It is all happening NOW! Noah's ARCH, the Real Earth & the Flower of Life unfolding

Congratulations! You made it all the way to this very NOW!
This is your Top Life and the fact that you are here reading this means you have greatly contributed to make this ground breaking and shaking transition happening right now!
So I bid you a very warm welcome on board of the Crystalline Chayan Arch of Noah! Thank you so much for all that you are bringing with you for all of us!
If you are one that has been around for quite a while I am sure that you will have a lot to add to this chapter, anyhow, I herewith offer you my humble perspective on the current shift humanity is experiencing:    

* A * Two experiments blending together: the Experiment of Free Consciousness & Free Intelligence
After the first three energy expansions in the creational shapes of fire, earth and water, in the fourth energy expansion of the creation of AIR, humanity has been Go-Phi'd & ARCHitected into 12 different universal races. Every one that participated in that event is present on earth right now.
Long old story short; at the end of the 4th cycle several universes have been colliding because there was a conflict going on between several creations. Check out the Creation Story of the Old Earth and the Old Cosmos here.
This were all re-actions to the original creation and an even deeper T-split was born between humanity and divinity.
Afbeelding invoegen
The ARTIficial faster frequencies of a Gamma Outburst;
birth of a black hole and death of a star
These collisions blocked the original crysalline flower of life geometries, to be continued with repetitive ascensions further away from and out of our authentic Core. To then be followed by the creation of the MAtrix with its seemingly electro magnetic imbalances that tried to pin infinity even further down on the cross of 'father time-space' and space-time. If we ever wondered which era birthed the air castles, we now know, the cycle of AIR.
Please take note that the 4th, AND the 5th MAtrix Mind has been 'created' (read; taken 'advantage' of for the 'airy benefit' of our suppressed painbodies, the 1%) due to the fact that the the original divine blueprint, aka the authentic script for this unique universe has been Go-Phi'd from the linear beginning.
The current old virtual reality is therefore not a real creation but it is simply a finite brain washed copy of consciousness. A copy of our Original Chaya Sophia under an ARTIficial Doom that has been unconsciously created through our hidden SOUL FEARS.
Of course we are so much stronger than this bunch of EMF illusions;
We are Present(s) NOW to put back the Original Heart in All Things
by BEing the Original Heart of All Things defined, non-defined and Undefined.
What is left is the re-play of these two experiments: an experiment of free consciousness and an experiment of free intelligence, existing in different levels of perception.
Intelligence, or knowledge based on coded external information, is an experience that is not original heart centered. It is based on 'truth', but on truth that cannot be truly experienced. This mental experiment keeps trying to conquer consciousness which is absolutely impossible as love, awareness & truth are always stronger. We tend to rise ourselves naturally!
Two of our former bigger and most dual civilisations that led up to the metaphorical Noah's Arch were the so called 'copied femine'~based Lemuria and 'masculine'~based Atlantis. Please keep this duality in the picture as well when you continue reading ~ next to our current society on earth ~ for these older societies left their finite limiting traces everywhere!
NB This  was already a repetition of 2 'linearly older' civilisations; the 'copied femine'~based Tia-MAth and 'masculine'~based Murdoch.
When you do your own (internet) research you will find tons of different stories and interpretations of what has happened in our so called history. The old does not really matter much for it is all re-happening right now, past & future to whole in this now! Simply feel what resonates the most within your own crystal core and quite naturally the same is applicable to this message:
Always trust your gut, use your own discernment and follow your own intuition!
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 dual EMF fragmented illusions fighting against itself
* B * The Free Choice: the Tree of Life or the Tree of Intelligence & Duality
Since the beginning of linear times we have been given a free choice between the finite Tree of Knowledge & Duality or the authentic Tree of Awareness and Immortal Life.
How did we perceive our old '3D" reality' ~ due to our mostly unconscious choice to see it through outside-in eyes from the Tree of Knowledge & Duality? 
