The Original Tree of Life is our 144-based Chrystalline DNA, the Flower of Life

* The Original Tree of Life is based on the Original Flower of Life
At the grass roots of on original, authentic holographic reality, you always find balance, harmoniously & joyously reflected back at you ~ while being in the True Heart of it All.
The One Heart Centred Beauty that you truly are, 
is only able to reflect this One Heart Centred Beauty right back at you.
A holographic reality, based on the REAL Heart ~ of All Things defined, non-defined and undefined ~ carries the signature of Original Solar Chayan Sophia Creator; the forever expanding and alive Flower of Life Geometry.  
However, on the old earth timelines, humanity is experiencing 'life' through the old Carbon Based DNA copy that created linear time. On top of that the separate mind had been born which made it almost impossible to communicate with the rest of our body! It changed our lives from a field of reflection into a field of merely experience.
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See the current imbalance of the Sun Cycle as the 
Heart of the Infinity sign is In Finite realities,
reflecting back the Heart of All Things Defined by our minds; ~ too high ~

instead of being in the Earth Heart of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and Un-Defined
in the True Centre
In simple terms it means that which the 5 limiting human senses are able to perceive is NOT the One Heart Centred Reality of Pure Beauty any longer. I sense this makes sense for all of us!
Reality has shattered itself into multiple copies of copies, and the True Heart got lost in a painful, time looping and light consuming external search. Long hi-story short, what the eyes perceive is only what the separate mind allows!
I strongly encourage you to do your own (internet) research on Balanced Sacred Geometry! There is a wealth of information to be found! Although I do realise and clearly see that in the hijacked version of an unreal 3D 'reality' much of the original truth has been and is being inverted and totally twisted in silly and desperate attempts to demonise it.
Underneath the distraction of most religions and spiritual teachings you will find that they all have the Tree of Life in common! This tree symbolises divinity, enlightenment, expansion, immortality, infinity and so many more definitions.
The Original Tree of Life is based on the geometry of the creation of the Flower of Life of 12 x 12. Not on the imbalanced and heartless copied version, the Tree of mental Information. Please check out "It is all happening NOW" here.
Heart Centred Sacred Geometry is always and in all ways reflecting back perfect, divine balance from our original true core! 
Revelation 21:21
The twelve gates were twelve pearls, and each gate was made of a single pearl.
The street of the city was made of pure gold, as clear as glass. 
Revelation 22:2
"Between the city street and the river, the tree of life was visible from each side.
It produced twelve kinds of fruit, each month having its own fruit.
The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
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The Tree of Immortality (Arabic: شجرة الخلود) is the tree of life motif
as it appears in the Quran: Palace of Shaki Khans, Azerbaijan
* The Unfolding of the Eternal Breath of the Organic Omniverse
In the last years the sun has gone through its own loop! Now, after the creation cycles of the copied elements of Fire/Light, Earth, Water and Air, the original Flower of Life geometry is unfolding its precious petals for the 5th element of Awareness to fully expand.
In other words, this means that humanity is able to unleash the original crystalline DNA and move from a black & white world into a colorful one that keeps forever expanding throughout this Organic Omniverse  and beyond!
Energies tend to raise themselves naturally and every human will eventually finds its way back home 
into the One Real Heart! No one will be left behind!
In timeless times there is infinite patience for everone to return home to Self!
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All of our earthly and heavenly bodies are slowly but steadily aligning with the eternal breath of the universe, as we are all moving into new grounds. 
What does this mean? 
Short answer: 
Everything and no-thing we have always been dreaming of! 
The Garden of Eden is becoming the Garden of Chaya Sophia (or whatever definition you might prefer). We all have the opportunity now to turn the last page of the old books and start juicy and fresh! 
A New Heaven on a New Earth! From my perspective it is the REAL earth!
Or shall I say, the 3D copied version of our original flower is coming A L I V E to expand back into Infinity!!!
When a certain majority of Earthlings would fully steps into one's own Creator Shoes 
and take complete responsibility for the ways we are perveiving all that happened, 
is happening and what will happen, all wars end!
See more about the Tree of Life DNA geometry here.
Long answer: 
The Flower of Life geometry is based on the ‘13-based infinite void', the All and No-thing that is with the heart IN the 12. These original neutral, silent and wholing source geometries make life so much easier for us to gracefully unprogram the current limiting matrix with its copied preprogrammed and predefined frequencies!
The ice-olated mind is being used through our own imagination to keep us dumbed-down! Designed to make you see this Tree of Life as a stump! (Read; the limiting modified usage of only the 2 modified physical DNA strands, instead of our full potential)
Our infinite breath of  Awareness is the thirteenth element, as we are the Heart of All Things, Non Things and UnDefined Things! Bridging the copied city street and our crystalline, chayan river core back as One.

