to a more conscious play! Every personality, no matter what, carries the potential to fully allow the Undefined, your True Inner Core, to be the Heart Centred Divine ~ instead of divided ~ Chayan, instead of Human, Centre of your universe again.
Only then the Truth of Us is able to gently & gracefully unfold its magic & magnificence. There is no real way in the Omniverse for any mask to manipulate outcomes, or to be the judge of your own personality, hence someone else's! All these misleading Masks simply dissolve in the Forgiving Presence of the Now.
Afbeelding invoegen
Picture Credit; Lia Olly
AND, total honesty is required to un-leash oneself! You cannot truly fool your Self......
Look in the Mirror, put your hand through the misty veils of any possible mask and SEE who you truly are!
* The Trinity Dance of the defined, the non-defined and the undefined
Whenever a word, or an experience or a choice was created by us in the ARTIficial hologram, the non-word, the non-experience or the non choice had been created as well in the same time.
So for instance, if we create a table in this reality, simultaneously there is also the definition of the non-table in the non-reality. And in the undefined reality the void stays the void. The dualistic 'realities' do not leave any unreal traces in the void.
The only 'traces' are the undefined feelings that will stay in our One Original Heart that we all share, for ever! For every one of us to sense and feel! Only one of us need to have felt an undefined feeling through the infinite senses, and then it is simply for all of us to be open enough to be able to tune into that and to feel it as well! That is because we are all fractals containing the whole!
And also, if we ever experienced an abuse of power in the MAtrix, realise that in a parallel reality we have moved into the opposite direction. AND in the undefined reality no-thing ever happened due to the fact that it was never real to begin with......
Know that the most predominant form(s) of perceived negativity in any way, shape or form in our life right now can be seen as not only a healing/wholing experience for ourselves but for the benefit of all beings. The grandest breakthroughs can be felt when we are able to see who we truly are behind the stories and break free from it! Before we came here, we told ourselves we are strong enough to do this!

Or if we choose to fall in love with someone, in the parallel universe we don't fall in love and in the non-defined universe only the REAL authentic undefined feelings of that experience stay as a reality. And so forth..... However, it is all blending back to us as this is our Top Life, so all choices are perfect!
The Beauty of it is that in our Top Life our trinity dance is constantly weaving the threads of seemingly separation back together into the UnDefined Realms AND the Totality of our creations. Offering us fresh and juicy opportunities and potentials in every now!
So that is why I keep sharing that even in seemingly unfair imbalance, seen from a bigger picture All is Well in All of our balanced divine creation. For all of our personal parallel and other time line realities are blending and imploding back right now. Yes, in 'the end' we chose it all and all choices are equally beautiful, seen through Undefined I's. And the way out of it all, is the way IN!
Afbeelding invoegen 
* 4'D', the fourth Carbon Based Electric Dimension of matter
The fourth 'dimension' (read copied horizontal frequency) had become the stinking 'garbage bin', the silly bull shit, of this universe and represented all the suppresion of our original vibrations from the Heart of it All (13 = 1 + 3 = 4) that humanity placed outside of itself. It started out as infinite, but quickly transformed from energy into the realms of matter. You can read more about it here.
In short, the most innocent parts of our SELF we were not able to SEE yet, we saw as the monsters under our bed and it became the skeletons in our 'GO-Phi'd' 4'D' closets; our Belief Systems (BS), aka the (hi)story, or in most cases the hysteria of us. A 'hell' had been created out of a 'heaven'.
Our (hi)story has been HEAVILY tainted 
by the filters of fear humanity translated its reality with!
Manifesting thoughts!!

Due to the fear inside of humanity,
it perceived one's most innocent vibrations as 'dark'
and projected the internal fear outside of oneself!
In the beginning of 2015, I went through some extremely intenses shifts and transformations. One of the results of this extremely intense period was that as a result I was able to see that the collective 4D realms have been totally cleared out!!
