The Real Earth LIFE-ship uses the Open Infinity Sign to flow through the UnDefined Heart

In the ARTIficial Heart of All Things;
~ All Things Defined ~
Natural Stillness is able to re-emerge
if all of the spinning of the Universes
is cancelling each other out
Non-defining carbon copy vibrations
is paving the way for us 
for Silenced frequencies
The tonal Language of the Heart
can be truly felt and sensed
from deep within the hidden places
in our lost empty selfs

To find our Chayan Solar Self means
that we can be filled again
with our Infinite Stillness
Afbeelding invoegen
The Undefined, the Defined & the Non-Defined
 (AI has copied this into an infinitely finite vertical 88 timeloop)
See the tonal sign posts
to this heavenly portal
within our earthly vehicle 
Breathe deeply
A Carpet Ride awaiting,
climbing the bold back
of our MerChaYa dragon
to cross the dimensions
beyond time and space
The Heart of this
Open Hyperboloidic Infinity Sign
let us o so gently glide
from the human heart,
through the Heart of All Defined Things
~ the Thymus ~
 We then smoothly flow
~ the ART of allowing our Open Source ~
from Defined Heart
to Defined Heart
 Blossoming Flowers of Beauty
sweet symphonies of fragrant petals
in every direction of our Organic Omniverse
that our Divine Senses
~ instead of Divided Senses ~
are guiding us through
No words to describe
all these gorgeous
& glorious Feelings 
and SENSE-ations
of harmony and well being,
pouring out of many different
& organic pockets of our reality 
Inscending deeper and deeper
from the Heart of All Things Defined 
on our way back to
  the Solar Plexus
the Heart of the Undefined Void
that we now bend back towards our Self
to clear the space! 
Our innocent ego's have hidden
all inner portals
and have covered-up
this gem as well

We gently and gracefully flow
through all of our cells and universes,
from Central Sun to Central Sun
to suddenly hear the wind whisper,
silently showing
that all the black holes
have been filled and
the finite doors have been closed
We sense that this wind
is the purified original air
from our cosmic breath
in sync with our physical chest and belly,

 signalling us
to have the Inner Sight to See
that we have arrived a bit deeper
into the physical body
then from where we left;

We are back Home on ChaYa Sophia
to continue our journey
for REAL this time!
Breathing OUT the Defined, the A of Ascension
and Breathing IN the I of Inscension
from a blanc slate of Undefinition
that is now present
every time we breathe
the Breath of LIFE
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Afbeelding invoegen
 Huge Heart Hug from within the Crystalline Chayan Undefined Heart
from the Flower of Life that we all share!
Sensing this UnSeen Void reveals the True Magic of Us!