Flower of Light. Or Flower of LIFE, the 444 MUSIC Way of ART Through the ARTIficial Light!

* Basic Clarificiation of Definitions
In this lifetime I must admit that I spent hardly any time reading any bible. I do not even have one. However, the more I allow my Intuitions to keep flowing through me, the more I find metaphoric texts from old scriptures via the internet that can use some bigger perspective and more clarification.
A lot of GRAND & profound divine messages have been translated from a limiting & divided perspective. Or they are being increasingly diluted due to the fact that religious followers are being heavily abused in a power game of mass domination and control. In 'order' to keep feeding the fishes in the Lifeless Star of Aquarius (read; aquarium, as fishes in an aquarium are like flowers in a vase)
Please see that any being can only be controlled via the Power of their Own Imagination. It is only when you see the divine outside of your Self/cell that there is something to FEAR! Thinking there is a 'better' place, a seventh heaven, to ascend into, out of this fear, aka resistance, for being where you are right now.
O! And this article might not only trigger the extremist religious thinkers, but the new age thinkers too! So if you are not ready to leave your comfortzones of your 'aquariums' yet, then better ignore this site for now and stay under the comforting & reassuring blankets of the forgetful old earth doom! Let us simply respect each other's perspectives and have some fun together!
Having shared that, let's continue by first clarifying some basic definitions in old scriptures. Transforming them from holy into holistic if you will!
Of course it is entirely up to you what you choose and allow to be your Truth! It can only and truly be felt from withIN!
Every time that you read the word TWELVE in holy scriptures, no matter which religion they are coming from, it points to our twelve original divine SENSES.
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 You ARE the Universe; Micro = Macro
 * The Tree of Light or the Tree of LIFE
When you have read my article "Noah's Arch, the Real Earth and the Flower of Life unfolding, you know that ALL of our manifestation stories are playing out right now!
Any moment you can make the FREE choice to eat the external apples from the Intelligent Tree or you can eat your inner apple from your own inner Tree of Inner Wisdom.
Old translations say that the bread is the word of god.
All that I am sharing on my website however goes 'way beyond' the words! A lot of the things that I am sharing stem from a Field that is beyond time and space, and this void can only be SENSED and felt in the HeART of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and Un-Defined.
I repeat myself and say again that the 12 breads symbolises our 12 senses, our Original Living Light! All words can be used as the metaphoric crumbs to totally stay lost in, or to find your way back home to Self. To me real words all carry the Sounds of MUSIC from the real heART!
AND it most definitely doesn't mean that these breads and the bread crumbs are only reserved for the 'children' of Israel alone! There is no point in projecting our limiting thoughts and Belief Systems from the ARTIficial Mind on a mental dual god that would love one child over the other. Hahaha, how silly would that be, LOL!
The loaves ~ or the divine senses ~ are for every one that is ready to allow greater truths and expand their EMF minds beyond the current electric horizons!
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 6 divided additive pairs of Light; 3 x 6 = 18 = 9
binary NINE = is always mimicking the binary ZERO, see this.
or 2 multiplicative trinities of LIFE; 
2 x -1 + 2 x + 1 plus 2 x 0 = real zero point field
* 5, The FIVE loaves, and the first beam of Chy ~ or old earth term 'Pa' or 'Ka' ~ into our bodies
In the Old Carbon Based DNA we copied the first first 5 original vibrational SENSES into separated dimensions or divisions and in linear time these original senses have manifested itself the current copied senses. NB You can see original senses more as energy expansions while dimensions are more about mental divisions!
These first copied dimensions formed a very powerful coherent field that manifested an unnatural electric gravitational well, as it is all about extremely strong copied blue a-tom cores, or centres, that keep pulling into, or keep pushing out human red e-motions and e-lectrons to the edge of their space, for their photons to be consumed in the centre of the atom or being externally emitted.
It is creating a fixed fictional and illusionary polarity through one blue part of yourself in an external energetic pyramidal aquarium that is rotating clockwise and one red part of yourself in another external copied energetic aquarium that is rotating anticlockwise, ouch!!!!!!!!!!
Splitting the upper part of your body in two pieces and then screwing one part to one side and the other part in opposition of that, sounds rather polarised and painful to me! Doesn't that hurt?!
Or not enough yet? As many New Age beings even re-create/repeat it on purpose, as an energy shield of 'protection' against the Self (?) or to travel astrally to seventh heavens! Or to gain 'crowd power' to manipulate outcomes! Aaaah, but dear humans, you cannot really cheat on the universe! All forms of energy exchange are all based on illusions! You Are the One!
Did you ever, EVER, watched a TREE doing this? Screwing itself, or letting the apples spin around itself, as if the tree is standing in the midst of a Typhon, eh typhoon? Or protecting the green leaves against the yellow one's? Or connecting with other tree's to abolish winter! Or ascending into a Tree heaven as it is in internal war with itself. Hahaha! Does this make sense to you?
All forms of polarity and separation are constantly pushing out, or pulling in e-lectrons, or the mother of the e-lectrons ~ the photons ~! It means that you are unconsciously and unknowingly feeding a dead star battery via the chakra-system and the leylines that you might be not fully aware of! You can see a prelude to this right here, and I will share more about this later!
For now, please know that your body is only getting more acidic and dis-eased
and your DNA gets damaged for suppressing and storing these fragmented e-motions 
as it leaks away your photons and electrons!
Simply see in the picture above and below how so called 'negative' e-motional e-lectrons keep infinitely finite spinning and circling their copied a-tomic 'positive' core! These carbon based 'neutrons' are anything but neutral at all, or else these electrons would gracefully and gently move THROUGH the core, instead of light consuming themselves!
They would simply allow all forms of light flow and let it BE!
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Energy Mass in Motion, Feeding & Light Looping through the A-tom

