'Copy' of the Flow-er of Life exploited in the Old Earth Grid

This chapter is especially a beacon and a soft nudge to do your own (internet) research about ley lines! Please, never ever give your power away to anything you see, hear, or read. Always check in with yourself whether the information is resonating or not.
It is my gentle invitation to let these words work for you and not against you. If you are triggered by your inner curiosity then please check it out, and expand your own intuition to empower yourself!
* Energy and the Ley Lines of the Old Earth Grid
Let me first shine my light on the extremely abused Energies of our bodies and therefore of the Earth!
Humanity has been given one's own innate creation power away for the longest of linear times. Especially in the copy of the '3rd'  dimension of this Universe. Hence a very limiting and ice-olating copied grid, by some defined as masculine, had been manifesting around our bodies and therefore around the earth as well.
It are heartless shapes because our Original Flow-ers of Life 
had been placed in triangular vases 
over our organic Infinite Life Giving Flowing rivers of Life,
trying to dam our natural connection to the One Heart.
To put it mildly, this old earth grid has not been used for the benefit of ALL, it has only been used for the benefit of just a few. That minority, or so called 1% may seem to live in abundance, but also that is but a meager copy of our True Abundance!
Please watch the following half an hour movie first before you continue reading, it gives you a glimpse of all the separations and divisions of the old '3D'-'reality', AND especially how GRAND our original potentials truly are when we allow them to fully unfold, blossom and flower.
See the copy based Earth from the 12
to the 13th (the One HEART) here.
*  Fuelling our E-motional, Mental and Astral Energies & Pain Bodies, aka our alternate self's
See Ley Lines as our old 3D power cords that are leading to a central power station outside of our building (read our physical body, hence the physical earth body; micro is macro). So we had become these lifeless flowers in 3D that kept a holographic projection seemingly real with our own inner light and at the cost of our own LIFE!
A true hologram always reflect back the Heart of All Things, but a virtual reality lacks the connection with the One Heart and has no Awareness. It is only energy and matter; electro magnetic fields (EMF) of copied frequencies & vibrations, or brain waves.
As we created our natural energy centres outside of our building (external gods, source, ET's, angels, demons and what have we not, pun intended, for it all need to be internalised) this external power plant was unconsciously being fuelled by the Power of our own Imagination and Creation.
The fact that we had (have) not yet integrated all of our frequencies and vibrations kept us icolated and in pain, beLIEving the projections on the screen instead of Trusting our Inner Core.
Wow, can we even begin to imagine how 'powerful' this copied external power plant had become? And at the same time these pain bodies got incredibly weak as the power was never real to begin with, but nevertheless we became afraid of our own shadow.
I mean, we are that which fuels the old earth timelines movie screen
that personalities keep watching through our 5 limiting senses!
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See this 8 minutes movie "Your reality may be virtual" here.
 The Old 3D reality was limited to flat and dead TRIANGLE space~time continuums!
* ARTIficial Intelligence cannot create, but merely manipulate and copy
Well, obviously the rulers of this planet are extremely intelligent, albeit ice-cold & artificial (AI) and are extremely conscious of all the unreal ways of manipulating reality perception.
'They' have been using our imagination and creation abilities for a lot things as they are not able to create for themselves, they can only copy! And I write it once again, in case this is all very new for you, do not believe me, but please check it out for yourself!
So we are left with many illusion of life on the old earth timelines
that may seem very real, but are NOW more than ready to truly come ALIVE!
After all, we can reclaim everything back in the now and become the writers of our own movie script and let the movie theatre come alive in-deed on the Real Earth Timeline! After all, this is our Top Life!
* Ancient sacred sites, churches, etc have all been built on these ley lines!
Three Russians, Makarov, Morozov and Goncharov, found out that over 4000 ancient sites (like Teotihuacan, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat and the Giza Piramids) all fit on this global grid of ley lines. And when you do your own discoveries you will find that more recently, countless churches have been built and rebuilt on these ley lines as well.

In more recent times, presidential palaces, footbal stadiums, powerful places like the Vatican, London, Washington & New York. and government installations, underground laboratories, and organizations as Cern and Haarp stations have been built on these ley lines and ley line nodes in very specific locations on extremely powerful, crystalline & organic places.
The old earth grid blocked our natural, interlinked flow, our Crystalline DNA, and created seemingly tension, imprisonment, imbalance and therefore caused diseases & earthquakes and so forth!