In the Heart of every Flower is our True Core; an infinite abundance of golden flow-ing rivers spiralling out! 
Connected from the Original Trinity of the defined, the non-defined and the undefined in the eternal now. 
It is IN our true eternal core that we are in communion, 
in no time and no space, non energy and non matter, with All that is. 
In the original True Heart of all that is.
 See also; Out of the Binary! BE the Centre of your Universe to BE real here.

* Reality is able to shift exponentially beyond our current imagination
Due to the fact that this original divine patterning is now unfolding itself throughout all of creation, things are potentially able to shift within the blink of an eye ("I")! 
With every breath this powerful flower of life is wholing/healing all of its petals in multiple ways, beyond our current imagination.  
This undefining geometry is a boundless, evolving tapestry, inter-connected to All that exists, continuously rebalancing life. The Flower of Life geometry enables all of us to constantly being able to translate all of our opportunities in life in the purest of ways. To  keep unfolding and expanding our petals! (read; releasing, cleansing & clearing the 'junk' DNA out of its prison cells/shells, transforming it into the original crystalline version)
Allowing our potentials to blossom into creations that will blow our current thoughts away. Amplifying our bold torches of consciousness, to ignite our inner passion, to fully glide softly into a playing field of awareness. Reflected back by spectacular fireworks in the sky, the shaking of our trees and everything we gave life through our own imagination.
It is in-deed through our 144 neutral Golden Gate portals of our Chrystalline DNA, that we allow original space and time to move through us. It will happen in the moment when we have released those sticking copied dimensions from its artificial & external electric and electro magnetic pushing & pulling.
We will be playing with our new authentic ‘ancient’ geometries as never before! Blank, virgin, pristine perspectives; the original and undefined! No need to copy those same old, same old databanks, right?! 
No more boring (sub)frequential repetitions & brain waves that keep on broadcasting old Belief Systems (BS) in heartless realities! Leaving behind our defined personalities and everything that kept us pinned down on the cross of the gravitational ley lines with their flat triangular copied patternings.
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Our Lungs are Trees of Light; BREATHE them into LIFE!
Transforming the old contents out of our Akashic chalice in every breath, alchemising it with our natural immortality. Allowing the sacred geometry to weave our original magnetics and gravity back into a silent organic & omniversal dance. 
As limitless beings our only borders are in-deed our outworn mental constructs. These old neuro synaptic pathways in the brain with their 'memories' that kept us locked down into the same time and space became the mental building blocks of our prison. Scientists have already discovered that our brains are able to renew themselves, in-deed!!  
I would like to close this chapter with an invitation to breath it all in. Not only the words, but especially the Life Flow, the CHY, that carried the words. The Freedom of our true Innocence!
This is a planet of 'Free' Choice and YOU are the Creator of more than just the perception of your Life. You have the steering wheel in your hands, you decide which road to travel and in which pace you love to move and it is your choice what works best for you.
Geometry in itself has no meaning, YOU give meaning to it!
You either perceive doors that block you or you sense portals to step through!
No matter what you choose, every direction moves towards the pearl that is you, from the pearl that is you as well.
This is Your Top Life, enJoY!
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Inner wars end when 'masculine' and 'feminine' attributes & aspects
are wholed within oneself and are in equal divine balance
~ Chaya Sophia ~
Picture Credit ~ Sam Carlo