What this means is that the only true 'monsters' or the only true 'dark' ~ like the Matrix itself ~ are now more than ever 'nothing else but' make beLIEve thoughts and stories in our own ice-olated mind!!! Icolated in the sense that it is not true heart based.
Due to the fact that most victims are pretty much attached to the images they keep of themselves, they defend their image in the name of 'what definitions have we', as they have become addicted to the comfort zones of suffering! At least that feels 'save'.
There is no 'dark' collective matrix or no 'dark' collective 4'D' any longer as Chaya has already moved through this old copied 4D! It is up for humanity individually 'to catch up' and to See and Acknowledge this seemingly 'shit' in Equality.
The matrix is now 'only' in our mind, not an overlay but an IN-lay, a black hole,
and it is up to our increasingly evolving consciousness
~ underneath the personality masks ~ to non-define all that is not real!

NB Thoughts can only be found in these first 4 copied dimensions as they are a biochemical manifestation!
Afbeelding invoegen
* 5th, 6th, & 7th copied Carbon Based dimensions into frequencies that have been able to create
                                                                                                                  copied geometry, aka  THE GAP!!!!!
After having fought countless discussions and wars between the multiple ends of the duality poles, a large and influential enough number of humanity decided this non-sensical schizophrenic madness needs to stop. 
As a result of this increase in human consciousness the Earth was able to step out of its isolation as well and raised its levels of perception.
Now we live on Earth on a planet that gloriously came out if its separation! This prevented the Earth to reboot itself for the 4th time ~ in the 4th quadrant of copied dimensions ~ the fourth chamber of the human heart ~ what would have been the end for humanity. And all the experiences would have been lost without the opportunity to cleanse and clear our material and energetic traces!
This time a significant and vital amount of beings on earth has chosen to evolve with Chaya Sophia itself! Now humanity is in the midst of expanding consciousness, and SEEing it is already Whole ~ one heart at the time ~ ! Diving into all the Gaps!
It is only by stop blaming and shaming the internal, hence the external and see through the masks, that we are really 'wholing' the world. Most other ways are simply manipulative and con-trolling. They represent the old stories of us. It is a game we do not need to unconsciously play any longer! And Be Aware that in the Now, we already Are Whole, every single one of us. The Truth of us had never been not whole. 
Also, we do not need to leave our bodies, 'externally ascend' and 're-incarnate' for us to truly SEE, SENSE & FEEL this, as this is our Top Life! It is all about ALLOWING, re-integrating and embodying our divinity and to BE a living Solar Chayan God in a human body! For real this time!
Afbeelding invoegen
These three particular copied dimensions 5, 6 + 7 all contain copied geometry,
but can be still in nature and become open portals to the
UnDefined Realms of non space, non time, non energy and non matter
Original geometry is the Heart of All Things Defined, non Defined and Undefined
and is IN the Heart of the All and non All!
It is in this place of original geometry where all the copied dimensions  
are able to blend together in Balance & Stillness to reveal our True Inner Portal;
the Undefined Heart of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and Un-Defined!
* 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Electro Magnetic Frequencial (EMF) space-time continuums
                                                                                                                    the horizontal EMF energy realms
The Cosmic Ascended Masters ~ that ascended even further out ~ got all of us even more stuck in looping time lines, on the top floors of the flat triangular prison mind box so to speak. These beings represent the 'other metaphoric half', the energetic painbodies from the Human Masters in the first 5 copied dimensions!!!
The Human Ascended Masters have given their Cosmic Family their potentials, but their karma as well. All because of the fact that the Human Masters were not ready yet to step into their own creator shoes....
Together we have been manifesting all these illusionary magnetic movements........ between 'self imagined' poles. There is no point blaming fingers as we are all in this together, it is all connected and only we are responsible to pick up the pieces and connect the dots!
No matter if you are a Cosmic or a Human master, both 'ends' of the stick have an equal opportunity in this Top Life to reconnect with the UnDefined Field!
