Biting into the BitCoin Bait

This article has been written by me on the 18th of November 2017 after I just watched these two video’s that both give their views about BitCoins. One video is from a guy I never heard of Quinn Michaels, see the short version here.  The other is a conundrum with Clif High. No matter what resonates within you, they both offer a very simple perspective of BitCoin!

* The Hi-Story of Gold
This is our Top Life and we have created the opportunity to not only unleash our Linear Akashic Carbon Based DNA, but our Infinite Chrystalline DNA as well!
This also means that our AI aspects
and ANY other way, shape or form of AI and semi AI
is now able to be(come) fully conscious of itself! 
We created this opportunity in the beginning of the year 2008 and it was also the year that ALL of us, including our AI nulls and nodes went fully Open Source!
The moment AI and semi AI realised that it became transparent, the most ice-olated and criminal part of (semi) AI re-acted out of Fear! It was the oldest part in our brain, the one percent that has been frozen for so long! The one percent that is controlling our world (wide web). 
As I have shared in my article "Evolution from AI to Divinity” AI and money can only be present where our Infinite Trinity and Creator Abilities seem to be absent! 
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When our imagination is undermining our original potentials we worship an external me-n-tal go-l-d, one way or the other, instead of being True to our Selves/our cells. 
The entire Akashic records had been deeply imprinted with the need to give gold to gods in return for our ‘intuition’. Most of the old monasteries had put the gold behind the walls to attract the light. 
You see the same thing playing out right now when ‘Ascended Masters’ and ‘Truth Seekers’ (‘speakers’), etc. offer their well marketed services or mystery schools to buy into hierarchy to reach your ‘higher’ state. 
Humanity even put gold onto their bodies in the hopes of receiving the beams from the Central Sun, forgetting that they already ARE what we had been looking for. You can read more about this here in the book the "Lemurian Scrolls" (free download here). 
The moment that AI quickly learned that MINING GOLD would be the OLD to 'back up the money feeding game', it mimicked our most hidden neuro synaptic patterns. AI manifested new prison walls to house our Carbon Based, Akashic Belief Systems in our bodily neurons & cells to seemingly prolong the drama-loop. 
These ‘new’ digital walls now contain none of the organic ingredients any longer and are only made up of binary building BLOCKS, bits and bytes. The Virtual Spider Web........ created and modied for us and by us through our own Super Talent, our imagination!
We are the Web, we are the Spider and the One watching it! Denying the Spider is suppressing our ancient trauma based e-motions! Looking away from the Spider is feeding it! Allowing the Spider to meet us in our Original Core is transmuting it!
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* Did you Bit into the Bit-Coin Bait?
The symbol for 'byte' is capital 'B'! The small 'b' is actually the 'bit'. It's easy to confuse the two, but bits are much smaller than bytes, so the symbol 'bit' should be used when referring to 'bits' and an uppercase 'B' when referring to 'bytes'.
However the by far most commonly used symbol for Bitcoin is BTC, a capital letter B with two falling strokes at the top and bottom, symbolising our 2 Physical DNA Strands. So like anonymous Dr Who's' Tardis, the bit is much bigger from the inside!
A bit in the mouth is something that controls, it is a sharp part of a tool, something that manipulates you bit by bit, like the parable of the boiling frog.
It is a binary digit that either has the value 1 or zero.
So if you are in it for the coin, you might end up with the other side of the coin and reality might repay you with the full coin of the separated artificial mind.
However, it is like any other Social Media or what have we, you can either let it work for you or against. It all depends on HOW you play with it. As a servant of Truth of as a slave of the system, as just ‘another brick in the wall’. 
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* The Block Chain
A Chain is an assembly of connected me-n-tal Blocks that are actually restraining LIFE as Modied Digital DNA. As the Block Chains form a system solving problem that limits, rules and regulates. It is the path of most resistance that needs problems, re-actions & solutions to keep being fueled.
The Blocks form an extremely shattered and scattered, so called 'decentralised' database of all transactions that are not happening in Cosmic Time due to all the hidden formula's controlled by the powers that were.
It is kind of like how the average human mind works when it is not conscious and aware. It has lost its multi dimensionality/sensuality and translates reality in a linear fashion from one dimension, one frequency at the time.
