About the many messengers who brought the same message of Love & Awareness

* Underneath the EMF masks of Imbalance is always Balance to be found
This chapter has been written especially for your visit right here, right now! For clearly you are someone who is ready for greater truths or else you would not be here.  
The moment we feel ready to step into our own creator shoes, is the moment that we are open to take full responsibility for how we are perceving our own life. 
Hence, this is for you if you are the one
who is ready to say fare well to the victim mentality
When you feel that there are no forces higher or lower than yourself and you consciously choose to look at all the things we all have in common. Instead of the pretty much predefined & programmed reality that let us focus on our differences, in 'order' to keep us divided, as in this ARTIficial way, it is so much easier for our suppressed 1% to govern the 99%.
So in case this does not resonate inside of you, or you don't feel this in your heart ~ as this message is infused with the love from your own religion ~ then simply leave this page. 
If you are still reading this, it means this information is meant for you in-deed. As you have created this aspect of yourself to reflect your inner knowing.

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 Original spheric Flower of Life patterning: total BALANCE,
now compare this with the matrix ley lines in the header
and their flat triangular shapes, see first picture on this page
that came from the You Tube movie, "Your reality may be virtual"
* My perspective

My old personality came from a religious background, so it has been known and felt through 'my own' pretty hellish and ice-olated experiences, that it might seem quite a big step to take, to completely open your self up. It felt like I abandoned 'God', while in fact I was embracing more of my totality.
In reality, I now allow the God IN my Chayan form and shape and left the programmed idea that it was that old Saturnian man in the SKY. Aaaah yes, in the AIR and HIGH he is! Smiles.......
I just was never able to grasp that with all these different religions, all the ‘others’ would be ‘wrong’ and ‘mine/ours’ would then be artifically & miraculously ‘right’, duh. However, when no-thing felt right, spirit revealed me the other direction.
Now I see and sense that all religions contain the similar hidden, metaphoric, divine core truths, AND similar copies, alterations, left outs & pre-defined mind programming as well.  
 Now I love to look at what all beings have in common;
"anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one that finds the gold"
Proverbs 11:27
Afbeelding invoegen 
May all BEings rest in peace, while BEing ALIVE
Nature Picture Credit; Robert Ziegenfuss 
* The Original Message 
If we could only respect one another and realise (real eyes) the Belief Systems that quite probably might still reside in human cell memories! And simply open our Selfs/cells up to what is being revealed in the current times, even more so in the years to come!
The original core messages, in all of the Holy Scriptures, are all about Love and Awareness, always and in all ways! I mean, before these messages have been altered and abused by our own hidden painbodies for mind manipulation and mass domination of humanity, turning them into religions to control the masses.
The Innocent, Infinite Life & Light from Source always spoke in metaphors, and our limited use of our brain has translated some things either literally, or not in the way that it was offered. 
We ever not able yet to grasp this language that we have been un-taught, this metaphorical ways of communication.
This language can only be felt in our heart, in our gut and in all of our body cells that are so ready to be freed from not hEARing the original song of the One Heart that we all share.
We cannot condition Love. It would separate us from our Self!
We cannot harness or measure authentic Awareness.
Only an ice-olated can be programmed into BeLIEfs; 
our so called Belief Systems (BS).
* Love is Seeing and Acknowledging each other in Equality! 

We can not truly define our God/Allah/Chayan, Source Self.
There are no words for it, only pure & undefined feelings.
When we give our power away to outside sources that contradict what we feel inside, we allow certain energies to feed off of us. We became followers. Victims instead of creators.
Now, more than ever before, it is vital to realise that WE are ALL equally divine beings.  
Love is Seeing and Acknowledging
each other in Equality!
AND in-deed, there is no power higher or lower than us.  
It is in this moment of realisation that we truly See the Love of Allah/God/Divinity or whatever definition we still prefer, reflecting back anywhere, any time.
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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.
He to whom the feeling is a stranger,
who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe,
is as good as dead —his eyes are closed.
The insight into the mystery of life,
coupled though it be with fear,
has also given rise to religion.
To know what is impenetrable to us really exists,
manifesting itself as the highest wisdom
and the most radiant beauty,
which our dull faculties can comprehend
only in their most primitive forms
This knowledge, this feeling
is at the center of true religiousness.”
~ Albert Einstein:
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