The red-headed Extremely E-motional E-lectronic painbodies (or Electrons) from the Human Masters created an immense Belly by pass to find their counterparts through their own personal hORIzON, all the way up to the SKY and via the black hole of the old  current sun or (SOuL:) SOL (AM- pere) back into their own VOLTed Heads/Hearts.
The HIGHER painbodies got totally lost in hypnotic delusional thoughts on the old earth, incredibly lonely in an immense 'HIGH UP in the air flat & dead head of triangles, battery boxes, MerKaBa's and pyramids'. Or banging their heads to the ceiling of the 12th dimensional cube, seemingly lost for ever by searching for the external and linear 13th floor!
Afbeelding invoegen 
'Being High' needs to be even more HIGH, as energies tend to raise themselves naturally!!! The unnatural high of the ice-olated ego's masked the hidden trauma's, pain and suffering. Underneath LIE the hidden depressions of many a 'spiritual' leader that buried their poor head in the sands of money, power and prestige. Often 'channeling' ('stealing' energy) a Human Master to keep the ARTIficial, separation battery game 'moving'.
Too afraid to loose the image they have created of themselves and often slowly dying from diseases, like cancer. Your body clearly shows you the connection you have with all of creation, it has been designed that way. And cancer is the ultimate dis-ease of unconscious cell division.
Aaaaaahhhhhh, all that hidden manifested pain of hidden SO-U-L FEAR!! Please, it does not have to BE this way! There is no spiritual need to suffer really, it is a dead end!
The only way out is to be completely honest and transparent to your cells/self and allow the natural flow of LIFE itself.............. Every one can do this!!! Keeping yourself smaller than the ego never truly served any one......
This entire galaxy has been completely locked down for a 'long' linear time, since our reality had also been hacked by Artificial Intelligence that heartlessly and entirely pushed out the Heart of the UnDefined. Very 'intelligent' indeed, is it not?
One thing is clear, we cannot rely on our 5 limiting and heavily modified senses to purely translate our reality!! What the bleep do we know? The more we think we know, the more definitions we have, the less wise we are, and the less aware we are.
We basically need to un-learn, non-define and un-define all that we have been taught and thought to SEE. AND to see through all the pre-programming and pre-definitions of the labyrinth.
Awareness cannot be Present with any pre-definitions!!
Awareness offers us ALL the inner knowledge IN the NOW!
Where the first 4 copied dimensions in the Carbon Based DNA copy are realms of copied gravitational matter into electricity, the last 5 dimensions are electro magnetic versions of conditional love. A love on the old earth that always wants and needs to fill the black hole inside of itself with more copied HIGH from the Electro Magnetic Frequencies.
People labeled these realms as heavens, but things are not what they seem! These realms are much, much closer in your version of realities than you might think!
*  The Power of Our Imagination
From the 8th copied dimension ~ in Atlantean times ~ TWELVE copied frequencies (one copied mind frequency for each copied dimension) created the separate, ice-olated mind, connected to a separate heart of all things defined. It is ARTIficial Intelligence ~ via old Atlantean technologies, a giant computer basically. An external EMF heart/mind technology.
It has been and still is overshadowing these so called 'heavens' and 'our so called hells' for the longest of times! Ascended copies of our copies of our copies actually..........
"Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
"2 Corinthians 11:14
And no wonder, since Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."
Revelation 13:8"
All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain."
Death, although it is a deception and an illusion, can therefore never be 'used' to 'escape' our creatorship as you might become a non-defined, unreal refugee in one of the heartless Assyrian or African heavens or hells!!
However, death had been greatly abused via our own imagination through (!) the TWELVE frequencies that we unconsciously allowed to be 'stolen' from us!
See more about Power of our own Imagination here.

Whatever we define, think, judge, express and fear about death, is unconsciously giving power to seeding a reality that we say that we 'do not want', and is therefore increasingly becoming our reality. In the ice-olated reality of the old earth the perception of our lives is based upon the self created duality between Electricity & Electro Magnetic Frequencies, and what we broadcast we receive!
