I See and Acknowledge You in Equality, the meaning of Original Being

In the shattered 3D World
of only light, color & sound;
the out of body divided realms
of ArchAngels, Angels
Ascended Masters, djinns
demons and ET's
an Avatar is a Being
who has EMBODIED
it's Authentic Origin

An Avatar Sees the Self
as All and none that Is

Sees and Acknowledges
All of its reflections
in Equality
without any condition
and exception
There is not one single
veil left between
one's reflection
that which sees
and the creator self
An Avatar has taken full responsibility
for Original Life AND
the copied ARTIficial MAtrix;
It is the undefined, divine ARTist,
beaming out its
innate Magic & Mystery and
the Preciousness of Life on Earth
through the Chayan, Crystalline Heart
into the pure & pristine realms of
the new & the unknown

An Avatar does not need a body,
however loves breathing through one

An Avatar might choose
several shapes & forms
depending on what is needed
for the Purest benefit of All

Feel the Life Force and energies
behind the chayan disguises
and we FEEL the Avatar:
Our Origin is forever Present
when we have the 'I's to See
through the masks of the identity
Afbeelding invoegen
Chaya Sophia