Short and simple answer
Our old personalities re-acted out of fear and tended to dominate, rape, kill, steal, manipulate and control, forgetting that they originaly are all senses of UnDefined Void. We divided oneself, conquered and justified our deeds by repetitively blaming forces outside of us. In other words, it means that we have been innocently living in the biggest Matrix illusion of all, the illusion of separation, feeling lost and alone. 
Isn't it jaw dropping indeed that the moment we start awakening we find out that literally everything we have been told was a lie?
Longer answer
With humanity being in a heavily manipulated 'gravitational' form due to a primal energetic T-split, & planetary bypass as a result of manifested manipulative energies in the 8th copied dimension,  the current 'sun' simply broadcasts EMF magnetic ways to its direct seemingly 'opponent'. 
The abuse via the ley lines grid on the Old Earth keeps feeding of our electricity, and keep broadcasting EMF to get our human Chakra batteries moving through the 'Law of Attraction'. It is called light working or energy moving!
We kept copying and re-creating these two seemingly opponent ~ but man-made ~ dualistic poles via a bypass in the last 3 'creation' quadrants that we have not been aware of! Instead of blending them as one in the Heart of All Undefined Things, equalling out & silencing the mental dualities, and truly create from our innocent core from within. 
Nowadays we simply need to look around to perceive the results of those old choices. There is no physical manifestation of collective balance and harmony on earth yet. And although we might be living in harmony, joy and abundance OneSelf; when one of us is still enslaved or in pain, hunger or dis-ease, we All are, because everything connects to everything else. 
As we did not take full responsibility for our creator~ship and therefore the innate abilities of the creator beings we all truly are, this lack of embodiment kept creating lack in many abundant ways. And my own life was certainly no exception to this.
Our natural state is abundance, however when living in a state of lack, we must have given our power away to the needy and greedy forces that highly benefit from this choice. (AND seen from a bigger perspective; in the illusionary duality we are both predators and preys!)
We allowed to keep ourselves enslaved to always feel smaller, unworthy, unloved and without any passion to truly live. We have been made to beLIEve that we are our bodies and our personalities and that God, Allah or fill in the blancs, was an external force. 
A lot of us mostly copied the PRE-DEFINED 'image' that we had of a creator and we have become 'quite creative' in repetitively building higher and higher Babelic towers to find the truth in many places outside of ourselves. Too afraid to descend the o so powerful stargate within. Instead, we kept ascending OUT of the Unity Consciousness and the MA-trix had been birthed!
Afbeelding invoegen 
Archeological evidence notes that the tower was a pyramid-shaped structure  
Please, let's use our disCERNment, Babel (Genesis 11-9) linearly happened right BEFORE the ARCH of Noah!
Due to the memories of the people it was put back in the scriptures after the Fall of Hu-men
This leads to the actual Adam & Eve story from my perspective, the Genesis Seeds of Life
* C * False images of who we are
We either denied our divine Presence or put 'a' or 'the' Creator God on a pedestal and bought into the con-cepts of hierarchy deception. And via the many religions we were made to beLIEve in an external copied 4th Dimensional Saturnial Father of time. The 'free' masonic version of a god that only represents a meager copy of our totality.
A god with a 'gender', re-created in the form of an old wrathful man with a beard that would reside somewhere in the airy SKY, while the king- AND queendom of God & Chaya is within us.
Source/the Central Sun/God/Allah/Spirit/Earth/Chaya Sophia (pick your favorite definition) has no gender! The void or the vacuum are the realms of the Undefined....... Every definition that is undermining, aka defining without non-defining, the Undefined often is a means for harnessing, manipulation & control, AND is based on FEAR.
We have been adoring many fake images or false perceptions of god for the longest of times. Instead of simply looking in the mirror, seeing and equally acknowledging the creator that we are and then see it being reflected back everywhere!

As All of Us have been created in the image of the Undefined Creator
with a Free will and Sovereignty!
We are pure Innocence!
No exceptions!
However we created our Belief Systems first
and then your Belief Systems created 'you' in the image of YOU.....
So often we perceived the ‘outside’ world from only one side of the created polarity. Dark versus Light. Hell versus Heaven. A sinner versus a winner, AND most of all the 'Masculine' 'versus; the 'Feminine' which are all a bunch of silly Calimero illusions. Isn't it so that we were simply not ready yet to SEE more of the bigger picture, the All and No-thing that is. Please feel that we are complete and that we are enough!