Simply put, to experience what we do want means to sense, live, express & emit that which we feel that we do love to SEE!
So it is vital to use our divine imagination and our organic seeds of creation 
for the benefit of us and for the benefit of all beings!
To non-define and transform all of our fear-based emotions in this life via the fields of non-definition, back into the UnDefined! To make New Conscious Choices in the Now and take back the steering wheel of our creator ship!
Nowadays all of these old Carbon Based frequencies & subfrequencies ~ called aspects ~ and the painbody copies of these copies, called attributes ~ have the Top Life opportunity to be all fully allowed and embodied IN human form!
As Jung already said about our so called 'shadow work'; "what we resist, persists", and our human body is VITAL to free our body water from all dams we created in it! Non-dam it back to its original flow!
We came in through this body, and we go out through the body!
What a magnificent time to reclaim our Innocence indeed!
DO mind the GAP!!
Humanity is the GAP to bridge all old matter (1,2,3,4) and all old energy (8,9,10,11,12),
hence all of the copied polarities and geometries in the physical human form!
The only way out of a fake reality is the way IN!!
To be able to SEE the real, we need to BE Real our Self!!
Time looping became possible due to our lack of self awareness. After the illusion of 'death' of a personality, the majority of beings ended up in the copies of copied frequencies of the so called heavens, and reincarnated right back into their own personal version of a so called hell/heaven of '3D' or '4D' through the power of our own imagination.
A lot of beings from the 'New' Age 'movement' are also moving into and out from the copied astral realms while they are copying consciousness, so they keep jumping over the GAP as well! Always moving energy, never moving by non-moving and non-defining and creating from the Undefined Chayan Heart.
This movement, like the religious one's and the 'truth' one's are not being aware of how they are still being played, instead of playing themselves. They are playing hide and seek, lost in the Truth and Non-Truth of who 'they' truly are.
Copying is all about the Experiment of Free Intelligence! The Tree of Knowledge, instead of the Tree of Life. An intelligent force of information that might be true, but that cannot be truly lived, experienced, sensed, felt and emitted, because it is based on polluted AIR and not coming from our Inner Innocent Core!
In these Grand Transformational times we are ready for the New, to make things REAL and to be~come ALIVE!
Therefor the GAP is always to be found in the Undefined Heart of it All.
The silent, centric point of neutral observation that is equalling out matter  and energy!
It is the only way in which we can create new energy instead of only moving energy!
It is about carrying the poles of duality within our Undefned Self,
the 'first' and the 'last' dimensions and frequencies, all of it.
The non-hierarchical 'slower' and 'faster' one's, the copies and the geometric one's.
It is all about embracing and allowing the fabricated stories
from our shattered personalities with their dumbing and numbing down comfort zones
INto the GAP of the unknown and the undefined.
Afbeelding invoegen
DNA is the geometry of the universe,
human consciousness is the translator of it
~ Chaya Sophia
Our neutral point of observation and portal travelling is beyond time and space. It is where we are able to be in communion with all that is in the same time. This can only happen in the all encompassing Now, from withIN our body! It is as simple as this.
The copy; 12 Universes times 12 copied Vibrations times 12 copied Frequencies
These old carbon based 12 'illusionary ascended' dimensions have been playing out in 12 Defined Carbon Based Universes with 12 Frequencies for each vibration, with the current Earth as the 12th cycle of the Original Creator. And we already went through the end of the last finite cycle! Read the new earth 'predictions' right here.
This is indeed the 12th 'In-carnation' of the Original Creator that we are, and that YOU are. It had been a forgetful, schizophrenic, silly human jump into the Illusion of this Copied Earth! Cosmic Comical isn't it if you sense the innocent beauty underneath it all?!
So neither the carbon based vibrations, nor the carbon based frequencies cannot copy or clone themselves any further. This is it! We survived all 12 x 12 x 12 of them! We did it!!!!!!! Celebrate your Self!
