13th Central Sphere; copied geometry of 'Birth' 1 : 12, as The Twelve is IN the ONE

* The 13th Central Puzzle Piece; COPIED geometry of RECreation for (RE)incarnation in the flesh
Uncover who you truly are, by SEEing and non-defining what you are not and come home into yourSelf!

All human modified reincarnation copies stem ~ read; are GO-Phi's ~ from original balanced geometry,
while our Crystalline Undefined Heart has been left out;
Text and picture credit describing the following binary con-cept Jain 108:
"Jain; "Before the process of mitosis creates the growth of the human fetus, 'The 12 Around the One' is the necessary geometry for the act of Fertilization to be ignite.
The modern view today is that 12 sperms must geometrically align around the female ovum, considered to be the 13th and central sphere.
This allows the 13th sperm to pierce the heart of the feminine egg of life.
This cuboctahedral frequency is the memory of our original composition.
(Shown here are the 12 centers of the 12 spheres connected to form the Cuboctahedron), 1 of the 13 possible Archemedian Solids since it is made up of 6 squares and 8 triangles. In sacred geometry all curved forms, (like the 3 dimensional sphere) is considered to be female geometry and all straight lines are considered male.
Afbeelding invoegen 
Let the ice-olated and copied cubes and pyramids reconnect to dance and PLAY
again with your Undefined Chayan Heart
This happens to be the atomic structure of garnet crystal. Its 12 internal vectors, make it the most balanced shape in the Universe, is by definition Fractal because if each length of the central 12 vectors or Radials were a matchstick in length they would be the same as the outer length.
There is no other shape known that has this quality.
This means the inside is the same as the outside."
Now, we have already come to an end of that finite era, please read this,  hence we can stop the cloning and copying concepts by getting real our Self!
* The Con-cept of searching for ~ or blaming~ the One
Jain clearly shows the con-cept of 'searching for the one', 12 around the one', due to the lack of looking within, that has led ('led light') humanity to the need for external copying. Humanity simply had forgotten that the Divine Truth is all to be found inside.
Soon, on the Real Earth Chaya, humanity does not need to come into a reality by the con-cept of 'birth' (a linear beginning) in the flesh and death of the flesh (a linear end).
This intellectual concept leaves energetic and material traces from an Intelligent Tree. As it has been for the old earth to recycle everything for us through her soil until we are ready to birth, aka to reveal, our own sun.
One heart after the other will realise (real eyes) that the story of 12 apostles following an external guru is diluted hi-story as the UnDefined Heart has been left out from the written and printed bible.
The original Truth and the authentic way is always and in all ways to be found inside our Self! See the bigger picture behind the left overs from the many different bibles to see the metaphores of Truth that are so ready to be sensed and shared.
* The Vector 'Equilibrium' in the copy
The Tree of Knowledge, or Intelligence, shows the copied geometry in the finite energetic shape of the Cuboctahedron, otherwise known as the Vector Equilibrium, the foundational binary copied seed geometry of the very fabric of spacetime itself........
Afbeelding invoegen
Picture Credit; The Resonance Project
The binary copy! The absence of LIFE!
See also the movie on this page, to sense within just a few minutes
how the binary concept copied the Undefined Field through the digital root method of the 9!

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the ARTIficial universe”
~ Galileo Galilei