Nowadays some spiritual forces have even started blaming the Creator, losing our faith in the divine perfection of it all.
Soft compassionate note here: in the awakening process this is not so strange. As the more light comes in, the more dark will be exposed, so one day, the only dark that is left is our own self~sabotaging and self~separated creatorship in-deed! Soul fear is one of the biggest trauma's that causes us to not (fully) BE IN the body!
The moments that we have been justifying our own deeds and needs, it was simply due to our lack of responsibility since the beginning of times. We lost the bread crumbs to find our way back home. However, thank God, aka thank YOU, we are rapidly Changing!
* D * The bigger picture 
If you have not read this article about our Carbon Based DNA and the Matrix or watched this short half an hour movie, then it might help to do so first before continuing.
Our original Chrystalline Chayan DNA (read more here) has been ARCHitected as a divine playing ground to explore our sovereign infinite creatorship while we are continuously being supported by the Unseen World. YES, You get full support to play out your human game as well!

Compare this with children playing where the parents are watching full of love how their kids are growing up. Acknowledging and honoring their free choices to fall and hurt themselves as many times as they like. 
And of course, we ARE the parents, the elders, the children and all the next generations, as together we form the spheres of life with no beginning, no middle and no end. All is infinitely intertwined to expand, evolve and grow together!
Later 'in linear time' the copied Carbon DNA changed everything, as described in the Creation Story of the Old Earth and the Old Cosmos.
And during the 8th energy expansion from within the Carbon Based copy, one copied frequency in each copied dimension had become another copied frequency in the matrix. It  shattered these mental frequencies into even more illusionary and dumbed down frequencies and offered a labyrinth of 188 copied scattered space~time continuums.
The MAtrix broadcasts a limiting, compressed & distorting amount of fake frequencies or levels to perceive and seemingly experience life on earth. These brain waves are copying consciousness and are therefore not reflecting back the Heart of the UNDefined.
Simply because there is no heart in it. AND we kept re-creating more and more sub-realities without a true living heart........ hypnotically following the BeLIEf Systems in the Matrix, creating our own time~space continuums to keep finding our external ascended homes.
It was through these extremely deluding levels of experience that we mostly experienced life on EARth since the creation of the Matrix. Those noisy frequencies, coming from EMF brain waves and other noisy external energies, satellites and screens made it almost impossible to clearly and wholistically translate our reality in the crystal clear and silent way our original DNA had been designed to do. So yes, forgiveness, compassion, patience and respect for One Self are key words here!
After our physical 'death' our challenges continue 'as well'! Most of us have not always been 
in the 'heavens' that we thought we were....... and you might want to re-read this a couple of times
All the dimensions are playing their 'end games' much, much CLOSER than you might think......
We kept re-creating that which we chose to believe in! So we gave our power away to the forces we thought were 'above', 'below' or 'outside' of us. Hoping that 'other's' could give us that which we had never been able to fully allow to BE ourselves. Aah yes we have been silly & innocent in so many ways!
Afbeelding invoegen
However, no matter what choice we thought we made, due to the linear time deception we created every choice in 'the end'! The mysterious & divine perfection of parallel universes together with our Top Life! (Click on Top Life for more insights ~ there is an abundance of links to be found on my website when you click on highlighted words that change color when you put your mouse above them ~ and this 4 minutes youtube clip might offer some insights about parallel universes and reality bubbles, the so called "Mandela Effects").
So, overall there was and is and aways will be even balance in the seemingly unbalance! Although this might still be hard to grasp when translated through the intellectual and self~limiting frequencies of the matrix that have only been designed to keep us very small and IN the black battery box of this ice-olated, heartless mind.
We might already know that no matter what our choices are, all of them form an equally divine part of our evolution!
Simply imagine how strong we truly are that we survived all of this until now! We are here to be the Change that we we have been looking for!
Feel the deep respect, love and compassion in all of your cells for who you are!
