The Infinity Sign: forever expanding Infinity through us, or infinitely looping in the finite

* In the Now we are flow-ing Rivers of Life
We are able to naturally connect and to commune with all realities or spheres from and through the Heart of the Chrystalline Flower of Life as you can read on many other pages on this website.
In the all encompassing Now, we are all gently flow-ing Rivers of Life, literally feeling all that is, was and ever will be!
NB I see a "Channel" as an old 3D word or concept, that served as a temporary bridge for us to SEE what and who we truly are.
Our innate means of communion is the MerChaYa ~ our Life Ship ~ that infinitely flows through the Chrystalline Heart of All Things and non Things. The infinite One Heart that we all share and that has now become a open, eternally expanding portal.
In other words, being a flow-er of life, 
is being an Open Portal
that sees Potentials,
instead of imaginary doors
that always seem to be needing and desiring external illusionary keys.
It it my advice to first read my article about "What is the meaning of our Top Life?" here and become fully aware to be the only captain on your Life Ship.
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There are infinite ways to look at things! Include them all! 
Non-define your monsters and turn them back into Magic!
Movie tip; Vaiana! So many messages..........

* Put back the Heart in All Things
Core message of it all is to put back the Heart in All Things 
by Being the Chrystalline Chayan Heart of All Things!
Sounds all simple right?
"Making the finite infinite by putting back the Heart in all things".
Most of my sharings can be seen as bridges or stepping stones on our way to make the old Matrix and its 'illusions' come A L I V E! For the matrix will always be in our heads, there is no real way to truly 'un-plug'!
It is more a matter of SEEing it for what it truly is, to stop the 'fight, flight & freeze mode' AND to allow it, fully integrate if and to play with it! In reality Life is a Dance in which we can let these personality constructs work for us, instead of against us! To naturally transform every false and flat '3D' experience into a Real Earth Chaya Sopia Experience, that it already IS!  

* Catch~22! Our 'neutral observation' is not neutral at all!
However, here is the catch~22! 
The Matrix has been designed in such a way that the One Original Heart had been removed multiple linear times from its exact metaphoric centre. We placed a copy of the heart in illusions, then ringed it (!), boxed it, protected it, harnessed it and shielded it in so many ways, shapes and forms. See also the picture of the current sun cycle on this page.
Think of all the illusionary and separated ego's, borders, walls, protections, spiritual rituals, black and white magic, emotional and/or physical abuse, copied geometry, copied joy, love, truth, life, freedom, balance & harmony, conditions, and other Self limiting Belief Systems (BS).
We have created and kept re-creating new centres in most of our 'realities'. Seemingly further and further away from our true and original core. Our partners, (soul) family and friends have become the fire walls of our personality virus.
Often to 'save them', we ourselves get lost in the trap of the need to safe the world.
'We', the false images of who we truly are, defend and prolong the fake construct until the bitter end. Obviously the pain and drama that our false identities have become so addicted to, is serving us, or else we would have made other choices. Hence we keep reincarnating right back into Groundhog Day. Also check out my new year predictions "We ran out of time" here.
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 The Finite Reincarnation Cycle, a closed ~ not expanding ~ In-Finity Sign

In other words, often when we think we are in the heart of it all, chances are that our minds are copying consciousness. (Please watch this less than half hour you tube)  We are either in the left or in the right side of this infinity loop. When there is nothing left, we go right and when there is nothing right, we go left. It is the 4th dimensional realm of the spiritual ego.
We can only be in perfect harmony with our Self
when we dare to be completely HONEST!!
When we have balanced our internal masculine and feminine aspects in the Now, in other words: 50% ~ 50%. Our genderless heart needs to be equally present in both sides of the duality.
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 The closed infinity loop, seemingly forever re-cycling in the auto pilot modus operandus
The energies of 'plus' need to equal the energies of 'minus'! They need to transform into likewise energies to be able to cancel each other out, before we can stop circling and spinning around the Truth of who we are. As a result there is nothing and no one to pull towards us any longer ~ that we think we need ~ and nothing and no one to push away ~ that we are afraid of ~.
No need to 'need' and no desire to 'desire'.
The two circles now have like wise energies and are instantly able to become spheric and blend back as a hyperboloid. Our personal energetic Flower of Life geometry unfolds, and is then able to expand from the Undefined Heart of all petals that becomes a portal. It paves the geometric and graceful way for of All Flowers in the Organic Omniverse. We are reaching out from the INside.
* Reality check 
There can never ever be any internal disharmony when our inner male and female aspects have equally blended as one. It all happens spontaneously in the Now, when we allow LIFE to BE simply as it IS in this Now!
AND when we truly change from the inside,
the way in which we perceive the world instantly changes as well!
Our intention, our imagination or simply a deep breath might be all that is 'needed' for this kind of allowance to occur!
We simply project the field of total allowance from the Chrystalline Undefined Heart of who we truly are into the illusions that we thought we were. Like an ultimate graceful, forgiving reunion dance between the truth of us and the stories of us.
It is the most simple and profound way to totally embrace and neutralise our frequencies, AND to consciously & gracefully equal out our left over polarities and expand from there.
VITAL; in case of situations of emotional and/or physical abuse, my advice is to be completely honest towards yourself about it and immediately step away from it! This is not about a story and allowance any more! This is about being totally HONEST to Self!
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Read for 'he' and 'himself' whatever you choose
This divine UNI-fication between the masculine and the feminne reveals the inner infinite portal. It is the same size sphere that seems to overlap the other two other spheres in the Heart. Please, see the picture below with our three original energy centres, belly, head and heart!
It gracefully allows All that is
to travel through us.
We Are the Way!
We are creating a blanc canvas and are offering it for all light, colors and sounds to permeate through it. Keeping our transparent and invisible windows open, while nothing needs to attach to our energy field, like our Water of Life.
Our only organic 'glue' ~ that is holding the space for All of Us ~ is true geometry that is infinitely FREE and forever expanding. Balanced geometry always has a real zero point field and is ALL Inclusive! It is the merge between matter and non-matter; the masculine and the feminine.
Being in the heart means our Life is Flowing, blossoming and flowering. That is why this branch of our Family Tree of Life of sacred geometry is called the Flow-er of Life! It certainly looks like it!
Reality has become more fluid and less solid, as gravitly loses its grip. We become as flexible as water.
The results we immediately experience in daily life!
Mysterious & Magical Synchronicities are increaslingly reflecting our inner harmonious life, in every juicy and delicious way that We are creating our reality.
We are birthing New Life, no matter what gender one has defined oneself to be!
A Genuine Tree embraces All of its Branches!
No matter what!
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See for the masculine form in this picture whatever you choose
Belly, Head & Heart spheres as ONE Portal transforming into a hyperboloid
(the middle bigger 'circle' in the picture),
see more about the hyperboloid, allowance and its relation to our health & wellbeing here.

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We innately dissolve all the unreal by BEing REAL!