Spirituality can be anything, as long as it is pointing within

* If we have been made to beLIEve that the way is not within, we seem to be without
How do you define 'spirituality' for yourself? For there are many definitions when you research them on the internet.
Spirituality might be about religion, new age, a truth movement, or any kind of philosophy for you.
It can be basically anything that is able to instigate our flame of consciousness and that is empowering our True Core.
It especially can be LIFE itself, our 'ordinary' daily activities, that can lead to a more conscious perspective!
To me it is anything that is pointing within, for we Are the Truth and the Way!
We originally are creators, the experiencers and the expressors of LIFE itself,
energy signatures that are able to be temporarily embodied in human form.
The burning flame of consciousness enables us to shine more light on greater truths. It takes our personalities beyond our current hORIOzoNS of usage of our brains, the electricity & EMF waves and the extremely limiting perceptions through the disabled, limiting 5 senses that keep projecting the old '3D' world of space-time continuums, time-space continuums and light.
Afbeelding invoegen 
 Weave the ART of Truth back into the all the ARTIficial waves
of every thing and every one that you are not
* What might be (mis)leading us?
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Lots of New Age & "Truth" Movements are currently offering and 'leaking' an overload of information, broadcasted via sophisticated and often suffocating ARTIficial Intelligence. The realms of Religions have also been inverted and turned a lot of ancient & authentic truths upside down.
It is very easy to see those manipulations basically! Any sharing that is pointing outside of ourselves, and is disempowering us, hence is fear-based, is misleading us, hence humanity. These stories are playing into an entirely different agenda!
'Geometry', energies and words have been and are being abused by a small minority. We have (had) been consciously and unconsciously handing over our super powers to this "1%" to let them work against us, instead of for us.
In case the personality construct might be triggered (any further) on many different levels, please ask yourself the following;
"When I hear something completely new and way out of my comfort zone and my current Belief Systems, what do I trust the most?
Do I check in with authorities and opinion leaders of the groups that I am following, and that I feel safe in?
Or do I FULLY TRUST MY OWN BODY language to show me my way?"
In other words, do we use our own innate, inner compass? Or have we been indoctrinated that much that we do not even care to listen to our SELF.
* The hierarchy (LIARchy) deception
See the Hierarchy Deception here!

Do you still believe that there is anything or anyone 'higher' or 'lower' than you?
Do you consciously or unconsciously think that you are not good enough and separated from Source? That you are too dumb, too small, too insignificant, too meaningless or any other 'negative' and dualistic definition? Defining anything or anyone else as 'superior', like a person, an Ascended Master or other ARCHetypes, a situation, a thing, a being, a time or a place, etcetera that you need to ascend into?
Or the complete opposite?
Do you still think that you are that special and that the majority of humanity or any other being is less than you? Labelling them as inferior races or beings, like sheep or robots?
Both choices are keeping parts of yourself in separation! There truly is no-thing outside One Self!
The original authentic, ancient truths all point within.
The harsh or the weird as the following might sound, but the (arch)angels, the fallen angels, the (ascended) masters, the demons, the gods, the hybrids, ET's (and what definitions have we) all exist INside of the geometric fractal that are we all are.
This divine fractal has been created in the image of the creator and is to be found everywhere! Even in the tiniest particle of our omniverse. AND every fractal always and in all ways contains the whole.
In reality it is all part of the same Family Tree!
It is all a part of us and not apart from us!
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AND actually ~ in Truth ~ it is exacty Vice Versa!
Please, don't let anything stump you down!
You Are the Entire Tree of Life itself!
Devil or god, it is YOU that give meaning to Life! Both expressions can lead to the life changing insights in different packages! Just look back at your own life.........
AND behind all the suffering from manipulations and mind control, the original message is always about equally SEEing and acknowledging the divine in everything and everyone!
The only possible one judging yourself in 'linear' end might be You! For the only one really responsible for your life, is You as well!
You truly are the Chayan centre of your own universe!
AND the pure Innocence that you are, simply knows no 'right' and 'wrong's!
It is here to truly experience, to express and to expand!
* Permission slips
To support our True Self on our expanding path from love to consciousness & awareness to the Undefined, we have created and are uncovering all sorts of tools and beings, to allow our our Natural Beauty to be able to unfold more in a state of ease and grace.
And I am forever grateful for these forms of assistance on my own old path to see and keep non-defining all that I am not!
These tools and beings are able to lead us back gently to our own inner awakening and can be used as kind of permission slips or temporary bridges. It offers us but a glimpse and a pre-taste of our own Innate Innocence. 
Until we feel ready to fully embrace, evolve and expand our own pure and passionate creator’s abilities and natural talents.
It is when we say "Enough is enough! No more BeLIEf Systems (BS)!
I am Enough and I Allow the Totality that is Me to completely Unfold in this Now"
All of us brougth these precious innate gifts, unique pieces of the puzzle, to this planet!
No matter what state you are in now, know it is precisely where you need to be right NOW! There is always divine balance present, even in seemingly imbalance!
It is the divine balance that always and in all ways
holds the space for segmented identities to experience imbalance.
Or else it would not even be possible to let this illusionary personality experience this seemingly separation from one's True Self. So in case you might feel extremely lost and feeling HOMEsick right now, don't give up!
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We are not a part of this Omniverse
the Omniverse is a creation IN us
AND please sense and FEEL these words for they cannot be grasped by the limiting mind.
Your part of the puzzle is much needed! This is your Top Life!
And we are in the midst of the Grandest Breakthrough's on Earth ever!
Meaning, we now all have the unique opportunity to grow and mature in most profound ways, while unwrapping our special talents and undefined super powers.
Be assured that only the 'best and the brightest' were allowed to be present on earth at this specific time. And this is not New Agy Bull Shit (smiles), it is just what it is. Truth.
We set it up in this way, to let it play out in this way! How magnificent we truly are in-deed.......
And yes, we absolutely do need to SEE and Acknowledge in Equality the Divine Gift that we ALL truly are.
We are all senses and faces of the One Heart that connects us all.
Radiant expansions and extensions of Source, or whatever definition you choose to see here.
Our inner chayan suns are so ready to shine, so excited to be "birthed" and being embodied in human form!
Afbeelding invoegen
Please feel and allow that during this Real Earth Transformation, each one of us is being embraced by the loving support from the Seen and the Unseen, in any given moment of the now.
We are never alone in our all-oneness! Therefore, when you call out for assistance, be open to ALLOW this to happen from the inside out and feel.
* We Are what we have been looking for!
The tools, persons, places and channels that might have guided us onto our path of awakening were never meant to stay stuck in. They simply served as wake up calls and reminders to realise (Real I's/eyes) who we truly are.
See what you are not, to feel who you truly Are.....
Nowadays, we are gently and gracefully being invited to keep on moving and reach out from the inside.
We are transforming the old, releasing the veil of the separated, ice-olated matrix mind, to create the New!
Change truly is a profound and assisting constant!
All in all, when we don't allow gravity to keep us pinned down on the cross of one specific time and space, the Flowers of Life that we naturally are, are fully blossoming.
Now, let's BE the Solar & Chayan Breath of that!

Afbeelding invoegen
 Read for enlightenment;
allowance, completion