You never ever walk(ed) the path alone!
In REALity, we always walked the path from the all-one-ness,
to now fully allow original inter-connectedness
through the unseen realms. 
And although our life and our memories might sometimes seem like an endless repetition of drama and suffering for some of us, it was never as long as we thought it was, due to the illusion of linear time!  
Time is NOT this linear experience as we think it is, ALL of reality is happening RIGHT now. And when the copied dumbed down version of reality finally becomes fully sovereign, all of these illusions simply never happened at all. Perhaps that might be difficult to grasp right now.

* E * Noah's ARCH, the beginning of the last, the 4th, dimensional quadrant

So, Noah’s Arch now; what has Noah’s Arch to do with all of this? 
We always need to end where we 'started', at least if we speak about these last quadrants of 'humanity' instead of chayanity. When the bible and other encoded scriptures metaphorically speak about the ARCH of Noah, it symbolises the endings of all of our old societies ~ in all of the universes ~ in the linear cosmos.
Everything that happened after 'disembarking' Noah’s arch were life's little nudges to experience what happens if we forget our divine heritage: the Tree of Life, our innate nature of Infinity. Just look at all the emotionall & delusional dualistic scenarios we chose for ourselves instead!
The old earth has already been destroyed three times and this fourth manifestation has now become unstoppable and is not going to perish!
The Arch of Noah can be seen as a metaphor
of the patterning of the Original Flower of Life,
forming a ~ 'Life Ship' ~ a MerChaYa~.
that simply leads within
to your UNdefined Heart
It is able to unfold when we dare to entirely release gravity
to allow time and space to travel through us.
The same Arch of Noah offers all of us the opportunity to release ourselves from the gravitational collective consciousness well. The false EMF frequencies that kept the copied personality constructs locked down in the old '3rd' copied dimension. We are eternal beings, born to shine and more than ready to unleash our True Self!
During the current GRAND Transformational Shift is our innate Infinity unfolding its original 'wings'! We are like the butterflies emerging out of our chrysalis. Simultaneously experiencing our darkest nights of the personality and getting glorious glimpses of eternity through the cracks of the e-lectronic veil where the light of LIFE can break through.
When we are able to change our perspective of human history in this TOP Life,
we can change our e-motions from the 'Past' as well
and project them as undefined feelings into the future!
It is a magically divine way to clear our old cell memories and be(come) whole and therefore healed and healthy!
Or to take it one step, one breath further and Imagine our Self whole in this now!
Both can be True for Us!
Afbeelding invoegen 
* F * The Fifth element, or 5th Quadrant of Awareness

We have now ended the 4th Quadrant, or Creation Cycle of Air. Is it too much to conclude that it has been quite a mental and airy fairy period? And in the current 5th cycle of Awareness we are very magically finding our infinite ways to see through the former mist of the multiple minds.  
The Fifth Element is all about our Truth, the Original Tree of Life, aka our authentic Creatorship. Only this time for REAL! Meaning;
 Love in Compassionate Action;
in FREE & Boundless Grounded & Embodied Human Forms or Shapes! 
We are so ready to Walk our talk!
To Be Living Flow-ing & Flourishing Truth!
Our totality's intention is not to save, paste & copy any old realities from our Carbon Based DNA.  That era is has ended!
The 5th element means the Awareness to grow beyond the predefined & pretty limiting image or the copy of the/a Creator and to consciously create from a blanc canvas with every breath. As a sovereign adult creator, no matter our current linear age, heritage, past, future and what more non-sensical definitions have we.
We are gently inviting ourselves to become The True Creators of the Real Earth; Chaya Sophia! Creating and translating reality through our Innocent Core, our Pristine & Sovereign Essence. BEing the Unique Gifts and vibrations that  we are all carrying in our crystalline undefined DNA
Catching old illusions, dogmas, comfort zones, programmes and fear mongering Belief Systems  ~ BS ;) ~ with our Focussed Awareness and seeing it for what it truly represents; superficial sub-frequentional EMF repetitions of the old copied holographic world that has already ended and transformed into a holo-fractual earth! We have said "enough is enough, no more suffering!". Isn't it such a magnificent time to Celebrate who we really are!