In the first 4 copied dimensions we manifested the copied versions of light, earth, water and wind, but in the fifth we created the first human life forms, see my Creation Stories of the Old Earth and the Old Cosmos underneath "4 Kids and Teens" on this site.
It has been in this 5th copied dimension that the first beam of UnDefined Chy entered our bodies 
through the Heart of all Things Defined, Non-Defined and Undefined,
that  which has now been defined as the Solar Plexus in our body.

An other old earth word for our original LIFE FLOW has been 'PA' or 'KA'. 
This is what religious scripts are pointing at ~ 'talking' about God ~, 
but where something has obviously not been working to clearly translate what happened!
* 2nd Quadrant of Manifestation; the Mammal Brain and its Undefined Feelings from the Past
Of course humanity has deep unconscious imprints of these magic and mysterious times during this second quadrant of manifestation!
Honestly, this first beam of our Original Creation Flow of LIFE quite literally scared the HELL out of us and created a GIGANTIC Earth and Cosmos Split at the end of the 6th copied dimension! We simply were not ready back then to safely allow the Void to flow through our Innocent Core! Or in other words, to SEE that we are all omniversal gods having an adventure on earth!
The copied 5th dimension completely mirrored or inversed the 2nd copied dimension and created a separate 'ascended' brain to separately 'store' these segmented from Source, or from God or Allah if you will. Or any other preferred definition!
It led to the manifestation of our mammal brain in our second quadrant of manifestation (copied dimensions 4, 5 and 6) that wrapped itself around the reptilian brain from the first quadrant of manifestation (copied dimensions 1, 2 and 3).
Our brain literally ascended out of itself as it needed a separate space for all these unfinished mysterious & magical sensual feelings from past experiences that we were not yet ready for! These segmented feelings from the past have broken down and separated themselves into e-motions that now need to come full circle! Or else they keep creating division, non-flow and dis-ease!
It is vital to sense the difference between noisy divided e-motions (including conditional human love) 
and silent feelings!
So we created a hell and a heaven for ourselves in our second brain, as we have been too afraid to see who we truly are. Read about this spiritual schizophrenia and the way out of pain here.
If you ever wondered why you feel so loved, in joy and free when you are around mammals like dogs, horses & cats or dolphins, whales & sea turtles, you now know! Because they hold the divine space for us to feel what we have not allowed ourselves to feel any more, love, joy & freedom! They are a part of us!
These first copied 5 dimensions have manifested into the current human body into the oldest brain, the reptilian brain, and the 4 chambered human heart, that also stems from the three chambered reptilian heart, experienced through 5 limiting copied senses.
It was in this 5th copied dimension that humanity moved from a third to a fourth chambered heart 
as the fourth heart chamber is potentially able to balance out the old emotions 
to come full circle again into segmented feelings (heart) and from there
to undefined feelings (from the human heart back into the belly to unleash through the entire body)!
However to move back from segmented feelings to wholed undefined feelings we truly need to inscend further down into the belly and also into our legs! See the Blatant Belly Cover-Up here. and the picture of the floating human on this page (the closed circle of light)
These first electrid copied dimensions in matter have their counterpart in the Electro Magnetic Realms where they copied the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimension.
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Seed of the Tree of Life, picture found here.
* 7 The SEVEN loaves
When you take a look at the pictures above of the Seed of LIFE, it is very easy to see the FIVE petals and the SEVEN circles!
