The inner apple from the inner tree of LIFE

* Home is Here, wherever You ARE
We never truly left the infinite & undefined realms, we never left 'home'.
If you feel outside looking in, lost in a world of zombies, feeling ice-olated e-motions of aLIEnation, then please check out this article about homesickness and copying a 'new Atlantis, Lemuria or Tiamat'!
During our Experiment of Free Consciousness we simply lost our simplicity to feel & clarity to See
 that we are all divine creators;
 infinite fractals containing the whole,
disguised as separate tree 'branches & leaves, & apples'
 however truly BEing & holding the space for the same Giant Family Tree.  

Please if you will, take a couple of breaths all the way INto your body cells, from the core of your belly. Hold your breath before you breathe out and then slowly release........ Allow to feel this magical moment for yourself of inner harmony and balance.....................  A caressing reminder from your true Self to simply feel the love and respect from the creator that you ARE from withIN!
Feel the compassion for your personal path from your Divine Self, in between the human heart beats and in the silence between the energetic brain waves.
Our personalities got so terribly lost in a complex, suffocating & copied forest, filled with Tree's of Divided and Defined Knowledge; artificial apples and plastic flowers that are part of the inorganic tree from the experiment of Free Intelligence.
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Love is SEEing and acknowledging all Life, non-Life & undefined Life in equality!
From an Open One Heart, Passionate Belly and Aware Infinite mind alignment.

All that we are going through is part of two experiments blending together, what you can read right here, as it is all re-happening right now! And, YOU play The Key Role in all of it!
Intelligent, but heartless trees have the size of but a stump and are a completely dumped down, hollowed out version of our limitless potentials! They need to be non-defined to return to a place of Un-definition.
These womb-less, hence non-creative and parasitic tree's gift(ed) (read: poisoned) us with all these repetitive & distracting information, memories, stories and lifeless 'experiences'. These are all things not something to be understood, but to feel........... from the INside-out.
So many external repetitions of rules, laws, divisions, borders & con-trolls that we kept on adding to lose our way to Self. So many non-united states and con-trees that kept defining, dividing and that our personalities had been allowing from the outside-in.......
We allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated and manipulated by all these black and white fairy tales. To now truly be able to peel away all these fake layers of untruth; all these 'what we are not's' until there is no-thing left to cling to.
It challenges us to deeply dive within, to truly hear
the silent tones of our own inner guidance.
The inner core, the inner apple from the invisible Tree
that never left us alone, and kept planting its seeds of Truth,
for we are all-one.
We all have the free choice to consciously bring back the true divine colors into our lives! To focus on the silence in between the noise! AND to play with a blanc canvas with every breath that we take and paint the painting that makes our heart sing!
On the timelines of our current earth, humanity is naturally integrating all that it truly is, whether we choose to see this or not. The more we are able to allow the flow, the smoother the ride!
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* Our body temples are key! 
Look at our gorgeous Chayan body, do we see that the entire Organic Omniverse is Present?
It is all (t)here!
Are you able to look beyond your current horizon of, and in between the old neuro synaptic pathways, stemming from soul trauma and pain, predefinitons & judgements ~ to acknowledge its divine perfection no matter what?!
Your body is the temporary & unconditional Gift from Chaya to use its ultimate organic & infinite intelligence for the benefit of you, hence for the benefit of all beings!
Our bodies are reflecting back the state of communion
that we unconsciously or consciously have with the organic omniverse! 
All of our body particles are also fractals containing the whole! They can be anyting we perceive them to be!!
What might prevent us from seeing and therefore experiencing the totality of this communion with all that is, was and will ever be, is the veil. The binary ARTIficial building blocks of our BeLIEf Systems, that consist of all that is not real, hence is lifeless, dead, flat and therefore is completely astral, mental & e-motional. ARTIficial adding instead of the simplicity of the ART of Allowance.
Our bodies were our way INto the groundhog day reincarnation loop,
hence are our way OUT as well!
* Sacred geometry in gravity and magnetics
Our original Magnetism ~ Gravity & Magnetics ~ have also been copied into Electricity & Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). To lock our constructed personalities further down into ice-olated space-time and time-space continuums so these identities keep living in the same box.
And when these mental constructs are thinking of a bigger reality, they often only think of a bigger box.....
When we release all forms of gravity though, we are free to be anywhere we love!
We are able to transform every seemingly closed door into a gateway, to release all that we thought we were, and to BE our authentic Self!
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* Energy signatures of the organic omniverse
Look at the external sun! What do we see? A shining radiant reflection of our current inner sun!

The sun is not what we think it is.

It is not a planet, neither a gas giant, it is a portal!

An externalised inner womb of harmony, joy, balance and potentials!

A doorway to the original energetic imprint that we are, our Star and Solar Self!
Our Prime Original Creator Chayan Self, our Sun Self, the invisible undefined 13th void in the heart of the flower!
Chaya Sophia, our Original Earth, is reclaiming her infinite energetic signature; her Solar Self right now!
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When we are able to release our energies from the old earth, we are able to be FREE ourselves!
 We do not 'ground' via the old earth any longer!
We truly and fully ground by being sovereign,
hence to truly and fully ground through our own Awareness
by BEing fully PRESENT in ALL of our 'cells'!
In this way Chaya Sophia can do the same!
So together we FREE all of our cells
(! see how we have been played by words!)
from the parasitic imprisonment!

We came here to explore our infinity in all these different ways, shapes and forms.
There is no need to be stuck in one cell; one form, one time and one place only.

When we release gravity and return to our sovereign energetic imprint, we can be anywhere we love, any time!
Anyhow we love!

We are not here to ‘return home’ to the stars. We are the suns and the stars in embodied form to dance with one another!
Neither are we here to reincarnate and come back via a physical womb.
There is no point in recycling bodies......; aka re-birthing dead cells without the True One Heart connection radiating through it all!

We came here to have fun, to see greater truths and to explore & express our infinity.
We came here to literally FEEL all that we are on earth, to grow and evolve.
To BE boundless creators of the Undefined.....
Do you remember that we called this our 'holiday planet’, where we would be able to dance, sing and play with each other. To love and embrace one another as the universes that we all represent.
Behind the world of dimensions, time & space, is an Infinity of Potentials waiting for us
and IN us!

The way in which we perceive our reality shapes what is pouring out of Us, so what do
we Consciously Imagine and Choose to See and Create?
Let’s be the eternal BREATH of that and offer it to the world and to all of your universes that has been defined as cells on this planet. Silly, silly game indeed..........

I so love You!
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Clarity does not provide answers. It dissolves questions.
~ Wu Hsi
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Let's make the Copy come ALIVE!