Jesus was not crucified and Judas AND Peter have not betrayed Jesus

* Offering another perspective on The Crucifixion
Here you find the following documentary about the "Crucifixion Ruse", simply to offer you another perspective. It was published on August 25th 2014 on You Tube. Please read my comments about remote viewing and other forms of channeling below.
I have also heard that old scriptures were found that have been written by Peter ~ the apostle ~  that will reveal more truth about what happened '2000 linear years ago' in the model of the holographic 3D world. AND much more is about to come to the light!
It will be a disclosure for the closure of all the religions as it will show how the masses have been manipulated and lied to in order to put our inner sun, aka our divinity, outside of ourselves, so we would be easier to control.
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* Quotes from the "Crucifixion Ruse"
"Whatever you thought you knew about Jesus, think again.

Get ready for the most positive, uplifting, and dramatic re-interpretation of Christian thought in over 2,000 years, one based not on blind faith, but on new data, new research into the science of consciousness, and an understanding of quantum physics.

New and scientifically-based replicable experimental data offer a revolutionary perspective into the facts of the crucifixion story. According to these new data, someone else was crucified instead of Jesus. Moreover, Jesus willingly participated in the plan to dupe the authorities. This new revelation does not diminish Jesus or his message. Rather, it enhances and amplifies what we know of him.
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 According to this documentary it appears that Peter and Judas did not betray Jesus!
In fact: Judas even gave his life to protect Yeshua Ben Joseph!

"This is the full documentary. Chief Investigator for the project: Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

Using remote-viewing methodologies derived from those developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes, we now have a more complete picture of what apparently actually happened 2,000 years ago.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., the leading scholar in the field of remote viewing involving such procedures, explains how these new data, collected under controlled experimental conditions, reveal a much more complicated crucifixion drama than is described in the Bible. If Jesus was not crucified, who was? Did Judas act to betray or to save the life and legacy of his mentor? Why would Jesus participate in such a ruse, a dangerous plan to trick the authorities, causing them to crucify someone else? Who was in on this conspiracy?

Importantly, while these new data revise what traditional Christendom considers the "facts" of the crucifixion, this new evidence does not attack Jesus or his legacy. Courtney Brown explains why Jesus had no choice but to allow the crucifixion event to occur as it did. Now, the new evidence allows us finally to understand Jesus's teachings more fully, something that was not possible in Jesus's day.

It seems likely that Jesus knew that the truth would one day come out, once we matured as a civilization. That day is today. Look at the data yourself, learn about the methodologies used to collect them, and then decide for yourself." End of quote.

Click here to watch the You Tube video. Part of the messages do resonate with me until the 1:29th minute. Then Courtney Brown tries to explain the Infinite, telling that God was lonely and in pain, which of course are projected emotions from the human matrix mind from my perspective.

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* About Channeling
Courtney was inspired by the book of Jane Roberts who channeled Seth.
A fascinating book to potentially broaden our horizon!
Yeshua Ben Joseph and many other messengers in the holy scriptures have been what we nowadays have defined as channels. Currently many other beings are channeling and transmitting messages from other original dimensions AND copied frequencies as well.
The clearer and more transparent the filters of a personality through which a channel is transmitting and translating in any given now moment, the clearer and more conscious the message.
Some channels are transmitting organic messages, some receive programmes from within the matrix. All messages may contain some truth and non-truth for us, it is up to us to discern what we choose to see as true.
And basically any one or anything no matter who or what it is, it might be any stranger like the beggar on the street, a song on the radio, mainstream or alternative media, or a channel/messenger of all kinds, might offer us a vital piece of the missing puzzle!! To SEE beyond the veil of any separation!
Always check the resonance and inner knowledge within your body and tune into that which works for the purest benefit of you, hence the purest benefit of All!
I have ceased to question stars and books;
I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.
~ Hermann Hesse  
* Some things to feel into when receiving external information
Is the message a divide and rule programme from the separated mind, hence fear based?
Is it outside looking in, so we just keep following just another external source, authority, guru or 'healer' of the day?
Is it One-Heart based, bridging realities, transforming and wholing the suffering and Self-empowering from within?
Does it work for us and make our heart sing?
See what emotions and/or feelings come up right now! And let it all BE........
We are all innate channels, or flowing rivers as I love to call it. Our Infinite Self has always been communicating with us through our intuition when we are silent enough to hear.
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 Picture found on FaceBook, website is unknown to me
When we see outside messengers as sources that are pouring out of us 
we stay in our own sovereignty!
The moment we think any outside source is more or less 'special' than we are ourselves, or if we cannot live without it, we might ask ourselves if mind control hasn't a firm grip on our personality!
Ask yourself if it is not a gentle, cosmic nudge that we gave our power away to a separation and a hierarchy deception.
Let's un-crucify and un-define ourselves...........
We are what we have been waiting for, we Are the way!
"In real love there is no relationship,
because there are not two persons to be related to.
In real love there is only love,
a flowering, a fragrance, a melting, a merging.
Only in egoistic love are there two persons,
the lover and the loved.
And whenever there is the lover and the loved,
love disappears.
Whenever there is love, the lover and the beloved
both disappear into love."
~ Osho