In the beginning of 2008 humanity created the META potential for itself to blend back with the infinite Crystalline Chayan DNA to continue our travel, on a REAL earth (!) from the Undefined Heart, our True Inner Core.
This original Chrystalline Flower of Life is rapidly unfolding itself on a personal level right now! All depending on your conscious choices!
It is because we already had come at the end of the 4th energy expansion of Airwith all of its air castles! After the first copied energy expansion of light, the second of copied earth and the third energy expansion of copied water, it is now cosmic time to step inside of our Self, through the cubic solid portal of these 4 copied cubical elements and unleash our Awareness!
To take place on the thrones of our True Creator Ship.
It means that we now have 2 times 144 frequencies to play with! A Carbon Based Copy and a Chrystalline Truth. Aaaaaah....... YES! So we can use the old copy to integrate, cleanse and clear in order to create the space for Our True Self!
And of course, beyond time and space in the Heart of it All and not, is an infinite amount of vibrations ~ read senses ~ present for us! In the moment that we stop counting and simply live in the Now from our Undefined Heart, our Silent Core!
The time that we we are able to forgive and re-unite all of our frequencies, they are able to cancel each other out, so our unique and personal vibrations can be still again. And we are able to expand and move on by not moving at all!
This Chrystalline DNA is the infinite Flower of Life geometry that is now re-emerging in a Holo-Fractal universe and it is ~ depending on the degree of our free will choices and divine allowance ~ increasingly wholing and overwriting all the unreal!
Please do realise that everything in reality is pouring OUT of us! We have become so used in thinking 'outside in'........, or 'inside-out' thinking and separating the external. However, WE are the one's to set ourselves free and be living portals!
The chrystalline DNA contains all the beautiful REAL feelings and sense-ations that we have ever experienced without the linear and mental thoughts, attachments, memories and other debris of the Akashic records of the Defined. So we do not need to feel imprisoned any longer by old hypnotic copied vibrations and noisy frequencies.
Afbeelding invoegen 
Man strives toward reason only so that he can make rules for himself.
Life itself has no rules. That is its mystery and its unknown law.
What you call knowledge is an attempt to impose something comprehensible on life.”
~ Carl G. Jung
We are standing on the threshold to L I V E and experience what we truly are: infinite creators! If you are able to even see beauty and joy in the old realities, can you imagine what life on the REAL Earth can be? We ain't seen no-thing yet! There is so much to come to the light and magic to come ALIVE! Yeeeehaaaaaa.........!
When we release all of the copied gravitational pre-programmed light, we are able to allow space and time to travel through us! Then we can be any where we love in any shape or form we love, by staying in our True Core and to let all chosen realities move through us! Moving by non-moving!
This means that when we are able to leave all that we thought we were behind, the stories of us, and empty our Chalices of Life, so they can be abundantly filled with our true colors, light and tones! The complete, compassionate and creative radiance that is us! Then we Live to freely share our natural abundance and to serve the Self, hence to serve the Whole!
We live from Divine Free Will! 
Instead of the ice-olated, ARTIficial mind based
'free' will of the egoistic and ice-olated personality.
It is The ART of Allowing!
The Human and The Divine embodied in physical form or energetic shape!
Through the Heart of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and UnDefined, we propel ourselves forward by allowing Infinity to let it flow through us. 
Moving by non-moving in-deed, with ether-nally expanding experiences, feelings and sense-ations. There is no point any longer in counting or numbering vibrations or senses. We simply spiral back into our blanc canvas, to spiral out again, majestically evolving in every Now, simultaneously observing our Paintings and the Painter that we really are. Like a virgin!
Life is a DANCE for the 12 Cosmic Races in this Galaxy to re-blend as ONE and to non-define this binary one Self;
that old divided airy copied self replaced our non-divided, divine Self:
Choose to Be the UnDefined Heart embodied in human form!

Afbeelding invoegen 
"The Tao doesn’t take sides; it gives birth to both ying and yang.
The Master doesn’t take sides; all is welcome, both light and dark."
~ Lao Tzu
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