* G * The Real Earth Timeline
'Two thousand years ago' (smiles) the metaphorically divine 'masculine' blended back with the metaphorically divine 'feminine' AND the Undefined. Since that trinity many souls from these two separate universal experiments have been inter-weaving the tapistry of a fundament that is now architecting the Real Earth Chaya Sophia
All the true and authentic feelings that we have ever felt in all of our real experiences through the Undefined Heart of all things Defined, non-Defined and Undefined, the One True Heart that all of us share, are coming with us to the Real Solar Earth. Many of our creations already live in places or dimensions we might not be able to see yet.
All that was not real ~ and therefore was not love (read; 'all inclusive'!!) ~ is wholed and transformed the moment we set foot in our REAL life on Chaya Sophia and beyond. 
Afbeelding invoegen
With every breath juicy & fresh, neutral insights and intuition will be abundantly offered to every being on earth right now, via the exquisite Flower of Life patterning. It is for us, all of our personalities, for the allowing, the unfolding, the blossoming and the flowering.
With every breath every being is able to freely choose which way to go, and no matter what choice, every path is equally beautiful and loved. And please be aware that more light brings in the deepest dirt; often it us for humanity "no mud, no lotus"!
This also means that we cannot see the bigger picture of where our 'brothers and sistars' are in their growth
and it is none of our business, so to speak.
There is not one single valid comparison
as comparisons, competitions & compromises all stem for the mind’s fake frequencies.
We increasingly choose to honor and respect one self and one 'another'!
AND to the one's thinking that is 'New Age talk',
I say that is 'Old Cage hearing'!
An innocent 'baby' learning to crawl is of course equally beautiful as an 'old soul' in an 'old' body who chooses to stay in 'repetition'! Let it BE!
* H * The Fall of 'older' civilisations, the scattered Babelic state of '3D' humanity, aka the old MAtrix
Seen from Unity Awareness, or our old so called 'I AM' Presence,
we can not become 'enlightened' or we cannot really 'ascend',
we ARE it ALL and ALL of it!
Yes, we can change and choose our levels of perceiving reality though; from copied consciousness to consciousness. And it is all leading to growing awareness and UNdefinition. Our infinite Divinity is to be found within.
Before Noah’s generations entered their old earth grounds, read: after we started to give our power away to external forces for the umpteenth times, an enormous shattering took place on earth.
The beings from the experiment of Free Intelligence, the MArs-ians ~ who already destroyed their own planet ~ 'assisted' to let a fifth part of humanity ascend out of the Unity during the 8th Energy Expansion in the Carbon Based Era.
It caused another T-Split within the Lemurian mind that ascended out of the 7th Energy Expansion in the Copied Carbon Based DNA. And it created the painbody in the energetic shape of MArs. The separated mind, a computer actually ~ the ARTificial Intelligence of the MAtrix~ was birthed in the 8th Atlantean dimension that created the energetic painbody in the shape of Venus, and the Earth destroyed itself for the 3rd time as a result of this.
It was the birthing of our 'thoughts', illusions and copied consciousness. Hence, even more challenging, but basically unreal scenario's for personalities to seemingly experience!
It resulted in a matrix of Self limiting brain waves of false frequencies and subfrequencies. We became shattered and scattered beings who were not able to truly internally communicate with each other any longer.
We lost contact with our natural language via the undefined, crystalline chayan flower heart that we all share. Our wireless heart-net if you will, and the old earth timelines are more and more like a techical hollow clone of our Authentic Self. These timelines can only get real, when we are REAL as everything is connected............
Afbeelding invoegen 
The omni-versal language ~ connecting us All ~ is constantly and most eloquently transmitting through the Solar Chayan Heart of the UnDefined, ready for All of us to be revealed and tune into. It is what we feel when we have totally allowed and re-integrated, hence silenced the separated EMF mind, and feel the breath of life nurturing our body, mind, spirit and actions.
