From (Copied) Consciousness to Awareness, to the Stillness of Un-Definition

 Such a beautiful message! See The End of Suffering here.
The end of suffering,
gracefully surrendering to our True Self,
going withIN via the Breath of Life
instead of spacing OUT
via the 'Ascension' of Light
See The Linear Time Deception:
from the separated mind to BE an open portal of the Undefined here.
Releasing old Belief Systems (BS),
from electric time to electro magnetic space;
copied magnetisme and gravity;
 from misery to Mystery 
The flame of Consciousness imploding
into the bright light of Awareness 
 See "From Copying Consciousness to Awareness
on the Real Earth timeline" here.
The inner chayan sun emanating,
enlightening one’s innocent,
authentic pristine core. 
Chrystalline DNA unfolding,
 Carbon Based DNA clearing,
See 144 Carbon Based DNA, the Unfolding &
Transforming, Segmented Feelings here.

all pouring out of the patterning
of the Flower of Life,
paving our way to innate Infinity 
L I F E full of magical synchronicites 
Less and less defining
thoughts, words and theories,
 but transforming e-motions,
hence more and more feelings
 belly based actions &
spontaneous practicalities  
BEing a more compassionate, loving soul
B R E A T H I N G deeply the "UnDefined" 
Ascension out
and Inscension in
Being the Expression of LIFE,
 we so love to Feel in the World
       Afbeelding invoegen
Awareness means that you made
all the unconscious/subconscious conscious!
Awareness generates authentic magnetism and gravity;
it is not the same as energy,
however it uses just a small amount of energy to create matter!
All awareness leads to Un-Definition!