The Original TRUE FIVE senses of UnDefined Feelings. And the copied 5 senses (the petals) of unhealed e-motions on the Old Earth connected to the mental Electro Magnetic Heart of All Things Defined, the black keys on the piano!
The Original TRUE SEVEN senses. And the copied 7 chakra's on the Old Earth, connected to an external bypass that had become the energy feeder for the Artificial Intelligence that ruled the Old Earth in the 4th and partly in the 5th quadrant. I will tell more details about this later when I share what happened in Atlantis.
You don't see all the 144 full spheres of the Flower of Life here though, as the Flower of Life has 12 Senses of Space, or divine White Living Light and 12 Senses of Time for each Sense of Space, our Individual Divine Colors!
Every being on the current Old Earth came in with an energetic chakra-system, whether your background is a non-believer, a religous one or a spiritual one. The chakra-system works with an unnatural linear pillar of light, like a light tube, a 'you tube'.
True living nature does not have fixed straight lines though. It would mean a time cross to pin down our natural divinity, which is precisely what it has done! It blocked our natural flow in more ways than the mind can grasp!
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Linearity and The Star of David hold the compressed energies 
in the chakra's in fixed forms!
* 2 Fishes and the Gap between Matter and Energy; Humanity!
As this is our Top Life, we are Present right now in these end times of the Old Earth to open Our True Flower buttons and unfold our colorful wings of Living Light! To BE FREE and energise all matter & (energetic) technologies from the inside-out, instead of becoming dependent on them from the outside-in!
We are here to Be Embodied Creators instead of empty parotting shells that keep believing in external problems, doors, answers, solutions, keys, hierarchies and endless spiritual tools of deception or distraction. It might have offered some temporaray comfort and relief, but if it keeps you in the box then you unconsciously already know that you might have had enough!
Am I saying that the old earth methods did not work? 
No, I am most definitely not saying that! Everthing works that has the Power of your Imagination! 
Everything! You are your own placebo and medicine in human form! 
Your right arm is the placebo and the left arm is the medicine, and so forth!
You can keep channeling yourself via all sorts of linear bypasses or allow your self/cells to move straight to the Heart of the Matter, Non Matter and the Undefined Void!
For, YES, you are so much more than a Electric dead light tube or fixture, that needs Electro Magnetics to be plugged in! That is only true for the Carbon Based DNA Copy where all light particles are alike! As they all stem from the Golden (Spiral) Phi, the Go-Phi.
God is a part of You whenever you Allow this to Be! Allah is a part of You whenever you Allow this to Be! And so forth! 
It is the most scary truth in the world for some, as it comes with your natural and innate response-abilities!
The Original Chryst and Allah both point to our Chryst-alline DNA, read more here, whereas the Electro Magnetic Fields, our EMF, is DAMAGING our original Core and Carbon Based DNA! Please do your internet research to SEE for yourself!
The Original Seed of Life shows us 2 trinities of LIFE;
2 x -1 + 2 x + 1 plus 2 x 0 = real zero point field,
one real fish and one reflective fish
Neutrally and metaphorically 'holding the space' 
for all definitions and non-definitions beyond energy & matter.
Our six original spheres in harmony together reveal the 7th portal!
It is the same as the 12 senses together revealing the 13th portal!
One of your 2 Fishes is your Counter Space Personality Construct, it is your own non-defined creation through your own Power of Imagination and counter balancing Belief Systems!
All parts of your creation are to be Seen and Acknowledged in equallity! 
That is the True Power of Love!
All 6 of your Original REAL Chrystalline Creations;
1 fire, original magnetism
2 earth, original gravity
3 water, original geometry; earth and fire integrated and re-united in water