And it cannot be shared enough ~ seen from a bigger picture ~ we were the one's that took the power and abused it, and we were the one's allowing to be abused ourselves. Seen and felt from True Compassionate Harmony and Balance there is no difference. Both experiences are equally respected and honored as our Free Choice.
Seriously, what's the point in pointing fingers?
* I * Multi dimensionality blending back in the Undefined Heart
The multi dimensional selves (shells) that our old Carbon Based DNA is increasingly releasing and revealing in the current times might create more old personality stories and separation that could keep us in old frequentional grooves of habits and repetitions of the separated mind.
Well, I guess that many of us have had more than enough of that and do not choose for more arrogance ~ or the opposite pole inferiority ~ more blaming & shaming, more pointing fingers and more judging & victim games. In other words: old '3D' drama, discussions & distractions.
I am one of the first persons to say that our inner child need to be nurtured and our old e-motions and trauma need to be healed and embraced. YES, YES, YES! See also my You Tube river about E-motions and Feelings and the corresponding chapters on this website!
However, there is an unreal 3D path of mental analysing & suffering to do this, or a joyous path (back into the Undefined Heart, the Zero Point Field) where we keep singing, dancing & celebrating real LIFE! The second, innate path is filled with ease and grace and on this path old emotions are naturally transforming into undefined feelings in the NOW!
With our current global awakening, I sense that we are increaslingly, open heartedly welcoming all the other omniversial races INto the EARth, instead of continuing old racial fear-based habits on 'new' grounds. Realising it is all pouring out of us any way. Our mind is a racist, but we are not, we are pure life, love and we are so beloved!
As this is our Top Life we are challenging and unconsciously encouraging ourselves to integrate, clear and cleanse all these old time lines and not to re-'live' and to 'repeat' them.
We are here to put back the Heart in all Things!
 By BEing (in) the Undefined Heart
To SEE the Real Earth Chaya Sophia, we need to be REAL our SELF
Our True Self is inviting us to equal out all of our frequencies and blend them back as one into the Stillness of our being. Transforming all of our old pains & emotions into feelings of sweet tender love & comforting compassion for our Self/cells, one tender tear drop at the time. This is the natural innate way of the body vehicle if our personalities are not in its way.....
We are learning to be extremely gentle with our Self! To take plenty of time to consciously breathe and go within and see where our left over fears, triggers and dis-eases stem from. What underlying emotions are crying out loud for our attention? Which skeletons that we have been storing need to come out of the closets in the 4D Saturnial realms? Not to re-live the past, not to analyse it all, however to truly listen to our infinite body cells, to transform and to release all the pain and to serve our True Self!
See that the more we equal out our frequencies & silencing them, the healthier we become and the more ready we will feel to board our internal Life Ship! Radiantly shining back the Truth that has set us free right back into the core of humanity! As a gentle invitation and inspiration. In graceful Stillness.
When we have freed our Self completely from the copied form of gravity (that keeps dimensions and time and space together ~ pinned to one specific place on the timeline and blocking our natural flow) we are able to reach a state of total transparency. There will be no more secrets.
And like I already shared, of course we take the REAL love and beauty of our Gifts with us to the Real Earth, but all the rest we gladly leave behind without looking back. We lost the need to do so. We naturally sense, feel and surrender to our inner Divine Free Will that is our inner compass to guide us in Real Life to let our innocent flower unfold & blossom & create new flowers from within our own chrystalline chayan core.
Afbeelding invoegen
We are able to let the Free Flow lead us anywere that we love and in any form that we choose. We change from multi-dimensional beings into omni-versal beings, allowing organic omniverses to travel through us, ultimately blending them back as one.
We do not have to move to any place or any time,
it all moves to, hence through us!
And I am not saying this all happens overnight for the collective consciousness on the crumbling old earth timelines.
However, what I am saying is that the more beings choose to hold this truth in our one shared Avatar heart and in our imagination, the sooner it is able to unfold.
A deep bow and boundless respect for all that you are.
We all simply keep on flowing.
One breath at the time, one omniversal heart beat at the time.
Be the captain of your Life Ship!
With the wind in your sails ~ in the form of your flower petals ~ and keep your boat afloat!