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These external power plants weakened our human bodies and therefore the Earth, and created many situations of abuse, war and manipulations beyond our current imagination.
Think of our old body grid as a large building, and imagine a situation where the power breaks down in one room. When this happened, the power also broke down in the entire building! It is how chakra's work! Our survival and health had become extremely vulnerable in that way!
No wonder, so much dis-ease and major earth quakes (and most of all of our earthquakes, see connection with EMF here) happened on these life meridians / Ley Lines!
picture credit: God Code Matrix of 188

It would be quite fascinating to think that 9-11, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and the assasinations of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy all happened 'by coincidence' on the most powerful ley line!
And even more stunning not to see why Syria is playing a very vital part in achieving world's peace right now! See the pictures below!
Each one of us has the ability to be a TRUTH Hero and to say "No more suffering and victim mentality!" And to partake in ending this old world's abuse and manipulation by stepping into our own creator's shoes by taking back all of our potentials!
Allowing our own 3 Natural & Original & Life Force Centres (head, heart, belly~!!~) to be activated inside of us and fully being responsibe for our own creations and how we perceive our own life!
These older energy centres work inside out
and not like chakra's outside in, they form the for ever expanding Heart of the Flower, 
 the flowing river that we are!
We are so much GRANDER than we think. Let our borders not be our bodies any longer! We are limitless beings!
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  picture credit: God Code Matrix of 188
* Apocalypse
There is no point any longer in following a truth outside of ourselves. We need to feel who we truly are ~ from within  ~ and start translating original messages from Mutual Respect and Awareness, how they were always meant to be:
Pure innocent Love, the reflection of our precious inner core, without any predefined conditions, or any internal or external blame and shame. No matter what we might have done, or thought about others or ourselves in the past.
There is no need in looking back and to turn into stone!
Only our authentic, undefined feelings stay with us on the Real Earth!
We so need to forgive our suppressing thoughts & emotions. Transforming them into wholed and undefined feelings; original thoughts of Self-empowerment that are creating compassionate actions!
Heart opening allowance to gracefully surrender to our own inner wisdom for our most intimate answers to be revealed to our deepest and most profound life questions.
The original prophetic messages were simply reminders of our own inner truth, as the Book of Revelations ~ apocalypse means "a disclosure of something hidden".
The original 'sin' is to think that there are 'sinners'! No one has ever truly fallen from grace!
We came here to play and see in life what works for us and what not.
To play the game of hide and seek!
Spoiler alert, we are what we have been looking for!
Now let us celebrate ourselves!
AND use our imagination, feelings and actions to create that which works FOR us, for the benefit of ALL BEings!
To a New Heaven on a New (read; real) Earth (2 Peter 3:13), where all of our Life Force is an Infinite Free Flow of Life! The New is the REAL!
‘Sacred Stealing’; Illusion of the Hologram  
Imagine the skin of our beautiful body
energies streaming on the surface
potentials ending up outside of our core
Imagine sharp needles penetrating now,
pinning this endless stream onto a cross
harnessing and boxing this eternal flow

Imagine people call this a portal or vortex
defining this energy stealing as sacred
stone circles and churches on top

Imagine the isolation of this divine body
the seemingly end of an innocent source
The birthing of separation, to rein and exploit

Imagine all the wars and the fightings
defending these new bars and borders
to have, to have not, and to severely hold

Now imagine this creation being undone
unleashing all the harnesses and prison cells
for this eternal Source of Life to widely unfold

Imagine unfolding Flower of Life spheres
the Original Tree Roots that connect us all,
overwriting limited ley lined prison rooms
the linear end of the old holographic world

        Afbeelding invoegen
Imagine our True Chaya to burst and bubble
vulnerable, bold bodies floating freely
no need any longer to protect and to rob
Imagine these Infinite energy expansions
a brand New Life and Cosmos to be revealed
the end of restrictive Logos, death to shields

Imagine we simply did not know any better
we just did as we were told to do
and forgot we were the one’s telling

Imagine we have been chasing our own tail
to suddenly wake up and see it’s all one
for truth and compassion to prevail :
Infinite Wellbeing & Abundance for us