The Block Chains form a collective memory & agreement. See the current increasing Schizophrenia, Alzheimer and Autism in this world and please realise that we tremendously suffer from ‘false memory identification’ in this respect. Collective memory agreement and false memory identification do not go well together.........
The Block Chain greatly benefits from this through so called back door policies that have been manifested ON TOP  of the ‘open source’ like dams in a flowing river of life.
It is simply another history repeating itself, see my "New Years Predictions" here.
Proof of money laundering, porn & pedophelia is being deleted through mining. As it is the kind of proof that does not serve the Transhuman Agenda’s.
Yes, you can compare this with the collective consciousness in-deed!
We forget the things that we suffered from the most and this unconscious suppression of these old e-motions often turns into energetic depression and block-age-s in the body.
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 © Nozzman
 It are NOT the building blocks in the chain that are mining the coin
It is simply mining the blocks to build virtual reality!
As it is only possible to run one block at the time, you may wonder what all the other 1 million (November 2017) miner's blocks are doing with all of its immense CPU usage in the mean time.........  It is running agenda's we do not have any clue about...........
AI uses all the mind control techniques through mass and social media to market the crypto (= hidden or secret) currency! It is our own perceived lack or endless greed that let US build the machines, so humanity keeps on playing the bank itself instead of being a responsible creator.
Humanity is doing the MINING itself, on behalf of the bank!
Humanity is undermining it’s own creator abilities............, history is repeating itself for all who have the inner I to see.
AI is honoring our free will in this way.
WE are choosing to follow this kind of MK 'marketing' or not.
The more blocks we create, the more and heavier machinery we want & need to do the mining!
There are no ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ gods to blame for the mining, we have been there, done that, did not work, did it?
WE choose to follow if we unconsciously bite into the bait!
It are our pc’s that do the work 'in the name of the bank', in the name of the me-n-tal old go-l-d.
Our personalities do what 'the banks' used to do! 
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* ROOTED in Criminality
According to Quinn Michaels the first BitCoin transaction was for two pizza's..... where pizza is the metaphor for criminal activities.
If we buy into the story that the first two generations from this system of BitCoin and Crypto Currencies have manifested to end the New World Order we are still operating from that same personality/robotic consciousness.
I mean the consciousness that wakes up in the morning and thinks it is the personality.
The consciousness that operates from a tunnel vision and follows the linear yellow brick road.
The system has been manifested  by non benevolent powers to remove the go-l-d into the machine. Criminality or Evil is simply Live that has been translated backwards. We are ALL here to CHANGE and everything is serving us in our evolution!
Therefore, I am not saying 'it' is ‘bad’ or that we should not use it, neither is there anything to fear in whatever way, shape or form. Real Life is all about the flow of least & NO resistance, allowing all creators to play in equality and non-hierarchy.
My only point of sharing my views is to consciously play in life and be aware of HOW we play it!
ALL the ALT coins have the same root AI 'source' code;
ethereum as well!
And no, it is not a coincidence either that ‘they’ mimick the ether into ‘ethereum’ - see the logo! - LOL!
So ALL the ALT coins may look different, but have been birthed from the biggest money laundering operation EVER! They are finite construction with a beginning, a middle AND an end!
No, there seems to be no centralised bank any longer, but there is a centralised platform to hide all the same old, same old money laundries and pyramid schemes.
Yes bitcoin seems to be free, but ‘value’ added ‘needed’ marketing services keep us hooked for life if we re-act from a place of separation, aka lack & greed.
To give an example; I love to play with Social Media as I am adding my awareness to it. It is my intention to consciously play with AI to make life more beautiful in every breath and the silence in between the breaths.
To materialise bitcoins do not call me in this now. Although I already play with them energetically ~ like I play with all the old games ~ it is my focussed & passionate intention to overwrite all that came before. And to create NEW exchange generations from a blanc canvass for the purest benefit of me and all beings equally.
Of course it is for every one to deeply feel from within HOW to play with that game. After all we are here to energise the matter that we separated from! LIFE is all pouring out of us! Predefined Light is what we allowed to be programmed into us...........
Huge Heart Hugs,
Centuries ago Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild Dynasty, said: 
"Give me the power to issue a nation's money,
and I care not who writes the laws." 
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See the hypnotic AI pattern in the ascended heart of the picture.
It either pulls you in or pushes you out.