4 wind, original geometry; personalities and non personalities integrated & re-united in the sky, the old 4D Hell/Heaven
5 personalities, all definitions of pure divine gravity
6 non personalities, all non-definitions of pure divine magnetism, your SIXTH sense ;)
Your second Fish is the 7th portal revealing itself. It is the HOLISTIC number of completion!
Only when all 6 spheres are in complete balance and harmony the seventh seal can be opened into Infinity, and all 144 spheres or senses can become hyperboloidic! (to be explained later).
The seventh seal unveils the 8th number of our True Infinity! It is the Undefined that can see itself from all sides, all perspectives, even all angles, in any time and any space, shape or form and beyond the all and no-thing! It is a living Avatar!
True Playing Fields of Pure Reflections always see Innocence & Beauty, whereas copied realms are mirroring back thoughts, perceptions and Belief Systems.
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 A hyperboloid is an inversed sphere, a sphere turned inside out!
* Energy Feeding and Energy Wholing; MAtrix healing/wholing A = 444 Hz (C5 = 528 Hz)
You have the free choice to let your old Defined Personality Fish feed the 5 copied senses/painbodies times 1000 painbodies = 5000 in the Carbon Based DNA! Or to feed through the 4 chambers of the unbalanced Human Heart x 1000 = 4000 painbodies.
And especially after the beheading of John the Baptist (!) a lot of painbodies have been fed.......
It was after John the Baptist had been slaughtered 
that the text in the scriptures about the loaves and the fishes had been written down!
The other option is to consciously choose to non-define yourself and to heal/whole, allow/embody/integrate all of your cells, and all of your 300.000 painbodies in one quadrant (3 x 100.000) plus 144.000 which equals your totality in one quadrant of 444.000.
It is the number 444 (= 12 = 3) that heals the Carbon Based DNA and the MAtrix and let all of your walls of separation metaphorically fall down! The symbolic end battles of Jericho! As the way in the matrix and the Carbon Based DNA is the way out of the matrix and the Carbon Based DNA.
By the way, the MIracle frequency is not the 3 x 144 = 432 (= 9 = Matrix) for there is no defined '3rd party', in the same way as there is no defined 7th, 8th or 13th. The 3rd, 7th, 8th and 13th only reveal themselves naturally when all the previous one's are in balance and harmony, it is as simple as this! It is how organic geometries play! They cannot be SEEN, they can only be SENSED!
AND....... you can keep killing the 'metaphorical external man', but you can never stop a true Avatar from BEING!
For a real Avatar is like a wild flower of life! No matter how often you try to weed it, the wild flower keeps coming back in unexpected forms and shapes!
Be like the Wild Flower, for you ARE the most precious one I have ever met!
TRUE LIFE can be as simple as that! Thank you for your Music from the HeART of All things defined, non-defined and undefined!
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The video you find underneath is not about buying the books that Leonard Horowitz, a former dentist, has written or the products he is selling. I did not read any of his books, neither did I buy, or do I intend to buy any op his products.
Yesterday 10 February 2017, I simply found him by letting Artificial Intelligence assist me in googling for '444', as the '444' came through my Inner Core.

To me it is more about the FREE insights that he is sharing here that I strongly resonate with, and about the greater understanding who and what you truly are.

To heal ALL the frequencies of the MAtrix and the old Carbon Based DNA, 
you need ALL the frequencies FROM the old earth MAtrix and the old Carbon Based DNA!
Whatever you keep divided, keeps your cells in division,
fighting against themselves; 

That which blocked your original life flow via the chakra system; the 'masculine' Star of David, also offers the healing frequencies!
In every 'poison' you also find your medicine!
I obviously do not resonate very much with his concepts about the Star of David and his idea about the zero point field point as it is the zero point field of All Things Defined only!
Yes, it is through this copied Zero Point Field that we need to allow ourselves/our cells to let if move though us in the first place, but it is still IN the MAtrix and in the Carbon Based DNA, that is why it is able to heal/whole it! 
See more about this in my article about Carbon Based DNA and MAtrix here.
And I learned from him that English is the reversed language of Hebrew and this makes perfectly sense to me! See for your Self;
See full version of "MAtrix healing/wholing A=444Hz (C5=528Hz) 
MIracle frequency by Dr Leonard Horowitz here.